Glue and pipes. Do they mix?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by AndrewXdisz, Sep 20, 2008.

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    Hi guys. Right here's the story, at the weekend (last) I bought a really nice pipe, but while I was tapping the bowl to get the ash out, after my FIRST hit on the thing, the fucking bowl breaks off. See diagram for where it snapped. Anyway, I bought some glass bonding glue, and stuck it back together and what I want to know is whether anyone on here has used any type of superglue or glassglue to mend thier pipes/bongs, and is it dangerous at all to use the piece after it's dried? I dont want to be inhaling stupid amounts of glue fumes. Cheers for any help. Peace :Rasta:

    Diagram :
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    I think you'll be fine, glass won't conduct heat well, and so the glue probably won't get hot enough to emit fumes. the problem however, is that some (see: most) glues emit fumes even when they're not heated, so my advice would be to wait a little but before hitting it.
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    Its not allowed to discuss other drugs (glue) on this forum;)

    Seriously though Do Not Smoke Out Of That Pipe! Glue fumes cannot be good. Also glass can very easily get hot as anyone that has burned themselve smokin out of glass can attest to.

    I have no science to back this up, pure intuition. Not worth it, buy a new one:thumbsup:
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    use some heatproof epoxy epoxy has very little fumes especially if you use the clay type of epoxy where kneed it like dough....and fyi glass does conduct heat VERY well....or else why would they have glass cookware althought glass conducts less heat then metal so...try the clay type of epoxy see if that works just sand down the outside with some fine grit sandpaper to help the shit stick clean with alcohol and your good to go
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    as the psot above suggests you could jsut use some craft clay?
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    as long as you let the pipe sit long enough for the glue to dry completely, i think you should be fine. Judging by where the pipe broke, I doubt that much heat will transfer, at least enough to emit fumes from the glue. Just be careful, if you start smelling something other than weed burning put that pipe down, heh. Thats ridiculous that it broke like that though. have you thought about returning it? Pipes are not suppose to break from just tapping out the ash. Thats definitely the sign of a poorly made pipe..
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    Even dried glue will out-gas if heated and could become dangerous. Never use a pipe that has been glued in an area subjected to heat.
  9. one.stoned.wookie

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    dont use glue as i said use heat resistant CLAY EPOXY because i doubt a bowl gets much hotter then 250-300f where the break is the clay epoxy i got now is rated to 300F and has a shear strenghth of 700psi...i cannot stress this enough use clay epoxys to fix bowls that have broken where theres very little heat...and reason why i say use clay epoxy is its easier to get on it will stay on and it dont stink like other adhesives...yes i understand that dont mean theres no fumes thats why you wait till its fully CURED not just dried but cured also...
    you can find the epoxy thats heat resistant usualy at a autoparts store for fixing radiators and such......hope i helped and dident piss anyone off

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