getting small amount of weed over border

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by vtharvestor, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. vtharvestor

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    well i just got some good ass weed that i doubt i could find much better in montreal even. i bought a pringle stealth containor looks identical to a real pringles, the bottom unscrews and the top part still has pringles. im gonna just get a few plastic baggies and do my best to get an airtight seal. so im pretty sure that will work. i know i will be able to act cool around the border check, so i don't think im gonna bother taking the stickers off. :Rasta: so as soon as i cross that border i will be lighting up.
  2. vtharvestor

    vtharvestor Registered

    think thats a decent plan? im open for suggestions
  3. MeHeartGanja

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    you have 2 choices. why dont you either

    tell ppl where in canada youre going. loads of ppl registered here live in canada and i bet therell be a few in the area where u are, get them to give u a number, and youre sorted. no smuggling.

    or put the weed in those little ziploc baggies, and into a pantene bottle...(pantene have the biggest opening) then just put that with all your toiletries. i dont think its detected smell.:dance:
    or put the drugs in a condom and shove it up your ass or swallow it then get to canada and proceed to take a shit or throw up, respectively.:thumbsup:

    dont do the crime of you cant do the time.
  4. vtharvestor

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    well i bought that stealth pringles container, i have the 3 joints in 5 or 6 bags where i sucked the air out of it and each time i washed it with dish soap to remove the smell from me. I go tomorow morning, i wouldn't even think it would be that big of deal because its only a few joints.
  5. Fengzi

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    "Hippie stickers"? You might as well have a big neon marijuana leaf on your car.

    I came through Washington years ago in a car covered in Grateful Dead stickers. Everyone in front of me was waved through with a smile. Instead I got the "please pull over there and report to customs" routine. As I pulled into the "there" I noticed every other car was covered in Dead stickers and when I got inside I joined the other Deadheads getting the 3rd degree. Fortunately I didn't have anything and got passed through. I'd have hated to be the owener of the VW bus that the dogs were freaking out on, however.
  6. vtharvestor

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    well was that going into the us or going into canada, i don't plan on bringing any weed back into the us just into canada all the people i have talked to have told me that they only got searched going back into the US
  7. vtharvestor

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    well just to let you all know going into cananda they searched my car top to bottom by hand, but they didn 't find my weed and coming back into the us they didn't even look.
  8. mowie wowie

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    when i went to mexico, i put the bag of weed in a zip lock then stuffed it into my shampoo bottle. They don't look there and the shampoo covers up the smell.
  9. Oksmokey

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    I have been on Probation b4 it SUCKED! Getting busted cost me and my family over $30,000. Plus I had to stop smoking. now if I get caught with just a roach I can recieve a life sentence. And that was a state charge! A border crossing is federal!

    I don't care how good ur bud is. It isn't worth it. You can get high quality herb over the border. Good luck to you if u try this stupid manuvuer. I carried bud every where 4 years with ZERO problems. UNTIL this one time... and that was all it took to make my life hell for a long time.
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  10. Dancing_Bear

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    The smell can permeate through any container. The best thing to do is take the weed, stick it in a condom, tie it TIGHT, swallow it, and poop it out in Canada. For the seeds, clean them really good with iso alcohol. You should be able to put them anywhere, but not in plain view.
  11. bigdog420

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  12. bigdog420

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    why would it be illegal if its ok to have an ounce in both places, does anyone know if its legal?
    i want to take a trip into canada from vermont and bring a half ounce of my own weed, this should be ok right... does anyone know????
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  13. Weezard

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    No, it would be very risky.
    Not sure about Canadian laws but the U. S. forbids.
    It's not worth risking a federal felony.
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  14. bigdog420

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    Thanks weezard, i really thought it was a non issue.

    2nd question is where is everyone?! this is after all, shouldnt it be the most busy site?
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  15. Weezard

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    Well, it was.
    New owners are killing it with neglect. :(

    Possession was becoming a non issue, until we got that apple cheeked goblin as Attorney General.
    His Lobby dollars, (Pharma, private prisons), will rekindle the pot war.
    Best keep your head down for at least the next 3.5 years, yah?
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  16. bigdog420

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    MAybe the owners are just waiting to see how things go with the laws... idk

    AS far as us AG, that guys a DOUCHE! I fully agree with ya there.

    How the heck do i send u a pm on here wtf, did the weedmaps folks buy this and just let it flake out? Are u on at anywhere else?
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  17. Weezard

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    Yeah, I've moved my media to ICmag. when Weedmaps screwed that up.

    I think there's a post count needed to do "conversations" here.
    Lemme see if I can initiate . . .

    Nope. That option does not exist for you yet.

    But if you do a search for Weezard, or Wee 'zard & cannabis, you should find several boards that are functional.
    See ya inna funny papers. :)


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