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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Bronxboy420, Jul 6, 2010.

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    So I figured ill pass this on to my fellow my unemployment ran out and now I need to get clean for a job. This is what I I'm 5'10 & 210 lbs. I told the guy at gnc that I needed to clean my system out completely. Not mask it but clean it out completly. He recomended niacin, I said ok n purchased it ($7.00 for 100 500mg tablets). He said to excersice after taking sum. That the sweating will speed up the process. So I was taking 2 pills every 4 hours had the hot water (shower) runing till it looked and felt like a sauna n started jogging in place for like 15-20 mins. Omg in just those 15-20 mins it seemed like I just did a 1hr work out because I was sweating prefously! my shirt pants & even boxers were soaked with sweat! I did this every day for 2 weeks and later got a home thc test n passed it. Mind you I was smoking an 3.5g of kush every 3 days. And I'm not the skiniest person in the world. I know everyone is difrent. Just thout ide pass this along to c if it will help anyone else. I excersized 2 times a day 15-20 mins but kept taking the niacins 2 every 4 hrs. Let me know how it works out for any of y'all if u decide to try it....peace.
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    You passed because you exercised everyday for two weeks. Niacin is a myth and sweating excretes very little THCA. There are only three things that can help you to get clean: Exercise, time, and a high fiber diet.

    You were burning fat(THCA is stored in fat cells)while exercising, you didn't need the Niacin for that.
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    I tried pure excersize about 3 years ago one time (b4 I ever heard of niacin) and 2 or 3 weeks later got a positive I said everybody is difrent and it's obvious to me that it's doing something.
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    What if you painted your eyelids purple before taking a test and passed? Would you claim that painting your eyelids purple was responsible for passing the test? :rolleyes:

    Your illogical conclusion that niacin had caused you to pass is known as a fallacy of causation. Youre merely assuming that niacin was responsible.
    Just because B happened doesnt mean A caused it.

    Nothing but a pure coincidence.
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    What kind of anology r u trying to come up with? That sounds so idiotic what u just posted to try to make sum kind of point. All I'm saying is that it probably duz wrk. Have u studied medicine? Are u an M.D.? I'm just posting about my personal experience. I mean just cuz a certain kind of medicine don't work with you/your body...don't mean that it won't work for the next person. Once again everyones body is diffrent. There for it's hard to pinpoint and be 100%...I think it's all a matter of opinion. And if I took it n passed this time as apose to the last time well then I'm going to stick with my conclusion. Now if it didn't work for me then I would most def be agreeing with you guys n let it be known that I doubt it that it works.
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    That's the problem here: "It probably worked for me" is not factual information. Information like this can mean: losing a job, family, or going to jail and we don't want this kind of information posted here. Opinions are not scientific and just as Burnttoast stated above: "Just because B happened doesnt mean A caused it."

    We know your posting your personal experience, but you have no proof that Niacin helped you to pass. Therefore, we don't need people thinking that its some kind of magical cleanser.
  7. Bronxboy420

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    So there's no scientific proof that it works or it don't work then. The science has to work both ways correct? I've also read hundreds of post of ppl who have posted that it has worked for them. There for that's y I think that it could possibly work for sum n not for all. I thought about going with the syntethic urine but kinda get afraid of geting pat down (I had a friend loose her job that way) and I just don't wana risk getin caught n loosing the chance of landing a good paying job. That's y I rather just go with cleaning myself out completely. Plus I'm thinking it can get pretty expensive if u have to drug test again & again & But thanx for the info. I'm new here and my no means am I trying to mislead n give wrong info...peace.
  8. Burnt Toast

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    The point is spelled out in that second paragraph.

    Even some medical doctors are sorely lacking the knowledge of the cold hard facts on how the human body processes THC.
    To answer your question here, no Im not an M.D.. But keep trying. Youre bound to hit the mark someday. :rolleyes:

    Personal experience doesnt mean diddly-squat. If everything in the world were to be based on "personal experience" instead of scientific evidence, it would be a perrty sad existence. :rolleyes:

    Again, your illogical conclusion is known as a fallacy of causation. Its flat out wrong! Period!

    Keep on fighting that straw man, bud. :rolleyes:

    "Multiple pieces of anecdotal evidence do not equal scientific fact." -Rhizome
    With that being said, why would you want place any merit on a bunch of anecdotes, if youre acknowledging that there is no scientific proof that niacin works? :rolleyes:
    If what youre saying is actually true (it isnt), and if the U/A was for employment purposes, then your "friend" shouldve raised hell and s/he would have the right to do so. On employment-related tests, the tech is not allowed to frisk or otherwise touch the donor in any manner! This constitutes groping and is against the law! Know your rights and do not be afraid to assert them. The tech can only have the donor remove jackets, hats and have the donor empty his/her pockets.

    If you wouldve done your research (instead of relying on anecdotal accounts, and listening to recommendations from a GNC store operator who will say anything to make a sale and is totally clueless on how drug tests work and how the human body processes THC), you would discover that the only proven ways to permanently rid the body of THC is time and fat-burning exercise.
    In this drug testing forum, we tend to stick with only factual info. As Deige pointed out, "opinions" and other non-facts can quickly land an uninformed reader (that would assume what youre trying to pass off as "fact") in the unemployment line, or worse, jail. The drug testing forum is not a playground. If you dont like the idea that we hold the poster to such a high standard of fact, well thats too bad. Thats how it is here, and shall remain. And if that idea is somehow not your cup of tea, then perhaps this drug testing forum is not for you.
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    Everyone who responded on this saying hes a fraud because his method isnt proven retarded. He didnt write "hey guys this is how you pass 100% true", he wrote "this is what i did and i passed. No where in that entire post does he say anything about his method being proven to clean out your system, he just says that niocine and exersice was his process and he got clean... He even writes "Let me know how it works out for any of y'all if u decide to try it." Clearly meaning that it was his own personal experience and does not apply to everyone.
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    Hi I have been clean for the whole month of august in September i then smoked about 4 blunts and a week ago I took a few hits..i wheigh 130 I'm 22 and very active and I crap 5 times a day as I'm on a high fiber diet...should I be able to pass a test in 12 days?
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    Replying to something that someone said 5 years ago makes you look like the retard. Retard. Niacin is pure bullshit.

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    I would just like to say I just found this thread and can see that it's mostly fighting over the vitiman niacin. Niacin although not a way to detox your body is used to expand blood platelets. Niacin along with excercise will make you burn more fat therefore benefitting you if you are trying to rid thc from your body. Maybe if you guys would research niacin without any contex of weed or thc in the search you could find out what the vitiman does for your body. Common sense can be used by pot users. Please quit fitting stereotypes and manage to at least not be so lazy that you can't type a singular word in a Google search bar

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