Glass or metal pipe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by HinduKush83, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. HinduKush83

    HinduKush83 Banned

    Do you prefer glass or metal pipes when smoking fine cannabis? I would prefer to smoke out of a glass bowl because I like the way glass objects look as opposed to having a metal look. But I can't scrape resin really well from a glass pipe. I broke my last glass pipe like that and the pipe was really nice. I got it for about $30 I think. But I like to smoke resin as a kind of after dessert treat when your main stash is gone. Sometimes resin can be just as potent as buds. It all depends on the quality of the buds to determine the potency of the resin.
  2. Samwhore

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    resin probs?
    put your pipe in a cup and put 2-6 tablets of efferdent in there (depending how big it is)
    leave it there for a few hours and the resin comes to you like it wants to bone you,

    seriously, it just falls out
    its great
  3. higher4hockey

    higher4hockey Registered+

    glass all the way. everything tastes better in glass.
  4. napolitana869

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  5. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    What about plastic?
  6. Skink

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    Never had a glass pipe but,I would still pick over metal...
  7. Blayzd

    Blayzd Registered+

    id pick glass for taste and metal pipe so u can add a chamber to stick some bud inside to resin it up
  8. Wintersweet

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    Plastic melts.
    I've never eard of anyone ever smokeing out of a plastic pipe.
    Though I do know of some really thin glass pipes that feel and sound like plastic..

    Anywho, glass tastes better and feels cleaner. Glass pwns.
  9. voodoochild0972

    voodoochild0972 Registered+

    it depends where u at. if you are at a party i would say metal cuz u dont wanna risk breakin an expensive piece. for display, personal use or just smokin with the bros u trust then glass destroys metal but like i still gotta say glass wins all in all fo sho
  10. Chronic.Tonic

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    Glass hands down evertime. I don't even know why people buy metal pipes. Afraid your going to break it? Just buy a case. They work great except for a single time that ended in breaking. Get some color changing glass with bubbles, you will never regret it... ever.
  11. ValkyrieAg

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    Glass. Even if you break it, its worth tasting pot. Also, a metal pipe likely will not have a carb.

    I try to replace my glass pipes every 3 months or so. I clean them twice in their lifetime. After that I splurge another 20 bux for another one.
  12. Canadien.

    Canadien. Registered+

    I've been thinking about getting a glass spoon. Right now I just use a mini-bong with a metal bowl, but glass not only looks better, I'd just feel more comfortable smoking it. I don't know what kind of metal your average bowl is made out of... but I do know that glass is safer than anything else. Could be wrong? Doubt it though.
  13. legendarycat5280

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    Yo, if you guys are looking for something that is easy to clean, literally unbreakable, and pleasant to smoke out of, check out Pyptek Pipes!!!! These metal AND glass pipes are sick and WILL NOT BREAK EVER, like you can run this shit over with a car, throw it off your roof or at your best friend and it will smoke just as nicely as when you first bought. They look dope af too. :0 I got mine for christmas and fucking LOVE it.
  14. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    $85 for a pocket pipe?!
    Not happening.
  15. Egzoset

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    This is a product concept which i noticed a few years ago so lets recycle a couple old pictures to tease the reader further more:


    The owner get a real glass path protected inside some thick metal exo-skeleton, nearly ideal except for one thing: this is a smoker pipe, not a vaporizer. But imagine if it were, wouldn't that possibly correspond to one right way to do it?...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  16. EvilCartman

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    Pretty cool...but I really just wanted to wish this thread a happy 10th anniversary. :welcoming:
    Coincidentally, the tenth (wedding) anniversary is traditionally the aluminum anniversary. :eyesroll:
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  17. Shovelhandle

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    glass or a joint of flowers.
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  18. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    I like ten year old glass pipes.
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  19. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    When you're out and about, it's real hard to beat a joint. :thumbsupold:

    As rare as a unicorn in my abode.
    Just call me fumble-fingers...
    I doubt I've ever had one, even a full year. :oops:

    Off topic, but my old favorites seem to all be stone.
    I've made some really nice ones from beach stones.
    I like the cool feel, and heft, of a stone pipe.
    Certainly durable. :)

    I may go see what some of these modern glass smoking implements go for.
    My sleepy lil' island is now home to a fancy new smoke shop. Hard to miss it. :awesome:
    Used to be a fishing supply store, been vacant for a good while 'cept for sporadic political uses, in election years.
    Now it looks like a lil' slice of the 'Vegas strip.
    Brightly lit in a bluish hue, the huge plate glass windows are lined with glass shelves, housing a multitude of sparkling glass smoking implements.

    Yep, already seeing positive results of rec legal cannabis, and its only been a month. Nice seeing a new storefront.
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  20. DirtyBlueGene

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    I have an assortment of all metal pipes and pipes with metal bowls and wood stems. I'm used to them but I find that the metal seems to impart some taste that I'd prefer wasn't there. I have a glass spoon that I like but you can't move it anywhere without the screen falling out. I only use my pipes for hash, rarely for weed cuz I prefer weed in a joint.

    My favorite pipe has a wood bowl with sculpted clay overlay and a bamboo stem, from the late 60's I think. At some point the stem was broken, so it's shorter than it should be and it probably had a mouthpiece when new. I bought it used at a junk shop, cleaned it well with alcohol and it's served me well for the last twelve years or so. :cool:

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