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Discussion in 'Canada' started by michaelpeg, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. michaelpeg

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    i currently have schultz tropical potting mix and it seems it just sucks. what do you guys suggest for soil in canada? what soils have worked good for you?
  2. kdspecial

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    Have a look in the INdoor growing section. you'll get more help in there. Have you thought Of tring to find some ProMix You can get that at any canadian tire etc. But I doubt it will be much better that Schultz..

    I would suggest Coco if you can find some and do some reading as it is different from a Peat based Medium like ProMix or potting soil.

    Its cleaner, satys moist longer and just all around better,

  3. vanislgrower

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    right now i am using SeaSoil, its a local farm that makes it on vancouver island so dont know if you can get it but man rich dark nutritous soil.
  4. sacredplant

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    Sterilize and supplement your soil and all soil is good soil ;)

    I buy miracle grow brand soil b/c of its good drainage etc. but when I buy from Canadian Tire and Home Depot the soil is always infested with moulds and fungus gnats.
    I have to cook it in the oven until it is sterile an then its great.
    Sterilizing your soil is always a good idea.
    [ aluminum pan, no more than 4" thick layer, 150-175F for 30-40 minutes until the soil reached 160F internally, use a meat thermometer. Never cook past 180F internal temp it will kill the good stuff in your soil. ]

    Finding any good draining soil is top proirity b/c you can add all the neccessary nutrients after yourself. I highly recommend miracle grow if you sterilize it, its nice and light & fluffy, and it holds/drains perfectly.

    I have bought a lot of different triple mixes that are sold in spring and in bulk everywhere including dominion but they are all very dense and don't absorb and retain water well imo.
  5. kingofkronic

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    ive used schultz potting soil and it seemed to work just fine.... why do you say it sucks? what happens when you use schultz as opposed to any other soil?
  6. stinkyattic

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    Schultz makes several different mixes, and the 'tropical' mix may not be good for your cannabis plants, while others might be fine.
    In Canada, you should be able to find all types of Farffard soils, like their basic one which is similar to promix in a different color bale, haha, or their 'container mix' which I am liking so far for keeping mothers.
  7. Hempfester

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    If you're in Canada, I TOTALLY recommend that you try to get some Seasoil.

    I was using various Miracle Grow and Shultz mixes and blends from Canadian Tire until I found this Seasoil stuff at my hydro store.

    All I can say is, "WOW!". What a difference. Twice the least!

    I don't know what's in that stuff, but it's magic.

    I'm using the "Original" stuff in the orange bag.

    You can use it straight out of the bag for best effect, or mix it with other bag soil. perilite, vermiculite, coco to stretch it out with good effect as well.

    SEA SOIL™ • Natural Organic Growing Soil for Your Flower & Vegetable Gardens

    Wanna know the best part? It's all organic and certified for organic produce!

    Crappy Tire don't sell it, so you might have to call around or maybe convince your hydro shop to order a pallet.

    I'm totally planting all my tomatoes in this stuff come spring.
  8. the image reaper

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    dunno if it's available in Canada, or not, but my favorite is "Whitney Farms Premium Potting Soil", in large white bags ... they got bought out by the Scott's/MiracleGro company last year, so they possibly may have extended their marketing area ... stuff isn't very expensive, and excellent for cannabis (I've found the Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil is too 'hot' for young plants) ... :smokin:
  9. VapedG13

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    Sunshine professional mix #4.....its the # 1 commercial growing medium Sun Gro Horticulture | Products | | Sunshine® Natural & Organic Mix #4

    I know this soil is available in B.C....they manufacture the soil there and Green Gardens Grow shop in Bellevue, Washington but distributed nation wide

    200 Burrard Street, Suite 1200
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    Canada V7X 1T2
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  10. animalman

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    i say go for coco. I've been screwing with different grow mediums and having a lot of success with coco. its pretty much the best of both worlds of soil and hydro, faster vegetative growth like hydro but more forgiving with ph and nutrients like soil. its at any hydro store, or if you dont have a hydro store near you get it through mail order, its cheep as hell 3 to 4 dollars a brick and cause their so light the shipping costs are really reasonable. advice for use, add perlite at a ratio around 30-40%perlite 70-60%coco, and rinse it well before use. you can use coco specific nutes but any thing will do, i like fox farm (who doesnt). and if your a cheapskate you can reuse coco 2-3
  11. wishpotwaslegal

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    wow i wish i would have found this thred before i planted mine in there pots. i did not no what to use so i went with 3 difeent kinds premium nature mix organic for one plant. shrimp compost for another.and ready to use potting soil for the last one and a mix and match of all three for my couple of bag seed grows. all for outdoor pots! ill let ya all no how it works out.
  12. wishpotwaslegal

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    wow thanks i found a place that sells it in the city i live in thanks to that link thanks again
  13. AndyBotwin

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    How did the SeaSoil work out for ya?
  14. DrSuess

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    a little soil direction please

    i just bought miracle-gro moisture potting mix (18-10-10) and are I am currently germinating four seeds is paper towel in dark warm place until they sprout then placing them 3 mm below soil in one of those little dirt pucks and placing under 2 x 48" florecence under 18hr light. now my question is. i just bought miracle-gro moisture potting mix (18-10-10) should or should i have not. My impression of plants from seedlings need to stay in grow for at least 6 weeks before i can sex then and clone. so would the soil just keep them growing strong with the 18 nitro they should be feed the whole time before as well as not worrie about over watering. oh ya and the seeds are femmed affgan kush from world of seeds.

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