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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by amphiboius, May 2, 2005.

  1. amphiboius

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    ok, i had a couple of people telling me that it isnt worth it to grow your own pot because it will only turn out to be like homegrown, so my question is are they refering to Dirt weed or just weed in gerneral? cause im growing 4 plants right now that i got from a bag of crappy weed. But i havent yet ordered the seeds i want online im wandering if they will turn out good or do i need to take some kinda EXTRA speacial care of them? WHAT IM SAYING I GUESS IS THAT IF I PAY 50$ FOR 10 SEEDS, WILL THEY TURN OUT LIKE THE PICTURE SHOWS THEM??.or is it possible that it could turn out to be crappy weed!

    HARDDON Registered+

    Crappy seeds generally equal crappy weed. Generally.

    Great seeds will also equal crappy weed if grown improperly.

    Get your first grow under your belt with crappy seeds.

    Then, use your great seeds to produce great weed...just like the pictures. And it will be homegrown and great.

    Most people referring to Home Grown are thinking of a bag of green leaves, male most likely, and tasting like dirt.

    Get some experience before using the good seeds.

    Hope this helps.

  3. smokinlowrider4u

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    all weed is home grown by somone. Plus if you do it yourself you know what you have.
  4. del...

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    home grown IS the good shit...
  5. amphiboius

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    LOL, ahhh, ok i see, thanx guys:)
  6. llamaman666

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    You can grow much much better marijuana yourself than you will ever find from a dealer. The good shit that is truly good shit is shit from a good personel grower who sold a bit of his shit to get seeds to grow more good shit.

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