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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Yah dumb nug!, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Yah dumb nug!

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    So ive been smoking for a while and in the beginning I just rolled joints and used friends pieces. Then like 6 months ago I bought a metal bowl off the internet and ive been using it since....its pretty kool but its cheap ( lol no carb, actually "anodized aluminum" ) anyway about a week ago I decided I needed to go glass:thumbsup: so I bought this glass piece off the internet for $50.90 with shipping and I got it yesterday...Its AWESOME....ill post a pic later.....anyway my question is....I used it and the hole in the bowl is too big so I got ashes in my i thought ok i need a screen....I dont want to use a metal screen because they taste bad and it kind of ruins the whole glass concept ( they also dont stay in, i tried it ) I saw glass screens on the internet but I dont really feel like ordering one and there are no smoke shops in my town that sell them.....I was wondering if i could use a small rock ( stone ) and put it in the bottom of the bowl and use it as a screen.....Ive heard of people doing this before....It wont get really hot and break my piece will it?:(

    Lol any help is appreciated....:stoned:
  2. coledog855

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    I wouldn't put a rock in it. The best thing to do is put a "plug nug" aka: larger piece of bud over the hole and then put the more broken up stuff on top of that. This will keep the bud from coming through the hole. As for the ash, just don't hit it hard once the bowl is almost cashed and you won't inhale a bunch of nasty gray carbon dust.
  3. AandS

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    That sounds strange. High quality glass should come with a more proper sized hole, or at least I'd suppose so.

    What I do is I tear off a medium sized piece slightly bigger than the hole and place it right on top of it so no other bud goes through. It works for the most part, sometimes some ashes go through but that's only due to quick or bad packing :D

    Hope that helps.. doesn't hurt to try it
  4. WaZ

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    Pebble should work fine.
  5. fmacanthaya

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    Don't use rock. My friend did that once and the rock has been stuck there ever since. Just stick a nug in there and put the ground up weed on top. Then you should hit smooth and not too hard.
  6. ldg420

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    buy a glass screen or get a new pipe
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  7. SirReal

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    go to a craft store buy a glass bead..
  8. OLDE ENGLISH '800

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    i agree just change your packing style
  9. purplekush989

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    plug nug, i like that name. nice.
  10. ITGfan17921

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    tough it out and just corner hit for awhile until the sides are covered with resin, it will make the hole a little bit smaller because of the resin.

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