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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Atrayou, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Hi everyone I have grown before and have always been better prepared for the frost season. Anyway we got a frost last night and I covered my plants ( which have been flowering for about 5 weeks now ) with a Micro fiber plant cover material. I did not have time to put up stakes so the covers were layed directly on the flowering buds. This morning when I took the covers off the buds are bent. My questions are......
    Did I do damgae to the buds from laying the cover directly on the flowers?????
    Should I try to bend the buds back up straight??????
    Will they fix themselves?????
    I do not have any crystals yet and have to get through the month of October so I will get stakes out there today for future covering.
    Do you think I may have damaged the pistils????
    Like I said I need another 6 weeks of flowering I am growing outside in my garden it is black plasticed. I live in Maine so you can understand that I have to deal with the frosts until my plants are ready to harvest. I would appreciate all answers to my questions. Thanks~!!!
  2. Whatever damage done sounds minimal. The branches should straighten themselves today or within 2-3days. If branches are broken or ripped, use duct tape and make a cast like bandage after you reset the break.

    You might of knocked off some THC crystals and some pistils may be damaged. I wouldn't worry about it, just use something to support your 'micro fiber plant cover' next time.
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    I don't see any resin glands on the flowers yet. Just a bunch of nice white flower pistils. They seem to be okay and have straightened themselves back out. Another question....How often should I fertilize? I notice that when I do fertilize and I am using Peters 20-20-20 and molasses water that I see the buds getting bigger....however I do not want to over fertilize. My plants are in my vegetable garden and the soil is all black plasticed so it stays warm at night. I only get 4 hours of direct sun daily but my plants are doing well. I planted 3 weeks late but they are all 4-5 feet in height with many branches. Right now I have a bunch of popcorn buds on the lower branches. I will be staking them for the next cover. But I am still curious about fertilizing????
  4. I'm not too sure, I don't use much in the way of ferts
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    The high amount of Nitrogen in your all purpose fertilizer is probably stopping your plant from fully flowering. You want the plant to use up any stored nutrients during budding. If you continue to feed a high Nitrogen fertilizer... this won't happen.

    Just a thought... :Rasta:

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