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    Well im now on my third grow. My first was white widow...I now have a white widow mother in soil. Also I grew 2 soil WWs after the first hydro.

    My third grow is about 20 days along and man they look SWEET!. My temps have been perfect (Rez and ambient) and no nute burn. I have made 0 mistakes this time and it really shows.

    I will post pics soon as I will log the rest of the grow....I think its gonna be great.
  2. Cyclonite

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    Here we go as promised....hydro develops some great fan leaves and growth compared to the WW in soil....I guess I should stay away from soil. They are 20 days old. The mother is a 2 months or so but it was taken from a plant in flower so it took a while.

    They are under a 400 watt MH in a 18 gal DWC. PH 5.8....1250 ppm 3 part GH. Rez temps are 62. Roots look great. I use H2O2 from time to time.

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  3. Racerx

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    looks like some nice tight growth. Our White Widows in soil are great...however they are absolute dwarfs to the hydro White Widows. And the hydro has been vegged less time. DWC is especially amazing, I havent seen better growth with any other hydro system as long as you keep the water cold enough and changed often enough. Looking good.
  4. Cyclonite

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    Has anyone heard of this strain....All I got was a name from the club where I picked it up. I couldn't find much, I think it could possibly be a "purple" mostly indica. I was told it was really good but mediocre yield.
  5. Cyclonite

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    2 Gods Gift from clone​

    Well everyone this is day 3 of flower. Day 33

    PH - 5.9

    PPM - 1222 (Tap reading of 224) so more like 1000 really GH 3 part at 1F:2M:3B.....any experts have a suggestion for a better cannabis optimized ratio?

    400 Watt HPS.

    I have a nice GH airpump for "crazy" bubbles.

    Res temps are kept at 58-68 with a $100 ice probe with no trouble...iv dropped it as low as 55 so I just unplug it for a couple days. My res is insulated with fiberglass and light proof.

    Treated with H2O2 once a week and with every res change.

    Humidity is pretty low but my little swamp cooler keeps it
    65-80 F - 30-40% RH

    Roots are nice and white, they are already larger at day 33 than my WW hydro grow were at day 90. In fact they picked up a couple of my air stones last res change.

    Pics will be posted in an hour or so...stay tuned.
  6. Cyclonite

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    Well here are the latest pics...got a couple spots from some drops of the nute mix hitting the leaves and some old clone damage from before I got em(what causes the leaf tips to shrivel and keep the color anyways?).

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  7. xcrispi

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    hey cyclonite ,
    take a look at latewoods proven g/h 3pt. recipe ,
    i used it my last grow minus liquid karma w/ great results . i did 4 girls in w/f's under 2000w. topping them all just once . 3 blueberry -1 mongrel . the 3 blueberry yielded 31oz. combined -n- blueberry is suposed to be a weak yielder . the mongrel was over a lb. by itself .
    i'll bump up his thread for you .
    your cuz
    crispi :greenthumb:
  8. Cyclonite

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    Well looking good...running them on 1500ppm, I forget I flowered them a little early so they are only 32 days old from clone. Im impressed at the growth...this one is gonna be good.

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  9. Cyclonite

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    Well lets see here....im around day 20 of flower and everything looks good. I went a little longer than I should have as far as a res change but just did that.

    Used latewoods .25-1-2 this time with some calmag. Everything is going good, the growth rate is good. I just hope the club didn't lie to me and give me some mediocre strain.

    I havent had any real problems other than a few small deficiencies earlier on. Everything is all good.....im shooting for 4 Oz dry per plant this time(.5g per watt), thats double what I did last time.

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  10. bud luv

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    I've medicated with God's Gift on more than a few occasions and I must say it is a top of the line strain. When grown nicely it's almost sure to be within the top two or three strains available at any club at any time, if not the best.

    It's not purple, but that's probably a good thing because purple is all hype anyways. You're in for some good smoke. I wish I had some GG right now!
  11. Cyclonite

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    Well from the information iv gathered im assuming your in Ca around the same area as I, that makes me feel better. These guys dont put off much of an odor so far....im fact my WW mother in veg stinks more than they do right now.....I like the smell but as at least odor control isn't a big concern.
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    How early did you start your seedlings under your 400 watt MH? I would like to know because I have a 400 watt MH available, and I would like to put my seedlings under the 400 just to get things going. Right now they are under 4 60 watt CFLs (two lights to one plant each).
  13. Cyclonite

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    Really anytime after the first couple set of leaves, just adjust the distance accordingly. Might want to go 3-4 feet for little ones then move it in and see how they react.
  14. Dan K.

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    Dude, you should count yourself lucky that you stumbled on some God's Gift clones, GG is Grandaddy Purple X OG Kush, I just picked up some from a collective in Hollywood and it was really amazing, but yeah the GDP is where you're seeing the hints of purple, good luck with those!

    Dan K.
  15. Cyclonite

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    Sweet...I hope they turn out great. Ill be posting new pics soon...they are flowering quite nicely
  16. Cyclonite

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    Well im almost 4 weeks into flower now....noticed a problem with the timer where one of the pegs was turning off the light for 15 min during its light period. Fixed that...didn't seem to hurt it though. Iv been adding molasses, I will start with a bloom booster in a couple weeks.

    The smell is much more pronounced...I cant really smell it unless I touch my finger to it then it smells just like my WW. You know that slightly acidic sweet kinda minty fresh bud smell....mmmm. Getting pretty sticky.

    With the molasses's I used with caution but I didn't have any drastic effects on my PH if any.

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  17. Cyclonite

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    New eye candy

    Well they are at almost at week 5 of flower..here are some new pics. Looks good starting to smell a bit. I love this camera. I put a 400 watt MH on them also....does anyone think its worth it? 800 watts for 2 plants or 400 HPS.

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  18. Cyclonite

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    So what does everyone think about adding a 400 watt MH for side lighting will it be worth the added electricity cost? Its kinda cold so I can use it for now to keep temps optimum
  19. Cyclonite

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    Well here we are around week 6....took my first look at the trics and they are already all cloudy. This may be an early harvest, I was prepared for 9 weeks. Might be just be 8. The buds still have weight they need to put on. Here are some pics.

    PH 5.8 as always good temps no pests. PPM around 1360 with 250ppm tap. Iv been topping off with water and bloom at 8 ml per gallon. (1/2 str).

    I just got my RO unit in and hooked up, my dumb ass busted the water shutoff valve but it was really old and needed an upgrade anyways...just had some water shooting all over for a min. But it tastes great and im sure the plants will enjoy it...right now its putting out 15 ppm water but im sure it will drop with a little more break in use.

    Any questions comments concerns or rep points for a good job?

    More to follow.

    Oh and the plant at the bottom is a hibiscus..a joy to grow as well. (My iguanas fresh food)

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  20. xcrispi

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    Looks yummy man , When do you usually harvest as far as tric. color goes %'s of milky / amber ?
    Your Cuz
    Crispi :jointsmile:

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