grandaddy purp

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by faded247, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. faded247

    faded247 Registered+

    fuck yes
    just got some.about to toke it upp:jointsmile:
  2. greenhead

    greenhead Registered+

    smoke report and pics?
  3. faded247

    faded247 Registered+

    my phones pics dont do it justice:(

    really good high.. its been a couple weeks since i last smoked so :stoned:
    definately pickin some more up soon
  4. TimidK

    TimidK Banned

    Iv'e heard my friends talking about GDP about a year ago, it hasn't been around my area since. I hear its pretty bomb.
  5. phatsesh101

    phatsesh101 Registered+

    got gdp clones and painted with ww
  6. FlyGuyOU

    FlyGuyOU Registered+

    I just picked up some stuff, and they said it was gdp. its pretty good tho but im kinda skeptical
  7. MisterCoolWhip

    MisterCoolWhip Registered+

    I can get some GDP from a buddy of mine for not too bad of a price but i don't get it too much because the way he grows it does not do the strain justice. Its hydro and a bright purple, i mean you cannot see any green in it at all. I know there is much better Grand Daddy out there then the kind I had.
  8. Creationist

    Creationist Registered

    Gday guys, is the GDP good for Arthritis or?

    Im thinking of ordering some of it as well as some Purple Erkle, Trainwreck and Bubba Kush.

    Will these be ok for the pain I get via psoriatic arthritis?

    Thanks in Advance
  9. Animosity

    Animosity Registered

    They're all good for Arthritis. As well as any other pain, works great for anything i've needed it for, helps alot with my migranes.
  10. liquidclarity87

    liquidclarity87 Registered

    superb GDP

    i got some superb GDP which was brought over from a dispensery in southern CA by a good friend... still sealed fresh in the dispensery bag. i have to say, i was advised not to blaze this before the evening time...and being such a seasoned toker, i obviously wake n. baked the hell out of this bud regardless. however... this stuff makes you feel like you're buzzin from a few beers. the body stone was so powerful i'd fall asleep for hours on end during the afternoon. it was great! just sayin.. if you are the type of stoner who enjoys riding a good high out throughout the day, leave this one for bedtime.
  11. w33dsp34k

    w33dsp34k Registered+

    trainwreck is amazing.
  12. BigOHasPride

    BigOHasPride Registered

    Definitely worth a try.
    I was in TX and was able to get a hold of some.

    It was a light, smooth smoke, and a very stable high.
    Good for pain as well as depression or appetite suppressant.

    Delicious odor, and taste.
    Not the best and not the worst, and for street level consumers, it only runs about $15/g.

    So, go get some!
    Why wait?
  13. incaroads

    incaroads Registered+

    i like to smoke GDP before i go to sleep, but otherwise i think the high is boring, it is one of my least favorite strains although it taste great.
  14. allrollsin21

    allrollsin21 Registered+

    i find the high to be mellow. Nothing over the top, and nothing couch locking.

    It is some of my favorite tasting cannabis. I wish i could describe it, but all i can say is it tastes very unique. Joints are especially nice.
  15. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    mmm purps
  16. blackmushroom

    blackmushroom Registered

    i don't know, i've only had GDP a couple of times, but everytime i've had i've experienced a different high. The first time i got a hold of some was in atlanta, very crystally, the color was almost boderline black, and very condensed nugs, the high was intense (it also could have been me and two friends where passing around two blunts of it). The second time i got it was in jamaica, probably the most incredible high i've had since i started smoking. Very mind stimulating, made me go down paths and tangents i hadn't explored ever. The third time i had it was at bonnaro, probably not the best GDP out there, but it did the job. and now it seems i'm coming full circle, about to pick up some jamaican purple kush this weekend, i'll post pics and a smoke test
  17. MVP

    MVP Registered+

    GDP, mmm, mmm good

    I have to say that Grand Daddy Purple is one of my recent favorites as it is a nicely balanced med. Not too much body effect, not too heady. I like this herb as it is tasty, great aroma in the jars, and everyone that I share with always wants more!

    Here are a few pics of some GDP that is curing in jars at the moment.... photos are uncompressed from a 3.2 MP camera, so be patient.

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  18. growinforthefuture

    growinforthefuture Registered+

    yeah someone is distributing or maybe growing some really good purps in the atlanta area, they are supposed to be bought in from cali though, which is likely. people pay like $30 a gram for the stuff. I was picking up eighth bags for $75 in little five points (where weed is cheap in atl) In atlanta that stuff is just a whole different level compared to anythng else commonly available in the city. (I live in california now where it would still be top notch, there is just other herbs arouynd comparable.) It is actually the best purps I have ever smoked, and like blackmushroom said, it is indeed almost black, the darkest bud I have ever seen and it tastes like skittles, in fact in ATL at least 2 people were selling it under the name skittles last summer.
  19. allrollsin21

    allrollsin21 Registered+

    beautiful pics MVP. I posted one in this same forum under "pic of god bud GDP" a few days ago. check it out and compare. Also in the curing stage. Yours looks a little lighter in color, and more crystal coated. Also mine was done outdoors.

    I love the look of both...definitely explains where the term "nugget" comes from.
  20. lewlewsan

    lewlewsan Registered

    seems the whole game in atlanta is to see who can get the shit from cali back the most legitimately, because its worth double here

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