Giving Up & Selling off my equipment

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Buds Buddy, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. Buds Buddy

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    I've decided to give up on trying to grow more than 2 plants at a time for personal use. I grew 10 plants in a 4' x 8' x 7' tent which I started as seeds under a T-5 & CFL's as seedlings for 3 weeks. Then put them under 3 - 600 watt LED's & 6 - 28 watt LED Spot lights for Veg for 5 more weeks. At this point they were 2' tall. I then put them under a 1000 watt HPS with the 6 - LED Spot lights (side lighting) & they grew to 4' - 5' tall. End result at harvest was 3.5 - 4 oz. per plant (dried). Not enough yield for $900 worth of electric over a 4 month grow; not to mention the cost of supplies & all the work. I would have to get 6 - 8 oz. per plant to justify the cost & make it worth while. So I decided to sell off 2 of my 3 tent set ups & just keep what I need to grow 2 plants at a time for myself under 1 - 600 watt LED & 4 - LED Spot lights. So I'm selling off my 4' x 8' x 7' & 2' x 3' x 6' tents, 12" x 40" Phresh Filter, 8" & 6" Hurricane Fans, 1 - 1000 watt XXL Hood & Ballast & 2 - 600 watt Hoods & Ballasts, 10 - LED Spot lights w/ Clip on fixtures, 8" Duct Muffler, Timers, Fans, etc. All going on Craigslist & Offer up throughout this week.
  2. Weezard

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    Takes more than one crop to learn how to grow bulk. For a first grow, you did quite well. :)
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  3. Mass Medicinals

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    So you grew 4 oz, plus you must have had some trim that could be turned into hash or edibles.

    You are also ignoring the fact that each additional grow your over head is reduced down to essentially just energy costs.

    With a 1000 HPS you should easily be able to generate 4x times the amount you did. It's likely a combination of learning to fill out the canopy, and giving your plants enough time in veg before switching them.

    If you end up selling your gear, good luck.
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  4. bonbon

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    invest in some good quality female seed (or try to acquire a good live healthy female cutting if possible), start with several seeds and select the most vigorous as the mother/donor, then use some topping techniques and let it mature and fill out while you keep it in a veg state until it grows into a nice bush with at least forty growth tips on it. take about 32 cuttings to root in 8" pots, then flip to 12/12 photo-period after seven to ten days.
    you can theoretically get an ounce or more from each cutting, yielding you at least 2LB's. or more under a 1K.
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  5. Mass Medicinals

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    Totally agreeing with bonbon.

    Also if you're in a location that limits the number of plants you are legally allowed to grow. Plan for this and modify the amount you have in your tent. Less plants means you have more available grow room space and extend the vegetative period to better fill the canopy.
  6. TomSawyer2112

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    You do what you think is right. It I personally think you should hang on to what you’ve got. Too big a grow space for your skill level? Scaling back is a fine idea. But if you’re gonna sell your gear, consider selling the higher power consumption lights and then invest in LED. Focus on getting the most from the energy you’re consuming. I’m totally satisfied with a 48x48x78 tent growing 2 plants at a time. The only caveat is that until I get two or three grows in, I can’t really smoke it. But that’s fine too because my job situation prohibits me from having THC in my bloodstream.
    Anyway. How much trim did you harvest? In weight? I keep everything except unhealthy leaves. I didn’t keep the roots on my last grow but I will on this one. The stems were chopped up and used for my dogs health treats. Trim was ground into powder and will be used for various things. Just hang in there man and don’t give up. But yeah. Sell off the power hogs. Good idea.
    But just do what I do and keep it simple. Two plants. Easy to focus on.
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  7. Weezard

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    Economy, variety, and pride.

    With two tents and a few LEDs you can set up a perpetual harvest.
    Plant 1 or 2 seeds/cuts per month, grow them small and fast, harvest once per month.
    Rinse. lather, repeat. And you are good for life.
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  8. Mass Medicinals

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    Preach on good reverend!!!
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  9. TomSawyer2112

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    I plan on getting stocked up on select seeds. I’m already on top of that game. About to place another RQ for more. I already have everything I need to start a second tent. I do want to get another vent system and filters for it. I’m studying cloning. Haven’t done it yet though. But these two strains I’m playing with right now show some serious potential for great clones. Might consider another LED for the second tent. But this is all academic until either we get legalization or I retire. But either way, I’m building my seed bank first and just growing 2 a time for personal medical needs.
    And you guys are right about Tangerine dream. Such a lovely and lush plant.
  10. Mass Medicinals

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    You may not want to stock up too much on seeds. They have a shelf life even when stored in optimal conditions. But if you're looking to drop $$ on another seed purchase. I suggest waiting until black Friday. Last year most vendors gave amazing deals with plenty of gifts.

    If you have friends that you trust who will go in with you on a group purchase, you can get even more seeds. I think some places will double or more the amount of seeds, if you spend enough.

    Which does go against my initial comment :D

    Also cloning is super super easy. For around $30 you can build your own clone box and just need a couple LED lights to give the clones energy to root in water.
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  11. TomSawyer2112

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    I’ve done a bit of research and it is a bit risky storing seeds but until I can get more room, I’m going to have to forego cloning for the next year or two. If I add on to my house, I may expand then. And then I’ll be set to do clones. I just cannot get too big right now. (Stealth is key). I live #BehindTheGreenCurtain so I can’t get too ambitious. But I feel confident that I can store seeds in the proper way to keep them fresh.
  12. Weezard

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    I quite agree with most of that.
    Do have a few thoughts.

    QUOTE="Mass Medicinals, post: 2349279, member: 272995"]If you have friends that you trust who will go in with you on a group purchase, you can get even more seeds. I think some places will double or more the amount of seeds, if you spend enough.[/QUOTE]

    Spend enough!?
    It's like you guys don't even know me. :)

    If I want to play with exotic crosses. I hunt for un-feminized seeds. Plant them in small containers and start them out at 12:12 They flower from around 4 to 6 inches tall, and get there quickly.
    I take a best looking, and smelling, male and female, show them some bud porn and put them in the honeymoon tent.
    Soon I have several hundred fresh seeds to fiddle with.
    Even the very birds in the air comment on my frugality. (Cheep cheep)

    Well, yes, you could spend $30.
    But like the pro says, "cloning is super, super, easy."

    I already have a clean, sharp, blade. I already have choke beer bottles, clean water, and there's always room on the floor of the veg. cab.

    So, right after I fim or top, (removes auxins which causes a growth spurt in all the lower branches), I choose a couple lower branches that I plan to trim off anyway. Slice them off at 2 or 3 inches length, at a steep angle, scrape one side with the edge of the blade and pop them right into a beer bottle filled with plain tap water.
    2 cuts per bottle.

    Dipit, or any cloning compound will speed the process but, is not mandatory.
    What is mandatory is aeration. New root need air, and the tiny amount of chloramine in tap water prevents mold or fungus growth.
    Just do not use R. O., or distilled water. It is too pure and will suck the life from cutting by osmotic pressure.
    You can buy misters, cloning sets, air pumps, et cetera. Or, you can just change the water daily from an aerated faucet. :)

    So zero cost, no extra tent or lights and one more daily chore is all it takes.

    I'm not really cheap, I'm broke, there's a difference.
    Birds just find it hard to say frugal. :)

    That's all you really need to know. 'cept get their feets dirty when the new roots are at least one inch long. More is better.
    Put them in a dark corner until they root. Then you do not need to chop the fan leaves in half.
    Too much light makes them attempt transpiration before the are capable. (no roots).
    Once the do have roots and start to make new leaf, light 'em up.

    Wee 'zard
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  13. Buds Buddy

    Buds Buddy Registered+

    Well I decided to down size & try again. Still selling off my old equipment. Bought a new 4' x 4' tent & a 600 Watt Meizhi LED light. Already have fans, filters, mufflers, LED side lighting, timers, etc... So I guess I'll be ready as soon as I figure out how to order seeds from Herbies. Tried to buy today but they don't take international bank transfers. I like the way I could buy 1, 3, 5, 10 seeds & choose a variety. If you know of any good seed places that I can do this please let me know.
  14. Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Registered+

    If you can wait for a couple weeks to start. There should be a lot of seed banks competing for sales around black Friday. I'm trying to put together a guide for would-be buyers, but the seed banks are advertising anything yet.

    Have you tried using an ATM card?

    Also there are domestic seed banks if you live in the US.
  15. Buds Buddy

    Buds Buddy Registered+

    I only know of 2 seed banks : Herbie's (1 in UK) & Robert Bergmans (ILGM Website) in Florida. Never had to buy seeds before as I had plenty but gave them to my buddy who's buying a lot of my equipment. I wanted to try several different kinds. From Herbies I get 5 - White Rhino, 3 - Dutch Passion Critical Orange Punch, 4 - White Widow X Bud, 3 - Critical Kush, & 1- LSD seed & since I spent $120 for those seeds I get 1 - Afghan Kush, 4 - Gorilla Glue & 3 - Girl Scout Cookie seeds FREE. So that's 24 seeds for $125.00 which isn't too bad & I'd get to try 8 different kinds. They open in about 10 minutes so I'm going to try to call & see how to buy them. But if you know of someplace local I can buy seeds this way I would sure like to know. Yes, I'm in the U.S.
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  16. Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Registered+

    That's a pretty solid deal. Is that including the shipping?
  17. Buds Buddy

    Buds Buddy Registered+

    I called today & they only take Cash or Bitcoin from the U.S. A little worried about sending cash. I'm waiting for a friend to reply who has ordered from them several times to see how he does it.
    Know of any U.S. Seed Banks where you can buy 1 of this & 3 of that & 6 of the other ? It would sure make things easier.
    If I don't get it done by Monday I may just buy the (Buy 10 get 10 Free) Gorilla Glue Seeds from ILGM in FL. ($120 & Free Shipping) Sure want the variety though.
  18. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    Well, no, I don't know any USA banks where you can buy 1 of this & 3 of that & 6 of the other, but for reasonably priced seeds there is the Hemp Depot "Bean Ho" crosses. Some really interesting stuff available.
    I've gotten some recently from The Nature Farm, and Great Lakes Genetics, as well. Mainly Bodhi stuff from GLG.
    If sending cash is out of your comfort zone, then you are really going to be limited in your options in the 'States.

    If Herbies is difficult to work out payment, look at The Gorilla, or Attitude.
    Both were easy to deal with, using something like a NetSpend debit card or similar. I do believe those guys offer the smaller quantities that you are looking for.
  19. TomSawyer2112

    TomSawyer2112 Registered+

    I just PMd you Buddy
  20. TomSawyer2112

    TomSawyer2112 Registered+

    Bergmans site may be in FL but the seeds have to come from the UK. That’s where my last ILGM order shipped from earlier this year.

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