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  1. one800getslapped

    one800getslapped Registered+

    is there there such kind of weed called grand daddy? or is i just a bay area thing?
  2. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    Well, if people are calling it that, then yes. A strain of weed, just like any other object, is called what it is because people call it that. Whether it's a local strain or more widespread I can't tell you, but I've never heard of it here on the east coast.
  3. i've never heard of it either and i've browsed a shyt load of strains......mainly looking for the best deal on seeds....probably seen over 200 diffrent ones
  4. west coast style

    west coast style Registered+

    I'm from the Bay and I've heard of Granddaddy Purple at the Canibus Club.
  5. i just noticed that your av is like supposed to be the soprano's thingy lol
  6. Natural Vibrations

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    Yeah ive had grandaddy purple from the club before, it was alright i guess but not as good as the other strains the club has to offer (blueberry, pineapple, trainwreck)
  7. shadyfuzz209

    shadyfuzz209 Registered

    so, i am a M.M. patient and in norcal. i have gone to the club in berkely and purchased some grandaddy. 3 clones and a halfe o:dance: ..... they told me its 100% indica and the weed was the straight dank. ( purple nugs not leaves) i havent seen GDP seeds or strains available other than the west coast . ive checked on the net for sites (didnt find an) and thats how i stumbled upon this great website. but the clones are growing well... like 7 inches in 8 days not strechy under a 250W MH. just thought id put in a little where i can . Thanks
  8. shiscobob

    shiscobob Banned

    ive never heard of it?
  9. notsocoolnow

    notsocoolnow Registered+

    someone was selling "grandaddy" down here in socal if i remember correctly
  10. shadyfuzz209

    shadyfuzz209 Registered

    eh i know a few local growers who have had it for at least 5 years.... yea theres a strain just called granddaddy too... i dont know if there the same but i was told it two different types. ive seen it and tasted both and one was purple and incredibley frosty really and sweet tasting , the other was a great green with more crystals and a kinda skunky floral taste....great.
  11. nothx

    nothx Registered

    grand daddy purple is a bay area. theres 2 different types just like shadyfuzz shared with us. The frosty one is a bay area native and is related to Purple Urkle (both found in the C.Cs) The one with the skunky floral taste is actually a strain off of p-91 (SD's finest) sold as purple p91
  12. nothx

    nothx Registered

    o yea i have pix of the purple urkle... im too lazy to upload pix.. but its one of the most impressive purple ive come across. does anyone have a good site to host pix? o yea btw purple dont mean shit.. haha
  13. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    Grandaddy is Urkle x Salmon Creek Bigbud I think. It is one of my favorites. I like Purple Cream and Urkle better though.
  14. kinger

    kinger Registered

    granddaddy is the bomb !!!
  15. espy503

    espy503 Registered

    Granddaddy purple is one of the strongest and one of my favorites. :clap::upsidedow:stoned: (thats my opinion)! it really depends on the person smoking it though(but thats the way all bud is, effects different people in different ways) cause it makes me one lazy bastard that cant open his eyes but yet my wife doesn't really like it as much cause she says it doesn't get her as high as some of the other stuff we get from the Cannabis clubs in the Bay(like Trainwreck) but i have got it from a few different cannabis clubs and some of its better then others for some reason(must be the growers) but it is a pure indica that knocks you right in the head thats for sure!!! also Kens Granddaddy is some great shit. its more of a black looking purple(very very dark purple) here is a picture of what i have left(NEED TO GET MORE VERY VERY SOON!!!) the little nug in the back is the granddaddy, the one thats closer and lighter in color was called purple bananas (not much purple on it this time around though but very dank stuff!) sorry buds are so small like i said thats all i have left :sadcrying


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  16. Jdog7000

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    I like Urkle better. But GDP is really nice.
    I'm smoking Sour Diesel now. And it is good!
    Got a Sour D , an Urkle and a bubba Kush clone coming. I can't wait!
  17. KillerDemo

    KillerDemo Registered+

    grand-daddy and urkle is the s*** one of the best buds i've smoked. too bad there is no seeds yet.

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