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    Space is 4x4x5 . Have 3 high bay 70 watt cpf with out reflectors. 1- 125 watt cfl 3000k 3-26watt cfl 3000k 1-70watt hps 1-100 watt mh. lights hang with no reflectors would that work .for like 12 lowryders. my grandpop had them to start his big veg garden every spring. Everything is still hanging in the old barn . I was willed the farm and found he still had it set up from last spring.He had it in a room but there is a table with like a white curtain around it. It is in the back part of barn where it is heated. he would start his crop in march. it seems like a great place to start. i have grown outdoors.Not much family and the one that knew of it wont think much ,cause they dont know my habit. Is this a good set up to start with? O he also has a exhaust fan mount in the center above the lights with a 4 inch hose going out. It is a broan bath exhaust fan. RIP pops, but you sure left me with the best gift by far it seems to me.

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