Discussion in 'Europe' started by LegallyBlind, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. LegallyBlind

    LegallyBlind Registered+

    Is there anyone here from Gothenburg. I will be travelling there this summer.
  2. chinaski

    chinaski Registered

    yeah i live there..
  3. Baz2137

    Baz2137 Registered+

    I'm visiting there in a few weeks
  4. TheBudBuster

    TheBudBuster Guest

    i live there to lol
  5. kongo

    kongo Registered+

    Mer three lol!
  6. jellygoose

    jellygoose Registered

    I live pretty close to Gothenburg
  7. CanabusPrime

    CanabusPrime Registered


    any safe places to get some chronic in town mate?
  8. CanabusPrime

    CanabusPrime Registered

    help me kongo....Im in neeedd :O)
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