Ginkgo Biloba and KindBud

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  1. Squishy(tm)

    Squishy(tm) Registered

    Heres something interesting that I've experienced ... Supposedly the herb Ginkgo Biloba increases blood flow to the brain by dilating the blood vessels. As a result, the amount of nutrients that flow in and out of the brain increases ...

    One such nutrient that Im quite fond of is THC, and guess what, it does really work, but you have to take enough. I take about 240mg about 20 - 30 minutes before vaporizing and the high is definitely stronger ... its not anything different or amazing, I just get higher off of less dank ... which is just fine with me :Rasta:

    Give a try sometime, you wont regret it ...
  2. bhouncy

    bhouncy Registered+

    Ginkgo is amazing. I use it when meditating. I can get clearer visions and if I concentrate on the feelings in my body I can feel the rush of blood going to my extremities. Great for memory too.

    *caution* don't take this if you are on meds that thin the blood like aspirin it can cause internal bleeding.
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  3. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    its a liquid but brpbably at like gnc or something...
  4. DannyMan

    DannyMan Registered+

    It's actually a plant..
    They make a liquid form of it, as well as a pill form, but the traditional way of ingesting gingko biloba is by consuming fresh leaves.

    I can't say I noticed any difference when I take it sober, but when I smoke after dosing on gingko I get RETARDED.
  5. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    well sonofabitch. I went to check to see how much ginkgo was in my mega man vita packs (cause I've never noticed a difference) just to find there's none in there. I've got other good shit like horny goat weed and maca root, but no ginkgo biloba. Guess i'm picking up a bottle of that on my next monthly trip. Thanks for the tip :thumbsup:
  6. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    i cant wait to try
  7. DannyMan

    DannyMan Registered+

    Hmmm.. horny goat weed? hehe..
    mind to elaborate ?
  8. mrdevious

    mrdevious Registered+

    I don't know about that, I think it's more likely that it's the increase in oxygen to the brain that would enhance mental function. Nutrition is generally a more long-term approach.
  9. Squishy(tm)

    Squishy(tm) Registered

    Well in the sense that the blood flow increases to the brain, blood thats carrying "nutrients" like THC amongst other things ... it works :]

    I get my Gingko from, cheapest out there. Make sure you take 240 mg standardized extract (or more) to feel effects.

    Speaking of which, Im high off my ass right now :dance:
  10. dryst

    dryst Registered+

    they sell little vials of ginsec extract at my local conveicne store...
  11. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    From what I understand its like herbal viagra. It's one of the ingredients in the virility pill that comes in the pack. I've never tried viagra, but the horny goat weed seems to work pretty damn well.
  12. dryst

    dryst Registered+

    i popped 4 horney goat weed pills and i wasnt any more hornier than usual...
  13. jonny

    jonny Registered+

    It didnt work? thats baaaaaaaad

    -Someone had to.

    I'm Sorry. :(

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