Grams Per Watt????

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by puff4twentynow, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. puff4twentynow

    puff4twentynow Registered+

    How many grams should grow in a grow space consisting of (1) 400w HPS, 4sq ft @ 2 plants flowering for 60 days?????
  2. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    1 gram per watt is considered amongst growers to be GREAT.... and then there is ZANDOR....ahhaha...
  3. puff4twentynow

    puff4twentynow Registered+

    and then there is ZANDOR....ahhaha...

    what is that supposed to mean????? Knowm
  4. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    that means that ZANDOR is an asshole...

    hahahahahahh just kidding.... of course...

    It means there are growers, like ZANDOR, thatdo produce much much much more than 1 gram per watt.... from pics that Zandor has posted, you can tell he/she has put serious time into his/her garden/ growing technique....

    to harvest more than 1lb from an indoor plant requires more than perfect light, nuts and water... it requires GREAT CARE and PASSION

    hats off to ZANDOR!!!
  5. rapid88

    rapid88 Banned

    an in experienced grow should pull about 1 gram per 5 watts, this should improve as you get better
  6. GTMan2010

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    good lord that's spot on! MY first grow was right at .2 per watt using about 600 watts of total CFL and T5 Panels... surrounding the plant on all sides and vegged for about 8 weeks. I was soooooo happy with 125 grams from 3 plants.

    Second grow harvested using same setup as the first but with a few less lower watt cfls 26 watt, and more higher watt 42, and 68 watt cfls and added a few reflectors around the lights to direct the light onto the tops, T5's lighting the sides. total wattage was about the same 600w, Vegged 6 weeks, and harvested 6 plants with 'bout .5gram per watt.

    Last harvest was with the same setup as before, no changes to lighting. Just changed to medium line of nutrients, and used a little better soil with amendments, shorter veg cycle as I had to go to a funeral in another state son only begged for about 5 weeks. Harvested 6 plants that were a little smaller in height and bushiness but the colas were much larger
    Got about the same weight but in much bigger and prettier nugs.

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