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Going to Cancun - help!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by kobeite, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. kobeite

    kobeite Registered+

    Okay I'm going to Cancun for a couple days for a vacation. Thing is, I'm too afraid to take the bud with me b/c of customs. Is it safe to send? Has anybody tried it or taken it with them.
    Any help woud be appreciated - thanks!
  2. GTC21

    GTC21 Registered+

    I wouldn't risk it. If you get caught you'll just ruin yours and anyone else your going withs holiday. Why risk that just so you can smoke weed in another country? It's not worth it in my opinion. I'm sure you'll be able to find some weed in Cancun!
  3. Sentinel

    Sentinel Registered+

    yah if you get busted they chop your nuts off
  4. kobeite

    kobeite Registered+

    I totally agree it's unsafe to take it with me physically, but through the mail you think it's unsafe too? If anybody's tried thru mail, let me know.
    Thanks for the advice guys.
  5. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    Put it inside a stuffed animal and sew it back up. Just better hope theres no drug sniffing dogs that sniff each package.
  6. kobeite

    kobeite Registered+

    Exactly what I'm afraid of. The possibility of dogs at the airport.
  7. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    take a cab to puerto juarez hop on the ferry to isla mujures and hit the north end of town were all the souviner shops are every other shop has a weed or hash dealer in it there is also a good doc feel good on the island it's a nice day trip and the people and bars on the island are great if you insist on bringing your own then take a baggie place weed inside wrap with duct tape place in another baggie wrap with tape repeat once more then take a bottle of shampoo and empty in to container place weed in shampoo bottle pour shampoo back into bottle replace cap and put the shampoo in your shower kit place shower kit in CHECKED luggage not carry on enjoy your trip
  8. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    In febuary, I took an airplane from Boston so San Juan and i didn't see dogs anywhere. So if u live around boston you should be safe.
  9. kobeite

    kobeite Registered+

    Hmmmm..... it still kind of scares me to take it with me.... who knows what could happen. I'm thinking about wrapping it well (it's such a small amount!) and sending it to my hotel....
    I kinda don't want to go without it :) I just want to be BAKED the whole time and lie on the beach and relaaaaaaaax. I honestly don't think they'd even catch it even if I took it with me, but I'm such a wuss :) Don't want to end up in no Mexican prison!!
  10. kobeite

    kobeite Registered+

    Ezjim have you tried the pot that you can get in the souvenir shops as you say... is it any good?
  11. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    yes i have it varys from ditch weed to some very nice buds the hash was real nice as well you kinda have to shop around a little almost all the cigar stores or stores with pipes in them will have what your looking for they also sell weed in the back a lot of the t shirt shops as well just take your time and enjoy your self it is a real fun place not some where you want to go to raise hell but if you want a quiet layed back place to spend the day it's a fine place if you have time try and get over to tulume for a night you can rent a palopa on the beach for like 5 bucks a nite although this time of year you might want to go with the air conditioned room it being summer and all enjoy the trip dude
  12. Dick Justice

    Dick Justice Registered+

    Yeah man its Cancun, I'm sure you can find some bud over there.
  13. Xx420.JUGGALO.420xX

    Xx420.JUGGALO.420xX Registered+

    i know this dude that went to mexico and he said tha if u go some place outside of Cancun or any americanized city then there are guys around the city with bags of weed and they're like "ganja, ganja $8. $8 ganja. you want ganja???" and they're just sellin good amounts of weed for cheap. so why don't u just buy it while your in mexico?
  14. kobeite

    kobeite Registered+

    See, that's too weird for me as well, buying shit from somebody I don't even know!! I gotta know my sources....
  15. haha

    haha Registered+

    Mexico treats drugs as a very bad crime. But you also have to remember that 99% of the cops there are corrupt, so as long as you pay them off if they find your stash, you should be straight.

    They have people selling blow and ganja on the beaches in Mexico.
  16. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    its really no hassle to find weed there the people are very friendly and really apreciate it if you try to speak thier languge. and you can haggle a little with most of the dealers .. the cops wont even look at you in that part of mexico unless you are seriuosly fucking up like fighting or pissing in public or stealing there is a kick ass flea market on the mainland north of cozumel im sure you can find any thing you want there
  17. kobeite

    kobeite Registered+

    My brother in law got some blow in mexico because the cab driver said he had a connection and he said it turned out to be the worst blow he ever had!!

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