Good Things Weed Does for your body

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by CannabisCPoc, May 4, 2008.

  1. CannabisCPoc

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    What are some of the good things weed does for your body?
    other then the joy of getting high

    DAY-DREAMER-MAN Registered+

    pot does more than words can say for me:hippy::jointsmile::stoned:
  3. Storm Crow

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    It gives me a life!

    When I was 3, another kid tried to murder me with a hammer. He did a pretty good job of it. I was left with dents in my skull and migraines.

    At 19, I discovered that using cannabis regularly, got rid of the headaches. I used it for some 30+ years and then quit for a (hellish) period of about 3 years (I work at a school). The migraines were so bad, my boss was telling me to go in- just to make sure it wasn't a tumor.

    I got scanned in a few different ways and they all said - "No problem- you "just" have migraines." I went out and got myself "California legal". I knew what worked- without all the nasty side-effects of big Phama's chemical wonders! From the day my first crop came in, I have not gone a day without cannabis. I have not had a true migraine since.

    When I have a less effective strain, I can feel the migraines, but they are pale shadows of what I suffered before. They are not pleasant, but I can deal with them. Cannabis doesn't get rid of the feeling of pressure in my right eye, but I can live with that.

    Cannabis makes the difference between a life filled with pain, and a normal (and quite enjoyable) life! I can work, be creative, active and pain free because of cannabis.

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  4. justanotherbozo

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    i'm glad you made it granny !
  5. SparkSomeChange

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    It opens up my mind so I can see all the BS and how shallow and petty most people are, and rise above it.
  6. keeko

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    maraijuana gets me more intune with my body and how it works, and makes it better.
  7. Kitarist

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    You have to be realy careful what you smoke and how much you smoke. It's good for your body if you smoke it only for relaxation and not so much.

    I got an anxiety from it so its not a good thing.

    It's the 7thday and i still feel without emotions heavy head and a weird feeling on my chest.

    I hope everything will get better but weed these days is much stronger than it used to be and can cause anxiety and other disorders.
  8. JaySin

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    It could also be that you got a heavy sativa. If I were you I'd go with an indica or a hybrid. Much more mellow and shouldn't give you anxiety.

    Also, if you don't have any tolerance you could easily smoke too much and trip out. I've done it a few times. Never had any bad effects for more then the night though.
  9. budz4buddy

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    makes me wanna smile all day (white widow)
  10. jessejames12345

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    Besides that fact that it just makes us feel good :)

    a copy past from WIKI:

    Cannabis is most importantly indicated as an antiemetic for the treatment of nausea and anorexia associated with treatments for cancer, AIDS, and hepatitis. Cannabis also acts as an antispasmodic and anticonvulsant and is indicated for neurological conditions such as epilepsy especially complex partial seizures, multiple sclerosis, and spasms. As an analgesic and an immunomodulator it is indicated for conditions such as migraine, arthritis, spinal and skeletal disorders. As a bronchodilator it is beneficial for asthma. It also reduces the intraocular pressure and is indicated for glaucoma. Recent studies have shown the drug to be efficacious in treating mood disorders and mental health issues such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder, clinical depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and bipolar disorder.[3] It is also indicated for premenstrual syndrome, hypertension, and insomnia. It is also reported to be an effective treatment for constipation and alcohol hangovers.

    as well , newer studies are starting to show that thc kills many types of cancer cells ! :thumbsup:
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  11. SFGurrilla

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    The governments best kept secrets become revealed. Drugs.
  12. phatsesh101

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    anxiety comes from smoking stress, schwagg weed man hence the name stress if i smoke dirt it makes me angry and paranoid only top notch shit for me man\

    oh a better question would be what doesnt weed do good for u and i couldnt give u an answer butu it destroys tumor and kills cancer cells better than any chemo or radiation treatment out there. not to mention heavy mj smokers have .2 % less of a chance of getting lung cancer than non smokers.
  13. Storm Crow

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    Phat, sweetie,.....

    I'm not trying to cap on you, but when you make statements with percentages (or other hard facts) in them, you should try to give the reader at least a clue where your info came from. Otherwise, you can be dismissed as a stoner spouting off numbers and facts from a pipe-dream. If you give a study to back up your statements, you got your argument made! :thumbsup:

    As an example- you said that cannabis can cure cancers better than chemo or radiation. I'm not sure that may be entirely accurate. A lot more comparison studies need to be done. But there are studies that show a lot of promise, like this one-

    THC inhibits epithelial growth factor-induced lung cancer cell growth and metastasis in vivo.

    There are many studies that indicate that cannabis can be an effective treatment for certain kinds of cancers. For supporting studies to this statement, click the link in my sig.

    Please feel free to use my medical post for supporting your future arguments. I put a lot of time and effort into creating that post- I want it to be used as a reference.

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  14. phatsesh101

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    You are right its not been proven, but not much study has been done either. and from the small amounts of research that have been done and the things learned about cannabis you wonder why its taking so long for people to change things.

    the last post i was a ranting stoner, ill try to post some things
  15. phatsesh101

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    here is a web site with many links through out to journals and other publications.

    Recent Research on Medical Marijuana - NORML

    i personally have some things in adobe and in word format through my Universities library research subscription thing
  16. phatsesh101

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    Cannabinoids — the active components of Cannabis sativa and their derivatives — exert
    palliative effects in cancer patients by preventing nausea, vomiting and pain and by stimulating
    appetite. In addition, these compounds have been shown to inhibit the growth of tumour cells in
    culture and animal models by modulating key cell-signalling pathways. Cannabinoids are usually
    well tolerated, and do not produce the generalized toxic effects of conventional chemotherapies.
    So, could cannabinoids be used to develop new anticancer therapies?Department of Biochemistry
    and Molecular Biology I,
    School of Biology,
    Complutense University,
    28040 Madrid, Spain

    YouTube - Dr. Donald Tashkin Marijuana Lung Cancer Study Pt 1 of 2

    understand the doctor was working for the us gov. to disprove and make cannabis look bad. so he cant say any thing positive or it will discontinue funding. might be a ranting stoner cant prove it.

    the first mentioned article was a great article but i can not provide a link but do have in adobe format
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  17. budz4buddy

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    allows me to view things from a different perspective

    makes my mind envision ideas, that I wouldn't envision without cannabis in my bloodsteam
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  18. killerweed420

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    For me it really helps the arthritis. But not by smoking. For some reason it doesn't work that way. I make brownies. It takes about 10 hours for it to have its effect.
  19. Greensane

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    Hey for those of you who are getting paranoid or are experiencing bad side effects: keep in mind that when you purchase weed of the street it's most likely random parts of a marijuana plant sprayed down in raid (thats right raid--the stuff you use to kill roaches. If you ever heard of lacing weed that is how you do it). Then spray the weed down with deer-sent-cover up(skunk flavor), compress it into buds, put it in a plastic baggy with orange peels, let dry and absorb the sent. The result is good smelling stuff, and if it is compressed and dyed properly it looks like dank buds, but most likely this is the type of shit you find in a little zip and its often served up as "kill"(which is considered "good" shwag). This is exactly why weed needs to be legalized, because there is always someone who is either lazy or plain down and out who will do that and sell it to you--don't ask me how I know :(.

    Trust me you'll never get paranoid if you're smoking weed that you personally watched getting clipped of the plant. I am tired of seeing "i got paranoid offa smoking weed"--because 1) you're not smoking smokable parts 2) your fucking smoking roach spray! So this is a shout out to the paranoid people:REASSESS THE SOURCE OF YOUR WEED BE4 TALKING SHIT!
  20. Slevinkal

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    I seriously show signs of damn near every mental illness known to men. I have two issues that are predominant, depression, and bi-polar. The other issues kinda come and go.

    Marijuana evens me out. I take no other meds beside OTC head ache meds for slight migraines time to time. It could be the placebo effect, IDK, I havent looked into this much, but it still works either way. My wife hates when I'm off mary for more than a few days. I get anxious, paranoid, and angry very very easily. I've been know to be kinda violent in the past and I'm a big dude, 6'2" and about 200lbs, not good! She's told me in the past to leave and not come back untill I'm on cloud nine.

    It doesnt just help with, it almost erradicates my moodswings and keeps a smile on my face. When I've been off for a while, a week or longer, straingers are afraid of me and co-workers wont come near me. When I'm on meds I always have a smile on my face and never met a stainger!

    But, then there's the old saying I always tell peeps. "I only smoke weed for my depression, cause when I run outta weed... I get depressed?"
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