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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Storm Crow, Jul 30, 2007.

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    im in absolute awe.
    this thread is amazing.
    happy birthday.
    thank you so so much.
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    I love you!
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    poiuyt, Love you too, hon! Glad you enjoyed it! :D Hope you find it useful. Spread it around to whoever needs it.

    I see that you are Canadian. Have you ever been over to ? I have this posted there too. TY is a Canadian medical site, and as such, might be more acceptable if you decide to gift a doctor with it, or point a straight relative towards. - Granny:hippy:
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    Hi Granny, thanks for inviting me! :) Happy growing!:)
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    Granny you have no idea how thankful I am that you posted this.
    My mom has suffered from severe Headaches/Migraine her entire life and has gone through numerous useless treatments for it. Last week she woke up with a migraine so bad that she wanted to kill herself and I had to call an ambulance to rush her to the hospital. Needless to say, that was the last straw and its about time she became educated.
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    Give your mom this from me-

    Hi hon, I'm Granny- I'm 60 years old and am employed in Special Education. I've used cannabis medically and for pleasure for 40 years. You could pass me on the street and you'd never think "She uses pot." Besides my job, I quilt, sculpt, paint and keep up a lively "cyberlife". The second time around in college (in my mid50s), I wrote most of my papers high and graduated with honors. I have never been arrested. I am well liked and respected and that's enough about me.

    I can really sympathize with you about the migraine. I get migraines and recurrent waves of pain through my head. And it always feels like there is a hand inside my skull pressing down on my right eyeball at a 45 degree angle. I can't really remember life before the migraines. This is the result of almost being murdered as a very young child- another child took a hammer to my head in a fit of rage. I survived, but with migraines.

    When I was 19, I started getting high like many American kids in the 60s and 70s. For me, there was one major difference. The migraines stopped when I had cannabis. I don't know if it will work this way for you or not. But as long as I have a daily smoke or vape, I don't get migraines or the waves (just "normal" headaches caused by stress or too much sun- we both know the difference between them and a migraine!) My migraines are due to a head trauma, so it might just be a fluke that it stops them. However, considering all the studies done on migraines being prevented or even stopped by cannabis, it would seem logical to give it a fair trial!

    No one has ever died from using cannabis. The main dangers are getting arrested (which is avoidable for the most part by using only at home), and lung irritation. Both of these problems can also be addressed by the use of a vaporizer. Your child can explain its use to you. The odor of burning cannabis is very distinctive and can lead to arrest- vaporizers eliminate most of the odor, making it far easier to hide the smell.

    Your child has likely shown you some studies from my "Birthday post". I want you to look at the whole thing. Cannabis is a wonder herb! Alzheimer's, ALS, Parkinson's, stroke, MS, fibromyalgia and even cancer can be treated with cannabis. If it were any other herb, it would be being hailed as a panacea, because it is one!

    Hon, try a joint or pipeful. If it works- HURRAH! If it doesn't, you are no worse off than you were yesterday. It's worth a try, the doctor's remedies aren't working- maybe cannabis will work for you as well as it has for me. I hope so, no one should ever have migraines! It has been more than 3 years since my last one. - Granny:hippy:
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    This thread is breathe taking.. wow
    Lots of info here! that is pretty phenomenal right there

    wish you the best birthday yet granny, and many more to come!
    blessed be! ;)
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFO.I'm suprised Crohns disease isn't there...Marijuana saved my intestines.Reason I will be moving to Cali :jointsmile:
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    I just don't really think a lot of this information is from "unbiased" sources. Sorry to break your bubble, but I don't honestly think it has this many beneficial effects. People saying cannabis will "save the human race" have a serious problem, unbiased studies thats are performed correctly are quite rare. Fuel?, Medicine?, building materials?!? seriously, it can replace certain minimal requirements in every one of these fields, but it will not "save" the human race.
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    Prairie, we are all allowed our opinions! You have yours. I have mine. :)

    All I know is that I don't get the migraines that have plagued me since early childhood, as long as I use cannabis. My first "California legal" harvest was about 3 years ago. I have not had a single migraine in those 3 years. I quit cannabis for almost 3 years before I "got legal", because of my job. I wanted to see if I could survive without cannabis. It was 3 years of hell. It hurt so bad that my doctor finally had my head scanned for tumors or other abnormalities. Nothing. Got a baggie. Migraines stopped. I got my medical records and ""got legal". No more migraines since then. For me, that is the simple truth. You can have your own opinion about it, but for me, the difference in the quality of my life is quite clear.

    Knickerbka- MY BAD! :eek: So to make up for it, you get a "sneak peek" at part of my update which I plan to let loose around New Year's! (I have over 100 new studies on various subjects)

    Crohn’s / IBS / Ulcerative Colitis

    *Cannabis-based drugs could offer new hope for inflammatory bowel disease patients
    Cannabis-based drugs could offer new hope for inflammatory bowel disease patients

    *Cannabis may soothe inflamed bowels
    Cannabis may soothe inflamed bowels - Current medical events - Hemp and Medicine - Welcome to! The specialist for hemp (Cannabis) in Switzerland

    *In the Human Colon: Cannabinoids Promote Epithelial Wound Healing

    *Crohn's Patients Report Symptomatic Relief From Cannabis
    Crohn's Patients Report Symptomatic Relief From Cannabis: The Hempire - [cannabis, legalise]

    *Cannabis Helps Ulcers And Crohn's Disease
    Cannabis Helps Ulcers And Crohn's Disease: The Hempire - [cannabis, legalise]

    *Bowel Study Backs Cannabis Drugs
    Bowel Study Backs Cannabis Drugs: The Hempire - [cannabis, britain]

    *Cannabis use by patients with inflammatory bowel disease
    ScienceDirect - The Journal of Pain : (919): Cannabis use by patients with inflammatory bowel disease

    *Endocannabinoids and the gastrointestinal tract: what are the key questions?
    British Journal of Pharmacology - Abstract of article: Endocannabinoids and the gastrointestinal tract: what are the key questions?


    *Marijuana and Crohn’s Disease (anecdotal)
    Crohn’s Disease by Marilyn Loskot

    I have this all in word on my computer. It would be really cool if some of you copy my post into word and then add the new stuff in as I do my updates and add your own discoveries! More is good! :thumbsup: I really want this knowledge to spread.

    And thumbing through my paper copy, I'm noting just WHERE most of these studies originally came from- if PubMed, Nature, University of Israel, Sutter Health, Neuroendrocrinology Letters, and Medscape aren't good enough sources, then I don't know what are good sources!

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    Please don't get me wrong here, I agree cannabis has many benefits and of course many studies have been done by impartial groups and many articles exist on such sites as pubmed, or articles in the magazine nature which I do believe as quite credible. The balance of negative vs. positive effects of legalisation is definately in the positive side by a long shot. I just think your list is very exhaustive and most likely many of the ailments you state do not have very factual proof that cannabis can "cure" them or alieviate the symptoms. Do what works best by all means, but I believe you must show a little skepticism in regards to all these benefits. In my opinion cannabis will alieviate symptoms, but will not help "cure" anything, it will stop your body from feeling the symptoms though.

    Also I was wondering what up with your name and your avatar? Did you get this from M:tg? Check this out Storm Crow information and rulings
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    I have always had a knack of walking into people's lives just before the "sh*t hits the fan". I could see what was about to happen and would tell them- usually they didn't listen (at least, not the first time :cool: ). It got me down when I was young- telling folks about the brick walls that they are about to hit. I made the best of it. I am about 1 semester away from a BA in psychology. I work in Special Education.

    Folks have the wrong idea about the term "Storm Crow". The storm crow is not the cause of the storm. The crow flies before the storm- getting it's little tail feathers out of there. The crow is smart enough to see what's coming. Along the way, the crow gives warnings of what is to come- even if it is unpleasant. You listen, or you don't. You take shelter, or you don't. Your choice.

    I've had crows as "pets" and I admire them. Caw was my favorite. He would steal stuff, come when called (usually), and was an all around trip with a wicked sense of humor. We lived in an area where the crows would nest in the tall yew trees. Occasionally, a crow chick would be pushed from the nest by it's siblings and survive the fall. We would adopt them and let them stay with us until they decided to be adults and free. (Crow chicks love scrambled eggs!)

    As for the avatar, a kid from the boards turned me on to it. I had no idea where it came from. It was beautiful, I loved it, so I used it. Thank you for showing me where it came from.

    And I still believe that cannabis is for the healing of nations, and what are nations, but people?- Granny:hippy:
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    thankyou very much, I have always wondered why I love cannabis so much, - I have a Hyperactivity Disorder

    Edit: I have IBS too.. this is starting to make a lot of sense to me, thanks granny! :D

    Edit: I also suffer from serious migraineous neuralga.. oh man.

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    Keep reading, kid! :D LOL- Granny:hippy:
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    i love u granny thank u so much for the info
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    Random, I love you, too! Now go and spread the info! Your doctor needs educating! - Granny:hippy:
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    Yay I get to rate the thread! The higher the rating, the more people will see it immediately upon entering the forums. With such a load of invaluable information we have here, I cant think of a better thread for people to see right up front.

    I love you granny!
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    The more I learn about cannabis, the more I am amazed that I can be put in jail for using it, and I emphasize "USING". The only problem with having this information here is that it's like preaching to the chior. I have a feeling that sending the contents of one of these pages to my(?) congressperson would be a waste of paper, and a stamp to boot. The only thing that gets thier attention is if they think thier job is in jepordy. The only way we could pull that off is with numbers. The only way numbers do any good is if we all act. Registered VOTERS write ALL of your government officials from the mayor to the president. To do this you need to tell them who you are, name, address, phone #. Don't be afraid, I have been doing it for quite some time, and nobody has arrested me. If you realy care about the cause register to vote, AND VOTE WHEN THE TIME COMES.
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    This post was for Mseerob. I eliminated the original post, because it didn't belong here:(
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