Got caught with weed at school and school called the Police! What to do?

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by littlegcs93, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. littlegcs93

    littlegcs93 Registered

    Yesterday I got caught with about $20-$25 amount of weed and a USED PIPE in my locker and if that wasn't bad enough my friend strate up cold blooded told the principle and pointed at ME and told him that I gave him weed before just to safe his own @ss! :cursing: Then they suspended me for a week and called the cops because I would not tell them who gave ME the weed! The cop came and gave me a court date. The court date is in like a week. This is my first offense ever (this all happened at school). So what should I expect from the court? Em I going to have to tell who I bought the WEED AND WHO BOUGHT THE PIPE FOR ME or take the risk of going to Juvenile Hall for NOT telling them?!?! Also I plan on pleading the 5th when they ask me were I got the weed and who bought the pipe for me so I don't have to tell them were i got it from! WILL THAT WORK? So basically I'm going down for selling to my friend and being in possession of weed! Best and worst case? :(

    I'm 16 and
    the cop put it down
    as a misdemeanor
    if that makes a difference!

    I know you have to be 18 or older to join this site but can you just help me out here?
  2. filo6942

    filo6942 Registered+

    first, calm down damn. you live in cali not korea! most likely you will have to do community service, they dont like to waste space in juv for possession. dont lie either about anything, tell the TRUTH.
  3. littlegcs93

    littlegcs93 Registered

    but I dont wont to snitch!!!
  4. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    worried about going to 'juvenile hall' ??? ... you have to be 18 to be on this website forum ... shouldnt be taking drugs to school, anyway :wtf:
  5. littlegcs93

    littlegcs93 Registered

    I'm asking for help NOT your opion about me!
  6. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

    If you learned anything from this site, in your soon to be short existence on this forum, you should have learned not to take drugs to school. How dumb do you kids have to be. You break the rules, and get caught, you suffer the consequences.

    Don't be a rat or you will just be as low as your supposed "friend" who ratted you out. Say nothing and take what they give you. No need to be ratting people out, it doesn't benefit you in the end anyways.

    An don't talk back to the older members, since your 16, you must know it all. Not a good first impression, gives me the idea you ARE a little shit and deserve whatever they dish out to you. Peace
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  7. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    It a misdemeanor, If the narc's have not dogged you to tell then they won't.

    Shut up , go to court and be polite to the judge. DO NOT RAT. It seems to be what punks do now a days to get thier own ass off. First time in Cali. You will be fined and maybe com work. Tell them you got it on the street corner and the pipe too if they even ask. Clean up your act and get your HIGH school behind ya.

    You will only be respected for not being a RAT.
  8. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

    Seems he had it coming since he was on here asking how much a pound costs? This forum isn't for little high school stoners who don't respect how many benefits people like us reap from MMJ. Your not even legally old enough to get a card.

    So before you go and play big time drug dealer, graduate H.S. Then go ahead and fuck your life up.

    Gosh I"m heated!
  9. littlegcs93

    littlegcs93 Registered

    Well don't worry I wont tell the court were I got it!

    I didn't crack in school in front of the teachers, princple and the cops I wont crack when the court date comes eather!!!
  10. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

    Good man, it's nobodies fault but your own. Take responsibility for your actions.

    Tell the judge "Hey, I accept responsibilities for my actions, they are my own doings. I have learned a valuable lesson and am lucky to be young enough to have a second chance."

    Something along those lines should butter em up pretty good.....and dress nice.
  11. littlegcs93

    littlegcs93 Registered

    If they do ask me were I got it I will just say I do not feel comfortable giving out that information as it may incriminate me even further than plead the the 5th! and hopefully that will work! But it does not work well at least I tride! :thumbsup:
  12. shredmygnar

    shredmygnar Registered

    man you have to relax, first off your friend narked you so if you already didnt admit things DONT ADMIT THEM.
    just be like what're you talking about.
    it's his word vs. yours.
    your gonna end up with a few fines.
    and in new york if it's your first offense,
    and your judge is pretty easy going.
    youll get something like in ny what we call an ACD.
    it's like unsupervised probation where if your good for 6 months.
    they wipe your slate clean.
  13. littlegcs93

    littlegcs93 Registered

    well its to late for that!
  14. overgrowthegovt

    overgrowthegovt Registered+

    The kid responded in an indignant way to the image reaper's un-called for moral judgment. Obviously bringing "drugs" to school isn't recommended, but people make mistakes and I'm sure everybody here has, at some point in their life, been a little too risky, some of us getting away with it and some of us not. I'm sure he'll learn from need to be harsh.

    We all break the rules by buying (or in many cases growing) weed, and we all know that there are consequences if we get caught, but somehow I can imagine we'd all be a touch panicky if we ever got seriously busted, and maybe even forget to soberly reflect on how we deserve the punishment.

    There's nothing the kid said to indicate that his character can be summed up as being a little shit, so take it easy.

    Littlegcs...yeah, you fucked up, and I'm totally unfamiliar with California state law in that department, so I have no idea of what to say. I doubt they'll be TOO harsh, someone said, probably just some probation and community service.
  15. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    Little knows the age rules but seems to really want help and I'm inclinded to let them stay shortly as long as Little stops yelling at people for telling him/her not to take weed to school. Then Little will have to wait a few years to come back. I don't want to leave this 16 year old twisting in the wind because of the man and his ridiculous laws of oppression.

    Do your parents not know? If they don't they need to know. If you want a life after high school, I suggest you do everything you can to get it off your record completely, not just trying to plead to some juvenille charge. You need to talk to a lawyer, first visit is usually free. You don't want anything on your record. That will haunt you forever.

    Little, no flaming and show some of the forum regulars a little respect. Show everyone some respect.
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  16. socialistpete

    socialistpete Registered+

    I'm sorry but you sound like an idiot, I was a punk kid and was arrested and fond guilty of a handful of misdemeanors. I did my community service and that was it. suck it up and be man.
  17. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

    Yeah, it gave me the IDEA his was a little shit by being so indignant at first. We got past that already. I'm not showing sympathy for him and I wouldn't expect any if I was in a similar situation. It's like saying "Oh he brought a gun to school, I'm sure he had good intentions though."

    I don't condone to minors, minors, using drugs and taking them to school. And then talking back to someone when they wonder why they are getting into all the trouble. Excuse me for seeming hypocritical, as I am receiving a Bachelor's in Elem. Ed. next month, it's just kind of goes with the territory.
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  18. KillerBudG

    KillerBudG Registered+

    It a misdemeano don't cry or worry aint serious but it might be alittle bit more since you was at school. I know that within 200-300 ft. of school and park area they give you a higher fine/sentencing usually. But if anything you will prob get fined and have to take drug program. Try to talk to the district attorney and see if you can settle it befor the judge enters room. But I never was stupid enough to leave drugs in my locker at school always had it on me so I could stash it sumwhere if they suspected me. Your loss of not being on your toes, But don't worry they not gonna lock ya up for that shit maybe probation with piss test lol good luck. You live and you learn playa...:jointsmile::cool:


    NUGFINDER Registered

    youll get a slap on the hand.
  20. fluid69

    fluid69 Registered+

    my first reaction was horror. 16!?! weed at school!?! but then I stopped and thought for a minute. hell I used to get high before, during, and after school. just never got caught, thank God! If I have some advice for ya kid, It's use this opportunity to get your shit together! I'm almost 30, and probably doing the best out of my group of friends from highschool. I'm just a pothead, 4 of my friends are dead(needle junkies and meth heads) the other 3 are all unemployed pill heads. but it all started when we were 15/16 smoking pot. And please respect members of this forum, many are sick just trying to get info on their meds, but still willing to share knowledge with everyone.
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