"golden guns" wtf???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by slpntrx5, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. slpntrx5

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    okay, so today my friend said something to me about how this guy's dad is a musician and just got back from florida with a good bit of a strain called "golden guns." he was informed that it was a cross breed between AK-47 and something else i've never heard of called "golden nuggets" or something...idk

    anyone ever heard of either of those?

    :question: :what: :question:
  2. Heifter_Crytape

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    yeah dude i member playin golden guns on the 64 with my buddy! james bond man!!

    GOD i am so PASHED!
  3. NothingMoreThenTruth

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    hahaha i thought of goldeneye from nintendo 64 too.

    i owned people with the golden gun.
  4. Heifter_Crytape

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    dude fuck yeah! like one goddamn shot!
  5. Heifter_Crytape

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    learn to forget the memories that cause you pain

    i remember that videogames brought your family closer together
  6. slpntrx5

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    okay...thanks for that...

    anyone know anything actually relevant to my question? lol :p
  7. five0addict

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    people make up names. dont pay attention to what whatshisname says
  8. horror business

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    There's a strain called Golden Goat, so maybe it was crossed with AK47
  9. thcbongman

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    I love 007 for the N64. Classic.
  10. timothylearyisdead

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    Haha prime example of thread hijacking. I've heard of golden nuggets, never got to sample it though.
  11. Nochowderforyou

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    I hated the Golden Gun for Bond. One fuckin shot? That's no fun. I want multiple shots motherfucker! :p

    About the strain though, never heard of it, but people liek to make up names or have been told names by their supplier. Most of the time it's bullshit, but who knows, it could be true.

    It's so hard to know these days as a person can cross any 2, 3 or more strains and create a new one, not even available from a seed bank or medical club. The possibilities are endless.

    I say if it gets you stoned in a pleasureable manner, then who cares what it's called.
  12. golden gun sucked!

    but pertaining to the thread..never heard of it.

    ive heard of all sorts of funky names that i bet were a load of bull. im always skeptical when im buying a sack and people are like "oh this is some golden haze lawnmower bud" im all huhhh?
  13. Scottydoo

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    AK 47 is some good shit, so relax and enjoy the stuff!
  14. Iplaybass182

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    I loved that game sadly I lost it when I moved. But I remember my mom didn't want me to play it so in 2nd grade I had my friend buy me a copy and I bought it off him and smuggled it into the house and played it.
  15. Keithmasterflex

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    Yes I am from Washington state there is a store here around Spokane called royal cannabis who only sells it in joints it’s got insane amounts of thc I think it’s over 40% well the joints are 24$ a piece it better be good at that price https://www.royalscannabis.com/products/

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  16. Keithmasterflex

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    These are the highest numbers I know of in town typically the thc levels are around 20% anything over is good weed I feel like
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