Going to school high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by MetFan3125, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. MetFan3125

    MetFan3125 Registered+

    Ok, we've all gotten high before school, but what's the most you've ever smoked before hittin class? This one time my buddy got up at 5:30, then picked me and my buddy up, we bought a blunt wrap, headed out to get another kid. Then we smoked a bong while rolling a 2.5g blunt, then smoked a bowl. That was the only time I was EVER high all day long. Fuck yeah to that:Rasta:
  2. chris40

    chris40 Registered+

    Maybe the time I and 3 other people smoked a 3 gram blunt in the car.
    Or maybe the time I took a couple GB's of some gold nugget at one of the dudes houses and then smoked a joint in the car.
    Ah I loved driving to school with my bro.
    But sadly can't do it this year since he graduated.
  3. budsmoker

    budsmoker Registered+

    i smoked like a blunt and a half all together out of my bong b4 school once. i was hella high. i usually always go 2 school high but the first day of school this year i smoking like 2 or 3 blunts b4 scholl
  4. mowie wowie

    mowie wowie Registered+

    yeah dude the first day of freshman year last year i got some ak 47 and i smoked about a gram of it. Now i know a gram isnt too much, but of ak47 that will get you fucked up like you would never imagine, that school day was the bomb.
  5. lagstronaut

    lagstronaut Registered+

    wow i read that first sentance like 3 times and it said "ok, we're all going to my high school" :S
  6. zero2104

    zero2104 Registered+

    well the most i smoked b4 school was a blunt with my friend, because i only gone to school baked once, but my tolerance was hella low so i was fuckin baaked:Rasta:
  7. KillerDemo

    KillerDemo Registered+

    3 gram blunts to the face right b4 class
  8. JuggaloAtTheDoor

    JuggaloAtTheDoor Registered+

    2 gs to my self.. right before a presentation in science :| (I got a 70% tho...)
  9. SmokingPlatypus

    SmokingPlatypus Registered+

    Smoked like 2 bowls of damn nice chronic outta my bong as I was driving to school. I always used to like to get to school early, so I would pick up these breakfast burrito things that my cafeteria had, go into the library, and mess around on the computer until classes started. I had study hall, and then office working (basically like a teacher assistant, just grading papers and shit). It was pretty fun.
  10. mowie wowie

    mowie wowie Registered+

    and i always go to school high the first day, it makes me feel less shy and i talk more and i make a good first impression
  11. s2headhunter

    s2headhunter Registered+

    dude go high everywhere you go..ITS WHO WE AS WEED SMOKERS ARE lol jp but i go whereever i can high and always go to school high
  12. usedchemicals

    usedchemicals Registered+

    i smoked a bowl of some high grade shit, did 3 lines of coke, then smoked a bowl of chronic, that was the most fucked up i was in school

    then one day i went home at lunch and dropped a couple hits of acid before going back, that was pretty sweet cause for the entire hour and a half of psychology we looked at optical illusions, and that was fucking crazy
  13. weedheaduknow

    weedheaduknow Registered+

    everytime i smoke real early in the morning like that, i end up feeling even more tired than when i woke up and fall asleep in an hour or two.
  14. huh

    huh Registered+

    i did it my freshman year of highschool a couple times, i would smoke about a gram between me and my one friend and it was pretty good weed so we'd be pretty high and my first 2 classes were band and biology. and i was so good on the drums and then when i was stoned i was even better, and biology was crazy. i didnt at all last year because my first 2 classes were geometery and gym, and i was failing geometery so i had to do good and im lazy when i get high so i didnt smoke at all. so overall i dont really like smoking before school, id rather smoke afterwards and chill. wow im pretty sure what i wrote doesnt even make sense anymore, i would make it nicer but im lazy.
  15. BloodAngel

    BloodAngel Registered+

    Sadly I'll never experience going to school high... I started smoking 5 months after I graduated... At least my parents can't give me that "it's bad for your grades" bullcrap
  16. Lennon06

    Lennon06 Registered+

    iv never been high befor school but in england we leave school at 16 and thats wen i started doin it
  17. josh g

    josh g Registered+

    Prolly 2.5 g's... But i "went to the bathroom" in the middle of class and smoked a joint afterwards...

    Besides, when they have drug tests at my college, and they catch you with THC, they don't really do anything!
    They just give you counceling and that's it.. So there's not really any point.
    Unless it's something else, like uhhh... well, not THC...
  18. Oneironaut

    Oneironaut Registered+

    I'm going to work blazed as fuck. :stoned:
  19. 420everyday

    420everyday Registered+

    the most was prolly an 1/8 before school n then another gram during lunch
  20. BloodAngel

    BloodAngel Registered+

    I'm glad I didn't smoke back when I was in school... I would have gotten caught somehow... I can just feel it

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