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    Granny's list got shut down!

    Well kids, my Canadian email got shut down! I can't send or receive emails there. The error message I get says too much "suspicious activity" is occurring- in other words- educating folks about cannabis is a big no-no! So much for free speech in Canada!

    So a friend of mine has set up a new email for the list at her site. To get your free copy of my list of over 1000 MMJ studies, please go to i.wantgrannyslist(at)

    Granny :hippy:
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    thank you for this wealth of information and god bless
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    thank you for this wealth of information and god bless
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    Thank you for this informations about Granny list.This is what i was looking for.Thanks again and i hope you will fix that problem with that canadian email.
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    Thank you for this!

    Our company recognizes the important of cannabis as a medical treatment and has been working very hard to help bring legitimacy the industry by creating a system that makes it easy for dispensaries to keep track of their inventory and all necessary state required documents. It is truly amazing how much this medicine can help people with a variety of medical conditions.

    Ganja Girl
    MJ Freeway
    MJ Software for Medical Marijuana Centers, Dispensaries, and Collectives. POS, Inventory, Patient Management! | MJ Freeway
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    888-webMJFreeway / 888-932-6537
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    Brain surgery

    I used cannabis immediately after brain surgery, with miraculous results.
    You must inhale without creating suction, but the relief is instant.
    After 41 years of continued use, this one was the most beneficial of any I have encountered.
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    Havent thought about granny in a while hope your doing good, and hope all is well.
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    Thank you so much for this i have been trying to find legitimate research to show to my parents that cannabis does help ADD patients. My mom thinks i'm just blowing smoke, no pun intended lol.
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    Its BIGGER then just Your Email Being "CLOSED" Granny!

    Granny its not just your email server thats "trying to interere" with the free flowing of information!

    I just now saw your post about your email being shut down!

    Its an "Active Attack!" against a lot of us! Granny :eek:

    Major Security Concerns Of The Canadian Based Email Servers??
    If You Use ? Then This Is a MUST READ ASAP! Posted On October 11th 2010

    "We Are Currently Suspecting That The Hush Mail "Canadian Based
    Email Servers Only" Have Been Legally BREACHED! And Possible
    May NO LONGER "Be 100% Secure" For Your Security Email Usage!"

    This forum isnt letting me post the direct link to the security breach new story, :(

    You will have to Just surf into my Max Security Section to read it!

    Please drop me an email granny about the details of your email host provider shutting you down!

    This means its "BIGGER" then we had at first discovered :(

    OnlinePot The Most Comprehensive Resourse On Medical Marijauna & Cannabis.

    & if there is anyone else who is on a "different email server" that is getting their EMAIL ACCOUNTS FROZEN? "For Breach Of Service Terms?" Or For Any Other Reason???

    Then Please email me back as well, on my new email account

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    Have you heard anything about relief from hayfever/allergies. I used to have the world's worst allergies. Had massive rhinorea...runny nose...would cough and hack all day, was subject to constant sneezing fits where I would sneeze 5 or6 times in rapid succession. Often could not sleep due to drainage from my sinus's running down my throat. My father, and MD, kept me on antihistomines constantly, sent me to be desensitized several times, to no effect, other than the antihistimines kept me drugged up all day without controlling the symptoms. I believe this led to a number of auto accidents when I was in high school. I would feel groggy, then start to sneeze which made me close my eyes, when I stopped, the car in front would have stopped, and I could not stop in time. Resulted in 4 low speed rear enders. When I started smoking, I discovered that when I took the first hit, I experienced relief before the smoke made it to my lungs. My sinus's would begin clearing instantly, and within a minute or so were completely clear. Since becoming a regular smoker, I rarely have any symptoms at all.
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    thnks for this nice information ........................
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    Nice Information buddy ...................

    thanks for putting these information..............
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    hello. i just love the taste.
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    Granny Storm Crow's List: Google for updates!

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    :bump2::postexcuseme: Hopefully, Granny will drop in for post on Bi-polar thread in Colorado Section please! pr:jointsmile:
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    Such an informative post. People will be really grateful to find it. It will help the people in a graet way.

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