Gorilla Glue 4 Auto Expert Seed Bank my Full Grow

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    Welcome fellow growers, I just posted this grow on other forum and it’s time to show the locals some bud porn and experience.
    This is a full indoor grow i’ve done on Gorilla Glue 4 auto by Expert Seed Bank which turned out quite impressive. Why I picked this strain?
    • it says 23% thc on the pack
    • the genetics are really interesting.
    • Fast to grow
    I had 2 seeds , I picked the strongest one by day 10 or so and I let it reach its limits.
    Very happy with my results and frosty buds full of sugar and resin.
    Smells like fruits & lemon & knocks me out everytime on my couch.
    Scroll down and enjoy…:doublethumbs::doublethumbs::doublethumbs:
    1. Tent 1.20x1.20
    2. Nutrients Dutch Pro
    3. Lights 200wat COB & 75wat Grownorthern LED
    4. Medium - COCO
    5. System - Alien bottom feed
    6. Time - 92 days from seed


    250g dry at 65% humidity from 275w lights.

    Share some fotos:





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