Getting Weed From Amsterdam to England??

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by king cola, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. king cola

    king cola Registered+

    hey hey people,
    I'm planning a trip to amsterdam in the early stages of 2005, i live in england and i would really love to bring back a few small samples of different weeds and hashes from amsterdam. has anybody done this and how easy is it? also i was thinking of going by Eurostar because its easy and cheaper to get there, has anybody been to dam by eurostar and if so what is customs like on it?
    if i do end up going by plane i would never risk taking it that way.

    thanx for any useful information.
  2. crystal clear pepsi

    crystal clear pepsi Registered+

    u can bring up to 3 ounces back with u ......... that is if ur ass is that big , lol ouch

    i wondnt risk it tho man
  3. king cola

    king cola Registered+

    lol, yeh thats half the reason why im really worried about doin it becuz if they do catch u god knows where they'll probe u!
  4. az666

    az666 Registered+

    i did it on a plane but not from dam, i put it in johnnys and ate
  5. teenagekick5

    teenagekick5 Registered+

    johnys and a strong stomach and a sieve is all it takes, try to get condoms that are not covered in spermicide or other lubes for obvious reasons,

    also to be on safe side make sure you use several smaller bags rather than putting you hole stash in one, if one goes pop you dont wanna lose your whole stash, also you dont want too much weed disapearing into your tummy at once
  6. GHoSToKeR

    GHoSToKeR Registered+

    imagine puttin ur whole stash in one or two bags, swallowing it, and then it pops in ur stomach.. wtf would happen? lol i dunno, but itd probably be your plane ride ever lol

    oh and one more thing, i'll probably get shunned for asking this (its been asked hundreds of times, im sure) but im going to france and want to bring a bit of weed back with me, only a tiny bit, and was wondering how NOT to get caught!?! lol

    id appreciate any suggestions :)

  7. teenagekick5

    teenagekick5 Registered+

    if i where you i would put it in several small bags and ....
  8. teenagekick5

    teenagekick5 Registered+

    hmm i just noticed my signatures broken, how did that happen, oh well ill fix it when i can be arsed
  9. GHoSToKeR

    GHoSToKeR Registered+

  10. coffeeshoper

    coffeeshoper Registered

    if your only bringing a little bit in .......i belive if you get caught with 14 grams or under.....they confiscate it and fine you 70 quid on the spot. i say go for it....try haarlem for your smoke, the dam is expensive and theres a lot of shit shops selling shit weed.
  11. weirdo79

    weirdo79 Registered+

    I suggest a boat....for ams to eng. You can just hop off no seizure and drug dogs can't search a whole port even if they had every drug dog in the country. If you only have a little bit scatter it in your pocket in your suitcase.....if your taking an airplane once again drug dogs cannot sniff every bag and if your paranoid throw some cayenne pepper or anise seed around "the pot" in a small bag and throw it in.
  12. king cola

    king cola Registered+

    cool, cheers guys and gals
    but im deffinatley not eating it, no way.
  13. Uchiha Smoker

    Uchiha Smoker Registered

    Eating it would be stupid, its not worth the trouble, even for AK47. Just get a condom and stick it in your arse with the shiet inside. Or put it in your shamboo bottle, yea that would work better...
  14. Kronik Bagz

    Kronik Bagz Registered+

    if u swallow it theres no tellin when its gonna come out, but if ya shove it up ur ass, when u get to ur destination jus push out a couple stinky ones an it should pop out. i also heard about a guy smugglin heroine in pounds into the US, he had cut his legs open an slid the bricks inside his wounds an sewed em up, not somethin i suggust but that is somethin i like to call divotion.
  15. teenagekick5

    teenagekick5 Registered+

    ok i might get called sick for this but that is just to fucking funny

    i can imagine a couple of drug dogs dry humping his legs trying to point out where the stash is and the drug enforcers just being so appolagetic about it

    lmfao, imaremember that one
  16. i took it on the bus from holland to england via the chunnel, there were french and english customs, i stuck the hash under someone elses seat when i got on and retrived it when the bus stoped at victoria stn. But i didnt tell it you it was ok to do it too, dont blame me if you get caught. I was a canadian tourist and they figure no one from over seas is going to ruin his holiday by doing stupid shit. You local lads trying to bring back some smoke will probably get searched big time. I didnt see any dogs, but that doesnt mean there arent any, i did this in 2000 so shit as probably changed for the worse.
    Anyway the hash i brought to britain made the trip way better for me. Great place, even better when stoned. I dont think i would have stuck it up my ass. Ass hash.
  17. Mattt

    Mattt Registered

    It's just not worth the risk, no way.

    You're best bet would be to mail yourself a package, but to a PO BOX, or a safehouse...
  18. Lola

    Lola Registered

    i wanna g0:(
  19. Kronik Bagz

    Kronik Bagz Registered+

    that guy wit the drugs in his legs was cought cause people noticed him walkin funny. what a stupid ass, if i was smugglin that much heroine like that id at least use some first to numb the pain. maby walk halfway normal.
  20. king cola

    king cola Registered+

    i worked out how im guna do it. by an plane and fly it in myself. if only i could afford airplane and fly it, o well, they cant be too hard too fly.

    if only.

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