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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by JustinSKS, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. JustinSKS

    JustinSKS Registered+

    I was once browsing the internet and I came across a penis shaped pipe...I would really like to purchase this pipe...I can not seem to find it again. So if anyone even has any ideas of where a penis pipe is on this big ol' internet, please link me. If you got the right one, which you might...I will cream. :D Lol. Thanks for your time.
  2. JustinSKS

    JustinSKS Registered+

    I am sorry, I found it...Like just now. Turns out it's not glass. It's ceramic. I couldn't find it because it wasn't labeled penis pipe. GrassCity.Com - Ceramic Waterpipe Here it is.
  3. TheDefiler

    TheDefiler Registered+

    Wow....thats kinda funny. U can smoke weed and pole at the same time....LOL!
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  4. TheDefiler

    TheDefiler Registered+

    It was a joke, dont take it seriously Kaka
  5. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    hahaha... go for it i guess...
  6. mattks1

    mattks1 Registered+

    dirty mf'er, i might have to "accidentally" ;) drop that if it was passed to me in rotation. well, look at it this way, if you did buy that im sure it has its benefits, like letting everyone know upfront that youre homosexual instead of making us
  7. Solitude

    Solitude Registered+

    Whatever floats your boat :hippy:
  8. JustinSKS

    JustinSKS Registered+

    I'm not even homosexual. I just think it's an interesting piece.
  9. TheDefiler

    TheDefiler Registered+

    It would be good as a girls pipe i guess....or a gay guys pipe.
  10. JustinSKS

    JustinSKS Registered+

    Either way...I am buying it. Lol.
  11. aaaaa8

    aaaaa8 Registered+

    hehe it doesnt matter what orientation it is its still funny.
  12. SirReal

    SirReal Registered+

    if i knew how to defame you i would, NEVER DROP A BONG!
  13. Jeff Spicoli

    Jeff Spicoli Registered+

    hahahahaha, thanks buddy
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  14. robo scat

    robo scat Registered+

    I'll agree it's interesting, I still wouldn't want to put my mouth anywhere near it.
  15. indicagrower

    indicagrower Registered+

    every homophobic none cocksucking man on this site WOULD hit a cockpipe reguardless of what you say on here..i myself would hit it out in the open..i understand some of ya'll need or prefer the each his own
  16. maggie x

    maggie x Registered+

    hahahaha, did you read the reviews? :D
  17. JustinSKS

    JustinSKS Registered+

    +rep dude. Finally someone who agrees. Well actually a few people have agreed. But a lot of people are way overreacting. It's not a real cock. It's a piece of hardened clay. Ooooh! Must make you a homo. God forbid... :D
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  18. PENCIL

    PENCIL Registered+

    that thing is funny as shit. i'd totally buy that and just stare at it and laugh all night.
  19. mattks1

    mattks1 Registered+

    bet me i wouldnt hit that. lol, theres been many a dick shaped pipe passed by me. im not hitting a falic shaped bong. and yes you do drop a bong, if its shaped like a penis. that is, if you accidentally let it touch your hands.
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  20. JetFoi34

    JetFoi34 Registered+

    to see how many of your friends after you invite them over to smoke will actaullly end up smoking out of it or not
    its dam hilarious

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