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    Go there. If I am using a hydroponic bubbler system, which one do I use? I have all 3, gro, micro, and bloom. Which schedule do I use? 3 of them don't even involve micro..

    Also, how much is a ppm? I know it means parts per million but how do you measure that?

    Confused =\
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    1/2 for "Flora Series in DWC system

    the flora series are always used together in in different measurements for the growth stages,half strenghth is the standard for DWC because the full application is too strong for the submerged roots,,to measure the PPM you'll need a meter,and you should also use a PH up-down kit,I've attached a less complicated chart for you to print out....bonbon

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    Thanks BONBON.....I needed that one too..........

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