Glueberry OG. New kid on the block -grow log/strain review

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    hey all.

    So I recently purchased some Glueberry OG from Dutchpassion. (Gorilla glue#4 x OG Kush) x Blueberry. It's a new one that came out in January So thought I would start a grow log/ grow review as looking about online is just breeder bio and limited 3rd party info, I myself try to get as much info on a strain before committing to buy (although a total contradiction to this current affair as I knew nothing on the strain) I guess I was suckered in with the last comment on the breeders write up ' this potent strain provides massive yields' haha who wouldn't be suckered in right :D

    Ok, my set up as follows:

    1.2m x 2m x 2m grow tent.
    2 x cool tubes running 600w sun masters duel spectrum ups
    3 rhino extraction fans
    2 oscillating fans (2 more on order)
    1 rhino carbon filter
    6 pots (I think 15/20 litres)
    75l canna coco professional plus
    Some hash up silent box I made up on the quick, don't judge me, it works. o_O

    so I have both the cool tubes hooked up to the same rhino fan, cold air being pushed down the duct through the tent and then back to outside, (in an ideal world I would have two separate fans for both tubes sucking the tent air out.. How ever this isn't an ideal world and I only had 3 extractor fans)

    I have an extractor fan blowing cold air from outside directly into the tent to be circulated by my two oscillating fans and I have my rhino carbon filter doing its thing above also.

    The temps are ranging from 21c at night ( or 69f to my friends across the pond) 33c (91f) during the day.. I hit the sweet 29c in the afternoon when it's a little cooler thankfully.

    So I don't start my seedlings in small pots and then transplant, I tend to germ in wet tissue and then put them into their flowering pots.. Iv grown both methods, smaller pots sees more growth at the start as they need feeding more, although after two weeks i find the ones in the bigger pots have caught up once their root system is established. guess it's down to preference really.

    The plan is to supercrop, top/fim/l.s.t and Scrog with a 5-6 week veg.
    My girls now are 5 days old
    Ah.. Also Iv got a Hawaii Maui plant in squad too.. The other half or better half even choose this strain and a happy wife is a happy life any lads

    Welcome to my man cave

    Hopefully she does what she says on the tin


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    This may sound daft but I'm trying to post an update but it's not giving me the option to do it, granted its been a few years since I have been on here so maybe I'm missing something? To post this I had to reply to my own comment but then edit it, as in delete the whole quote and write this instead? I reported it but if it's something simple and I'm just high and someone could tell me that would be ace
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    Seems to be an ongoing problem, I tried to attach photos to this edit but no joy..
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    seems it's still ongoing?! Who do I get in contact with to sort this?
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    <shrug> Must be a real puzzle, One of my comps runs the site fine, the other, it's fubar.

    Certainly is getting old. :(
    Is this the only forum you're posting this in? ;)
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    Well it was the only site but after a nearly a month of no bug fixes i feel i may have to change sites which is a shame this is one of the first sites i posted to all those years ago i cant even hit the full stop without it reverting back to your quote and it continue writing over that seems the admin have left this site to rot-such a shame- 4-20 looks good i think i shall head there
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