Give me proof marijuana isn't bad for you.

Discussion in 'Activism' started by indiavickers, Nov 20, 2010.

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    I'm writing an essay for one of my classes in support of marijuana legalization and I need to use sources from books that you can find in actual libraries. It can be from a web site, but that web site must be quoting an actual book that can be found in a library, but I would rather prefer names of actual books if you know of any, but post both just in case. I wouldn't know where to start looking, so I'm asking some of you guys if you might know where I'd be able to find a few sources to back up claims like these:

    -no one has ever died from marijuana overdose
    -marijuana is not physically addictive
    -marijuana is more healthier for you than cigarettes or alcohol
    -the war on drugs is ineffective (like stats on how many Americans use cannabis)
    -marijuana is a strain on the economy (a source to point to that shows the stats of the amount of criminals in jail for pot possession and preferably how much it costs to keep them in prison and also how much money has been spent on the war on drugs)
    -marijuana does not kill brain cells or cause cancer

    and also some sources for the various benefits marijuana has such as a cure (or at least very good tool) for anorexia, and its beneficial use as an anti-depressant and painkiller and it's benefits for glaucoma. Also, if you have more benefits that I do not have listed, feel free to chime in and post some, but make sure they have sources as well. My number one priority here is having sources though, so don't go off on a rant on why marijuana should be legal and whatnot without giving me any sources, because that won't do me very good at this point (although it may help me to expand the length of my paper, it wont help if I don't have sources to back them up).
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    Start with Granny Storm Crow's list. Its around here somewhere. :D
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    You don't know Jack! ;) - The official online home for Jack Herer
    His book, The Emperor Wear No Clothes has been made available for free download on his website.
    I strongly advise you to purchase a copy, while they can still be found.
    Jack Herer was a true, American hero.
    R.I.P Jack, your legend lives on!
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    Just click the first link in my sig!

    That will get you the "short" version of my list. If you'd prefer the "biggie", just run a search for "Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List". The July 2010 version is the most recent and has 420 pages of MMJ links. :thumbsup:

    Happy reading!

    Granny :hippy:
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    Also a documentary called The Union: The business of getting high answers all those questions and then some for you, with references.

    It deals more with the pot trade in BC, but touches on all those subjects, with facts and figures.

    Good luck on your paper!
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    Prooving a negative

    India, firstly you should realize that it is virtually impossible to "prove" a negative proposition. However there are now numerous studies that have shown some of what you are asking for. Try the ASA site and others for access to this info. Just keep in mind that you cannot ever proove a negative and if you are in a discussion with soemone who feels that you must first prove the "absolutely no harm" theory you are breaking some of the most important words to live by.

    Never argue with a fool:
    1) Those watching can't tell who is who.
    2) They will only drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

    Max Blast
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