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    been clean for 3 weeks on monday same day of the test im 6 5 230ish and work in 100 plus weather the 2 weeks prior and been drinking water etc like mad and could swear my eyes are floating took 2 home tests one was a cup job and the other was a strip and both with faint lines for pass and wanted to make sure i passed no prob and started metamucil this weekend and wanted to know if they worked for anyone else or if anyone knew of someone they worked for. got my eyes on this one Total Eclipseâ„¢ Assure Detox
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    Before I answer your question, let me inform you that posting commercial links is not allowed in these forums. Please reread the Messageboard Rules (linked to my signature) and refrain from doing this again in the future.

    Now on to the topic

    A faint line in the "T" region is still a line, which is a negative. When you tested yourself with the home tests, did you use the first urination of the day?

    As far a detox products go, they are nothing but a scam to capitalize on the so-called "war on drugs" by preying upon the uninformed and credulous and taking their cash. When they do work at all, they work because of dilution. That means they "work" because of the water that youre required by the product directions to drink with them. They do not rid the body of THC, as the sales pitches would like the consumer to believe. All they do is dilute the THCA concentration that is present in the bladder to where (in hoping) that the urine sample registers below the cutoff thresholds of the drug screen. You can spend up to $200 on a magic elixir, and accomplish nothing different than what can be accomplished using just water and vitamin B2.

    There is no product that can permanently rid the body of THC. Only time and fat-burning exercise can do this.

    Forget the magic detox potions and read up on the Dilution "sticky" thread. But if youre consistently testing negative (regardless of line intensity) with the first urination of the day, youre good to go. No need to utilize any dilution techniques.
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    sorry about that with the link i have done most of the detox step but I cant do the ibuprohin thing cause Im deadly alergic to it now from what Ive read that doesnt work anymore anyhow. the negatives came with drinking water like mad i ran a trial run of the b vitamin but it almost made my pee green i could swaer it would glow in the dark and yet my pee still smells almost like the b complex i took
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    Do you mean aspirin? Aspirin and IB are two different pair of shoes and should not be used interchangably. Aspirin is indeed "old tech" since the advent of the EMIT II, which tackles the aspirin-induced interference issues that have occurred on the first-generation EMIT screen which, as a result, is seldom used anymore (if, at all).

    When taking home tests, always use the first urination of the day when THCA concentrations would be at their highest. Taking home tests after drinking normal amounts of fluids during the course of the day skews the results due to the dilution factor. The dilution phenomena is only temporary - once the fluids ingested had all been urinated out, the bladder is replenished with fresh THCA-laden urine and thus, the donor would resume testing positive for THC.

    If youre consistently testing negative with the first urination of the day, youre good to go. :thumbsup:
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    Not trying to step on toes, but the big red 58$ detox drink from GNC absolutely works.

    I'm an everyday smoker. 5'9" 160lbs. Got a random call from a friend, said he got me an interview the next day at his job. *Mind you I was smokin a sweet at the time.*
    I go in the next day, He gives me the job within 10 mins. Now he tells me to take this paper and go to the clinic down the street. I was not expecting that at all. Told him I had School on the other side of town and couldnt. This bought me an extra day which i still thot i was screwed.

    So i go down to GNC, bold-face ask the guy, "Got a drug test, need to pass". Points out the drink but gives me different instructions:
    -Stop smoking 2 days before, drink this 2 hours before test. Piss 3 or 4 times before going in. *which wont be a problem with that stuff*

    It was 48 hours exactly from blunt in mouth, to piss in cup. Needless to say I got the job.
    -Even better, guy who hired me calls to say when to come in, and that he wasn't surprised that I didn't do drugs lmao!
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    As stated earlier, the detox drinks work because of dilution (again that is when they do work).

    Anytime you consume fluids (that includes the detox potion) , you are diluting. If your story is true, you wouldve gotten the job just the same if you were to dump the detox potion down the drain and refilled its bottle with water, gatorade, or any other fluid you desire.

    As with any dilution technique, detox drinks can backfire if the THCA concentration in the bladder is too high. For most longtime daily users, it would be virtually impossible to dilute that concentration enough without overdiluting and sending up the red flags at the lab.
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    As stated and explained here for years and years and years, NO the big red $58 detox drink from FILL IN THE BLANK does NOT work. Please educate about how the human body and dilution works before before making such claims.
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    I had to take a pre employment Screening.. just the other day and was searching around on the internet ways to come up clean in less than 48 hours... I read up on everything from synthetic urine, to using others urine, to the diluting method and detox drinks.. I personally went to GNC and bought this detox drink because it was cheap. it was about twenty dollars because it was about to expire. It was QCarbo Clear with the big Vitamin pills. anyways... I smoked about twenty hours before my test, it was stupid I know but didnt expect to get the job, It was the day before I only took about 3 hits of some Killer buds. I followed the steps.. Drink 20 oz of water.. wait 20 min... drink the Detox Drink and take all five vitamins.. wait 20 min.. drink one more glass 20 oz of water. thats all I did. i didnt drink anymore or less water and it was on an empty stomach, which they said was recomended.. I passed the test. Dilution..obviously, from what i have been reading on these posts.. but when you dilute.. and you dont know much about this stuff like me, you have to be careful cuz its detected obviously.. so to cover the dilution u just take watever vitamins is needed to hide the fact that your diluting, Vitamin B2 ( Riboflavin ) and creatine Monohyrdate.. maybe some salt.. all this is debatable I know,, but I just wanted to throw this out there that Qcarbo Worked for me... I also want to note that I passed this test on the Second time Around.. The first time they sent me, I drank ALOT of Cranberry juice the morning and night before the first test, and was constantly pissing clear, I wasnt informed on how to Dilute properly obviously so my results we Negative/Diluted. so watever was in the detox drink I drank had hidden the dilution which was what my goal was...
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    Sorry pal.... You just got lucky and diluted the THCA in your urine below test cutoff levels using the water you consumed with your so called magic elixir. The drink itself did nothing to help you pass your test. Next time, read the dilution thread and save yourself 20 bucks.

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