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  1. canniwhatsis

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    Anyone else tried this? :Rasta:

    Interesting vid here,.... grafting marijuana - Videos - The WEED Report

    I've followed the basic advice from 2:50 to around 3:40 and here's my results of splicing an AK-47 cutting to a shoot off of my blueberry mom

    I used surgical tape to hold the graft in place, and originally left all the fan leaves on the cutting.

    Pic 1: Just after cutting,... still test fitting and figuring out the best way to seal the bag up. :eek: (It's hard to see but the tape joint is mid picture! ;) )
    Pic 2: The graft wilted horribly, I didn't think it would make it, so I trimmed off all the larger fan leaves and left only the top growth and branch nodes.
    Pic 3: My current blueberry bonsai mom,... can you see the graft?
    Pic 4: There it is! :D It's growing happy, no humidity bag for the last 3 day's and growth is showing on every node of the graft, so tonight I pulled the tape off the joint.
    Pic 5: There's the joint/ scar,... it's covered in random growth,... with luck now that I've removed the covering of tape it will just scar over and the cutting will continue to take off.

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  2. canniwhatsis

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    This is a technique I'm going to keep working with,... if anyone has any better ideas or suggestions I'm open to hear em!
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  3. irydyum

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    Very interesting. Please keep us updated with how she grows. Always been curious about grafting. Read an article recently on tissue cultures with cannabis, that's another one I'm really curious to see come around to the mainstream.

    Good stuff :thumbsup:
  4. redaaron

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    all this about crossing genetics?

    i know i've broken a couple colas completely off and just used some duct tape and bandaged it up. no setbacks at all :D just grew a knot there where it forged itself back together. very awesome to know that works!

    i always wondered if you did that with two different strains what would be the outcome, lol. either gene domination or some cool cross strain buds. sounds delicious anyway.
  5. irydyum

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    My guess is that it's going to produce 2 distinctly different types of pot off of the same root mass. I don't think a graft will cause genetic changes, but I haven't done it either, so take that with a grain of salt. I expect you to have a relatively normal plant, with one branch of totally different buds on it.

    We shall see :jointsmile:
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  6. headshake

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    my mother-in-law just had a tomato plant growing. she was planting other things at the same time, including watermelons. well a watermelon seed must have got into the tomato pot too because the tomato plant started growing a watermelon! no bullshit. unfortunately some critters got to it before i could get a pic.

    she did some research on it (i have not yet) and she found that it's not common i guess but it does/can happen. one seed will wait for the other to grow and get strong and then use it as somewhat of a host i guess. pretty crazy.

    i do agree though that grafting shouldn't produce anything but a normal plant with a different branch. not quite sure how the two DNAs would go about mixing?

  7. irydyum

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    You get one drunk, then let nature take it's course. At least that's my personal experience with mixing DNA. :D
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  8. headshake

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    "drink this glass of bud candy girl....."

  9. EvilCartman

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    Well done, Canniwhatsis!

    I've tossed the idea around, but never gave it a try with cannabis. Got a few miniature lemon and lime trees I've diddled around with, though. :)

    I think it's an awesome idea. To be able to have a mom, with several different strains sharing a single root-mass...that would be incredible. What a space-saver. Sounds too good to work. :D

    I look forward to seeing how she works out for ya! :thumbsup:
  10. ben7j4

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    This is about having one mother bearing many different fruits .......very
    cool when you only have six ladys :D
  11. redaaron

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    gotcha! i found that out after I watched the video. It's not as complicated as it looks though with the v-cut and all that.

    and that guy with the sunglasses creeps me out. i watched him grab somebodies colas once with a full palm grasp and since then he's freaked me out . i still respect the growers though.

    :jointsmile: two things also come to mind: the scientist from south park and frankenstien. :jointsmile:
  12. canniwhatsis

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    This is my intention! :D and Thanks to all who have stopped by! :hippy:

    I've seen plenty of fruit trees that have been grafted,... even one that was apple grafted with crab apple, and cherry! It was OLD too, pushing 30' tall with a trunk over a foot in diameter, so figure that tree was at least 20-25 years old,... none the less the cherry's were cherry's, and apples were apples,.... no reason it won't work with MJ! :detective1:

    My intent with the featured plant is just to try and perfect technique and keep a bonsai mum of what is my current favorite strain (blueberry). I've got some work to do tho! :eek: ( Like I said in my first post,... the graft wilted and I wound up having to pull all the fan's off to restrain wilting.)

    The cutting is doing very well as of today, the scab is starting to dry out and scar over, all the nodes have noticeable growth on them, and the top is growing almost as fast as the host plants branches! :D :hippy:

    Eventually I'll start a Seedling of a strain to use as a mom and train it down, then bend branches out to the sides to add other strains to them, so each branch will be a strain then the main top will be the host strain.......... That's only gonna take a year or so to do tho. :cool::Rasta:
  13. Gare0440

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    very nicely done and very interesting video. its funny i run into this i was talkin to a buddy about grafting plants just yesterday.
    i told him how i saw a cherry tree that was half bing and half rainer cherry's ( red and white ) and wondered if u could graft weed just like so.

    heres my answer to that :Rasta: good stuff bro. ill keep posted to this
  14. ben7j4

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    Seeing all those different buds in the flick distracts from the real
    advantage, which is providing you with different flavor clones from one


    I used to get high….now I get medicated…..there’s a very big difference…. but I can’t remember what it is……………
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  15. canniwhatsis

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    quick update,....

    My first graft is taking off,... might as well be a part of it's host plant,.... which is kinda the point! :D

    My Mum is looking like she needs a trim this week,.... seriously like wednesday at the latest!,.... so I'm thinking of trying to graft on a Durban Poison shoot?

    What do Ya'll that actually look at this thread think?

    Pic 1: One of these things is not like the other!
    Pic 2: Side shot,... getting pretty hard to pick out.

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  16. EvilCartman

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    I try not to think.... :)

    Absolutely! The more, the merrier. :dance:

    You've inspired me. :thumbsup:
    I'll be starting my own lil' mixed-up lady, as I follow along.
  17. canniwhatsis

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    I'll see if I can get the wife to take pics while I'm working tonight,.... could be interesting.
  18. canniwhatsis

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    Wow, that's a LOT of pics,... well here goes.

    Pic 1: Current Blueberry/graftomum, and the Durban Poison Mum.
    Pic 2: Blueberry mum
    Pic 3: Durban mum,... havent cut this one till this pic was taken
    Pic 4: This is where I'm going to put a new Durban Poison graft.
    Pic 5: 11 cuttings off of the blueberry that COULD have been new plants :(

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  19. canniwhatsis

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    Pic 1: Starting the host plant cut
    Pic 2: That's about deep enough,
    Pic 3: Trimming the graft off of it's mom
    Pic 4: Trimming the large fan leaves
    Pic 5: More trimming.

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  20. canniwhatsis

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    Pic 1: Shaving one side of the graft cutting
    Pic 2: Then the other
    Pic 3: Managed to not get any good pics between these steps, but slide the shaved graft into the notch cut in the end of a node (as seen above) Then wrapped it with surgical tape to hold it in place.
    Pic 4: Trimming the remaining fan leaves to reduce transpiration.
    Pic 5: Fitting a sandwich bag over the cutting to preserve moisture.

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