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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Storm Crow, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. mseerob

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    Happy birthday!

    Hey StormCrow do you have asthma?? You posted some information on cannabis and asthma but which way is it good?? Smoking a joint makes my asthma worst......
  2. Nerthus~upinsmoke

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    wow! Happy birthday and THANKYOU soooo much for posting all of this!
  3. qdavid

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    Let's see.... Bookmark.... Bookmark this page..... Okay. GREAT! Thank you. Thank you. I am real stoned and sometimes kinda stupid anyway, but does anyone see an order or index, like if you wanted to search for something.
  4. imitator

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    One of the forums I regularly visit has been having a discussion on marijuana and health effects, amoung other things. Ive gone ahead and pointed them over here to this thread, and I just wanted to say thanks Granny, and I hope you had a very happy birthday. =-)
  5. Blitzed

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    I will make sure to read that, nothing better to do than suck up information, on our favorite god given plant!

    Happy belated birthday!
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    I was so happy to see this post that I started laughing, and I laughed the whole time I scrolled through all your posts - I laughed until tears ran down my face. This is a wonderful gift. There isn't a rep button big enough for the incredible wealth of information you have here. I'll be lucky if I have time to read even a tenth of what you've provided.

    Happy 60th, and many happy returns! And mods, sticky this one for sure!
  7. Storm Crow

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    A few comments...

    mseerob. No, I'm not asthmatic, but my hubby was/is. Hasn't had an attack for years. Smoke is bad for your lungs. Have you tried a vaporizer? You might be pleasantly surprised. The chemicals in pot are bronchodialtors (or however you spell it), but the smoke freaks your lungs out and they go into the asthma routine. Vaping allows you to get the chemicals without the harmful smoke particles. Eating pot, although slow to take effect, might be something to look into.

    qdavid The articles are grouped by subject which is above the title and URL.

    Addiction risk- PhysicalThis is the subject
    Women's Guide to the UofC title of the article
    Women's Guide to the UofC URL

    Cannabis Basics title of 2nd article URL

    Also the title of each post gives you the first and last subject.
    "Amotivational syndrome to Autism" - Hope that helps. When I did it on my computer it was more obvious- the subjects were in bold 12 point and the articles and URLs were in 10 point. I wish it had come out the way it looks in Word, but like I said- I'm a computer dummy and I don't know how to get it looking like I have it on my computer.

    imitator- YES!!! PASS IT ON TO EVERYONE! I want this post (and other ones like it) to pop up everywhere!

    Blitzed- ENJOY! I love to spread knowledge!

    LuckyG- Your post made me smile and feel happy inside!

    G'night all - Granny:hippy:
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    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. jaGerbom

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    happy birthday granny

    i'll definitely spread some knowlege with these links.
  10. Storm Crow

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    jaGerbom- That's what I posted it for! Have you sent a page or two to your doctor yet?- Granny:hippy:(doing a slightly shameless bump!;) )
  11. xtreme23

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    even on ur birthday ur giving to others.. happy birthday granny :thumbsup:
  12. GraziLovesMary

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    Hey grams Ive started compiling all the information in the links in a single document, along with back references and citings. Im going to create a website with all this information!
  13. birdgirl73

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    Just make it clear when you do, Grazil, that most of them are abstracts. Abstracts are brief, high-level summaries, and while they provide compact information, they're not the proof that's in the pudding. That's in the actual study data and/or reports, which few people will be able to access, at least through PubMed and other sites. Abstracts are called abstracts for a reason. Many of them require someone with an ability to extract scientific information and draw correct conclusions, too. Lots of folks immediately take a postiive-seemng abstract and draw the conclusion "Well, this means MJ is all good and completely harmless," which is never what they're actually saying.
  14. GraziLovesMary

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    Hehe well I certainly thank you for your concern, Birdgirl. Yes I am well aware of that, and years of sorting through propagandist bullshit, and writing essays in medical format has prepared me for this task. I dont simply intend on creating a hodgepodge of heresay for all to read. Rather, I am going to use all of this wonderful information to gather as many studies and references on each and every one of these sub-categories as I can. Ideally, in the future I will have received grants to conduct research of my own. I also intend to have a comprehensive rating system that will place each claimed detractory/pository effect on a varied scale of truthfullness/bullshit. The aim is to take every single claim and myth ever placed upon this plant and address them all. Viewers can then see which ones are either scientific fact, probably true with supporting evidence, probably false, or straight up bullshit. In the interest of being totally unbiassed I will include as many of the detractors as I find as well. I dont want to be accussed of being a propagandist, this must be strictly truth, fact and empirical data.

    P.S. My name is Grazi not Grazil :)
  15. Storm Crow

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    That is SO COOL!!!!:thumbsup: And yes, I know that most are just abstracts. Most folks don't have the time or education to read a whole report-the statistics can be a pain, to say the least :wtf: . I figured the abstracts would provide a good starting point for those who wanted to really "get into it", and sufficient info for most folks. Go for it, Grazi!- Granny:hippy:
  16. birdgirl73

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    You misunderstood me, GraziL (and yes, that was a deliberate L I put there. You put it there before me when you chose your member name.). That wasn't a caveat to you about being aware that they're abstracts. That was a caveat to you when presenting them to your readers on your own compilation site and/or publication. That's why I began by saying, "Just make it clear when you do. . . ". You yourself seem to be able to see the high-level nature of abstracts and distinguish summaries from supporting data, but others cannot, as you probably have already seen here numerous times.

    With all your years of propaganda-filtering and writing in medical format, I'm still interested in hearing how you plan to obtain grants and do cannabis research on your own. Are you going to take some formal academic training in bio-medical research?
  17. GraziLovesMary

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    Lol I love ya to death birdgirl, I swear I do, youre so feisty! :p I didnt mean to come off as rude, so Im sorry if I did! My nickname is Grazi(a shortening of my last name), and I love Mary Jane thats why Grazi Loves Mary was my name of choice for cannadot. Anyway thats off topic, you can call me whatever youd like I guess!

    Ahhh yes I did misunderstand the tone of your post and for that Im terribly sorry, the library is supposed to be a place of quiet study, yet I find myself distracted by small children running around like fools, and old men yawning quite obnoxiously in my peripheral vision :mad: :p

    You are absolutely correct, I most definitely do need to distinguish between empirical data and abstracts, and I plan to come up with a rather detailed system where I can assign a value to each symptom/cure that will let my readers know how much heed to pay it.

    As far as grants, I would love to get grants to help fund my work, however as cannabis is illegal, Im not betting on it. Instead I am aiming to amass my own collection of wealth and fund it completely on my own.

    Regarding academics, hopefully I will be able to return to college and continue to pursue my major in Nuclear Physics. I am contemplating turning my minors in biology and chemistry into separate majors and pursuing each of them to the fullest.
  18. Demeter

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    Hi StormCrow - I missed this thread the first time around, but thank you so much for this gift of knowledge - I think I should now call you Dr. Granny since this is Ph.D level research!

    You are a role model and a joy:hippy:
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    this thread is the bomb...thanks for taking time :thumbsup:
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    this is awesome granny. like CHRISTMAS :D

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