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  1. Poohcat21

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    :D My plants have developed gnats. I am trying to find out how to get rid of them, I hope I can get some opinions.
    I also wanted to know how or why I got them in the first place. Do they occur because of standing water? I've read that it's the larvae that cause the problems.
    If someone could help me, I would be truly thankful:dance: :dance:
  2. latewood

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    I posted problem solvers in your other post...Sorry it took so long.


    gnatrol, water with soap in it, open vessel of beer, and a no-pest strip...hang the strip, mix gnatrol in rez...put down a pial of something like beer or soapy water...they cannot resist...keep up treatment regimen to kill larvae and hatchlings...good Luck

  3. Poohcat21

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    Lw, no problem, you didn't take too long, I'm just overly anxious. I'll try one of your suggestions.
  4. latewood

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    htose all came from experienced growers here and their remedy's...I am really surprised more have not replied...

  5. harmonicminor

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    I use diatomacious earth
    it will slice them open to die
    just spread some onto your soil and it will keep working for a loooong time
    they wont be able to live in the soil anymore after that
  6. latewood

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    thanks for the 'Great' info...I just read up on diatomacious earth. Looks like something worth investing and trying...The versatility of being able to use it on gardens, hydro, as a foliar feed; As well as directly on you pets/livestock and even in their feeding regimen. the Superthrive of pest control...pbblaster type versatility...WoW

    I give it a:thumbsup: :thumbsup: with a "Snap!"

  7. Legalizdahurb

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    I had this problem bad and although they ain't compleatly gone its hardly noticable unless you realy look.
    I used neem oil, those yellow sticky strips and tryed to stop watering quite as much.
    For quite a while i didnt have the stick strips and as quick as i killed the things in the soil the little flyes would repopulate it all over again.
    I am interested in diatomacious earth 2 i think i will have to look it up.
  8. latewood

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    add an algaecide to your rez and it will stifle the algae that is drawing them...most likely.
  9. u.g.u

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    I would just swap out the soil with some new sterilized soil like super soil and rinse the roots off completly they are a bitch to get rid of if you have a bad infestation. Then I would still treat them with the gnatrol or something similar every 5 days for 2 weeks.
  10. RainyDayWoman

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    You can put some sterile sand on top of your soil/medium. They don't like the sharpness of the sand. Get them out first by tapping or knocking on the pot. They can come up from your drains, so hang those strips over your sinks, ect.

    I saved this from overgrow or somewhere:

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