Going to school high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by MetFan3125, Jul 19, 2006.

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    There wasnt a day I didnt go to high school high. Thats why its called high school. I would always be in first period with this HOT bitch I used to fuck and she would always put me on front street about bein high. That girl used to always giggle and say shit and make me paranoid all around. Damn, I miss that booty.:sadcrying

    "We dont go to high school boy we go to school high"
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    I used to roll and smoke 1g joints and id be set until 4th period, about 3 hours. Now I've made my own homemade water bottle bong and smoke at least .5-.8g which I get about four to five hits outta. :eyesroll: And I rarely do this, but sometimes I'll pack it all up and toke in the sound box in the auditorium during 5th period and be set again.

    *Side note: Plus the only reason I choose the auditorium is when my class is in the black box, the sound box sits at the back of the room and up high so I can see anyone coming in and have more than enough time to pack everything back up.
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