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    Do anyone of you know anything about Gnostic Christianity? Its Christian mysticism, like the Kaballah is Jewish mysticism and Sufis are Muslims mystics. Edgar Cayce says Gnostic Christianity is the highest form of Christianity. It was deemed heretical by the Orthodox Church, but they were out killing people and getting rich too. They're shit was lost. Christian fundementalists call gnosticism the devils work as it goes against supposed Christian ideals.

    The Nag Hammadi Library and the Gospel of Thomas, and Gospel of Philip are popular Gnostic writings. Check them out. Good stuff.
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    will do
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    A one-sentence description of Gnosticism: a religion that differentiates the evil god of this world (who is identified with the god of the Old Testament) from a higher more abstract God revealed by Jesus Christ, a religion that regards this world as the creation of a series of evil archons/powers who wish to keep the human soul trapped in an evil physical body, a religion that preaches a hidden wisdom or knowledge only to a select group as necessary for salvation or escape from this world.

    Some Gnostics taught that the world is ruled by evil archons, among them the deity of the Old Testament, who hold captive the spirit of humanity. The heavenly pleroma was the center of the divine life, and Jesus was interpreted as an intermediary eternal being, or aeon, sent from the pleroma to restore the lost knowledge of humanity's divine origin. Gnostics held secret formulas, which they believed would free them at death from the evil archons and restore them to their heavenly abode. See Valentinus for typical Gnostic teaching on the pleroma.
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    My friend, a professor, claims he's a Gnostic, and that he doesn't believe that Jesus Christ existed, so, wouldn't that make "Gnostic Christianity" an oxymoron?

    Cool, it's 3:54 and at 3:55, a movie with Graphic Violence comes on.
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    I have studied that they believe the Old Testament god was evil and that Jesus came to reveal the true God. Here's my interpretation of this....

    The God of the "Old Testament" doesnt exist in my opinion. The Old Testament was based on Sumerian mythology and also some Zoroastrian beliefs such as an afterlife and the concept of good and evil. However, the point is that because we live in a dual reality, we have to bring balance to good and "evil". The Gnostic Gospels claim that everything that looks evil is not really evil. Its the material lusts in this world that are evil and should be avoided.

    The OT gave people ridiculous laws and ordered the deaths of those who defied him...especially homosexuals. Jesus fulfilled the law through compassion, which is balance between good and evil. I get a lot of shit from Christians when I tell them that Jesus technically sinned against God by not killing the prostitute Mary Magdelene when she was caught in the act. That OT law states that she must be killed! Instead, Jesus forgives her and according to Gnostic literature, marries her and has a daughter. The Gospel of Philip is concerned with the Gnosis of Sacred Union....coming together of man and woman.

    I see the whole Bible has a balanced positive (NT) and negative (OT).

    Make a little more sense?
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    The Gnostic View on Drugs

    Marijuana is not considered a sacrament by our Order and its habitual use is frowned upon by us as well. The use of hallucinogenic plants such as mushrooms and morning glory seeds are not part of the program of Nazirutha, but if an individual member chooses to use them occasionally, they will not be reprimanded.

    Gnostics are definately not as cool as shamans, then. Obviously more advanced than straight up christianity (which seems geared towards purposely steering the practioner towards spiritual inertia), though. I must say I am disappointed by this stance on drugs.
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    Also remember that religion and theologies are man God is infinite and there are infinite ways to explain God. Just because one group smokes weed, and another doesn't, does not mean that weed is frowned upon universally. We have cannabanoid receptors and cannabis is the only natural plant on Earth to have cannabanoids.

    And Jesus never preached a new "religion"...he was actually anti-religion as we must worship God in spirit.
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    exactly, exactly. people piss me off.
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    I'm not arguing that, because I'm not fully versed in christianity, but I have to question it. After all, he did tell us we have to accept him, god, and his teachings, in order to get into heaven. that sounds like a religion to me.
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    Also remember that there are other Gospels around and the official doctrine of "the Church" began in 325 at the Council of Nicea, with the Roman Emporer Constantine present. There were other interpretations of the Gospels, like at the Church of Alexandria. The Book of Revelation that fundementalists hold dear was almost rejected when the official New Testament canon was being put together 400 years AFTER Christ. Also books that are not accepted in Orthodox Christianity, are quoted such as the Book of Jude (NT) quoting the Book of Enoch and any book outside the Bible is considered to be the work of the Devil.

    Jesus is a very highly evolved spirit...the fullness of God and humanity. He is One with the Source...which is every creations mission. He preached compassion...which was to accept people as they are and love them as you love God and yourself. By loving God you love others. Buddha was also a great teacher too and was a Christ himself if you put Buddha in a Judao-Christian text.

    Fundementalist Jews want a conquering Messiah...they view the Messiah or Buddha as a personality in itself who will conquer. Thats why they never accepted Jesus. Rather...Messiah or Buddha is within you as Y'shua said "the Kingdom of God does not come with observation, but rather the Kingdom of God is within you".

    Weird though that Buddhism evolved from Hinduism, and Christianity and Islam from Judaism. Indeed, in my Father's house are many mansions.
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    Reality is Gray

    The fundementalists (AND I USED TO BE ONE SO I KNOW MY SHIT) say that you must accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior to get into a physical heaven. They overlook that Gods Kingdom is inside of we all are God.

    There is so much dogma to get past its not even funny. Its on par with Yoda saying "you must unlearn what you have learned".....which means you have to rethink everything. I sure did and I am grateful for that. No religion will ever explain God fully really...we must experience God ourselves. We are not to be slaves to an ideology. Light and Darkness are brothers. Without Darkness...we never evolve yet the Dark always serves the Light. Reality is Gray.

    The "afterlife" is just a spot were we can dwell for literally all eternity if you want in Light or Dark....depending on your situation. Time is irrelevant to God...but God wants to experience here on this plane. Its how we grow. We can bring this plane to a Christ like frequency if we all love another and get past our prejeduces which are childlike. All we need is love.
  12. Great Spirit

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    Someday I can imagine Catholic priests and Buddhist monks talking to God together.
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    i understand that soon, the three conscious planes will merge, eliminating a seperation between the spiritual, ethereal, and physical worlds...
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    or is it just a misunderstanding that there's any seperation at all? Remove the veil of form and perceive through the illusion.

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    Let me start off by saying that I'm an atheist, pure and simple.

    That being said, your take on religion is the only one that I don't find stupid or based on fairy tales. When you say we are all God, you're absolutely right. Before I became completely atheist, my conception of religion and spirituality were almost identical to yours. I believed (and still do, for that matter) that dogma is poison. It is the ultimate barrier to rational thought. Also, like you mention, Good and Evil, Light and Dark, nothing is ever so simple. Life is much more complex than simple dualities, and to deny it is to deny the magnificence of Human experience.

    Now, where I differ in opinion is for what you call God. I don't believe in a creator, I don't believe in his on or whatever, and I don't believe in an afterlife. When you say we can all become God or live in a Christ-like frequency, I say Humanity has unlimited potential to make this world a better place. I think that we needed to call these thoughts "God" and "jesus" before because our intellect was incapable of thinking without reference to some supernatural, omnipotent power. Today, I am convinced that the need for these crutches (i.e. organized religion) is compltely outdated. In fact, I think that a literal belief in God is not only hindering progress, but fostering regress!

    But still, I am happy to see someone think along the same lines I do, even though there's slight differences... :D
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    stoner shadow wolf, you're so wise. Every time we discuss something you just have all the answers and can state them as fact, because you know it to be true, as you know all. I wish I was completely enlightened as you are, I really do.
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    A book a friend let me borrow, "The Jesus Mysteries" says that "the Gnostics were so effectively suppressed that until recently almost all we knew about them came from the writings of their detractors and oppressors."

    "The Gnostics' view of Christianity was in many ways the mirror image of that of the Literalist Christians who eventually became the Roman Catholic Church."

    It also says that they wrote hundreds of different Christian gospels.

    "Gnostics taught that the true Christian experienced Gnosis or mystical "Knowledge" for themselves and became a Christ!"
  18. beachguy in thongs

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    Wow, this book is pretty interesting:

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    :rolleyes: right... and that wasnt even...

    im not even sure about the conscious planes merging, that's just something i've heard, take it for what you will.

    yeah, i have my own answers to everything, just sharing my opinions wherever such a topic might pop up. did i ever say that what i believe is correct for you? did i ever say that my beliefs should be your beliefs too? no, i didn't, so i dont see where your attitude is stemming from.

    let's make it clear, i am a philosopher, i like to develope my own answers to other people's beliefs, and if i like my philosophy from your ideas, i'll integrate it into my own beliefs, simple as that. im not parading around as some enlightened one who knows the path to divinity, i am just seeking that knowledge and wisdom.

    i go about it not by researching religious beliefs and expecting that to tell me anything, i do it on my own terms, by studying all beliefs and piecing them together to see if i cant catch a glimpse of the big picture.
  20. Great Spirit

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    I also do believe in evolution and reject the Creation theory in Genesis. If you took that story literally, you would find that God creates man twice and the Sumerian legend of creation (which the Hebrews probably borrowed) is VERY similar to the Bible, as we are both made from the ground as it says.

    God is the life process itself.....cannot be contained. God is too much for our limited minds to their are infinite universes and inifinite dimensions. Think of God as just pure thought and energy. There is no limit to your mind so God is limitless. The old saying in the Bible "which temple can hold God!?"

    So you can be an Atheist and be God at the same time. A lot of people get the concept that if you are an Atheist, than you are a horrible person. So far from the truth. It's how you treat people, not what you simply believe that God looks at.

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