Glass Blunts, Sliders

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by ThatTokenWhiteGuy, Jun 18, 2006.

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  3. ThatTokenWhiteGuy

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    I've never tried actually but I've heard they hit pretty good. Maybe a glass blunt over a bubbler hey dude? If somebody knows where to find them.
  4. Maniac777

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    Hey im up for anything that can get me the best out of what i got.

    You ever get some good White Widow kush and hit it out of a 4 ft bong?

    In F*ckin Sane
  5. Strikerrr

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    i was picking some ganj up from my dealer and they were smoking out of one of these things. It was weird at first to hit it but it hit fucking good. It was a pretty cool thing. i recommend one.
  6. Maniac777

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    H-h-h-how much?
  7. WaKeNvAp

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    my neighbor bought his for about thirty bucks from a local head shop down the street. avg spoon price
  8. s2headhunter

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    yeah ive heard of those thats pretty sweet....yeah dude just put that in a homemade bong or something and have like a sweet bong blunt haha
  9. ThatTokenWhiteGuy

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    Know where I can find one?
  10. johnnydemonik

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    we sell glass blunts at our shop $29.95 a peice and cant keep them in stock. Other than the guy that makes them for us, I have no Idea where to get them. One bad ass peice of work though, I'm quite fond of mine.
  11. explicit

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    i have one its bigger than that one and holds a shit load of weed for its size , only cost me $19.99 at a local smoke shop we have here in Atlanta
  12. kikoraa

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    fuck yea someone else from GA
    Athens rep
  13. Nightrafe

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  14. Nightrafe

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    here are some more pictures of the previous glassblunt:
  15. kikoraa

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    there at every head shop in my town around $20 i love em you can stuff em full of herb and cheef on that mother fucker all day
  16. miraz

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    Can anyone find a site online that sells them, because im almost positive all the head shops around here don't have him. And after seeing it I need one!!!
  17. BlazinKush

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  18. Quinn The Eskimo

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but those look kinda liek chillums. I love chillums.
  19. kikoraa

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    yea there great you pull the mouth piece out, fill it up and cheef on that thing forever
  20. GoldenFerret

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    couldent find a single glass blunt on those 2 websites. if they are there can u link directly to the page? thanks.

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