Grape Ape closet grow.

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    So...I'm back at it...again. the last grow I did with my brother was a great lesson in not doing business with family, so here I go again; flying solo this time.

    On dec. 22nd, I planted 3 left over Grape Ape seeds in 9-oz Solo cups filled with Sunshine seedling mix. I saturated each cup with purified water and let them drain (I poked 4 drainage holes in the bottom of each cup) and then planted the seeds about 1/4" deep into the soil, and placed them directly under a 23w, 6,500k cfl on 24/0. 2 of the seeds promptly showed themselves about 36 hours after planting and the third never joined the party. After a week, I switched the light cycle to 18/6 and added 3 more CFLs and they really took off. Today I'm at 16 days from the day I planted, and the larger of the 2 seedlings was looking a bit droopy at lights out and showing signs that it's time...or a bit past time to transplant from the Solo cups up to 1 gallon nursery pots. So, at lights on tonight they will be going into 1 gallon pots of Ocean Forest with a little bit of Mykos sprinkled in to help boost my roots. I'm hoping I'm not too late on this transplant, but we shall see.

    I'll post some pics of the progress tonight after the transplant.
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  2. TLD420

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    Plans for this grow :

    Having only two seedlings to start with, from non feminized seeds, I know there are no guarantees that I will get even one female from these two. If both turn male, I do plan to collect pollen for future breeding...But I digress....
    If I get a female this go 'round, I plan to cut clones and start back over in Solo cups and grow 4 plants and keep a mother for at least one more grow.
    I plan to do a lot of training on these plants and will most likely top them multiple times. They will probably veg a bit longer than I would normally do for a small grow, but the ultimate goal is short, bushy plants and I'm in no hurry, just wanna do it right and continue learning new and better techniques.
    Lighting will be cfl for now, possibly cfl all the way through. They are currently under 4 23 watt CFLs on 18/6 and I plan to add 2 40 watt CFLs sometime this week.
    I have everything ready for tonight's transplant and I will be improving my setup while I have the babies out of the closet.
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    Let's hope for a girl!

    Breeding would be cool. One day I'll give it a go too. The thing is getting regular seeds in a strain I like doesn't seem possible, just about everything is feminized.
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    Good luck! Pollen doesn't stay viable for long so saving it might not work from the breeders I've been watching on YouTube
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  5. TLD420

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    I have done a bit of research regarding storing pollen, and I have to agree that it will be difficult at best to maintain a viable specimen. I have read about a few methods for storing pollen and I figure worst case scenario is that I have no luck and at least learn something from the process.

    So, I transplanted the babies yesterday, and they are quite happy with the new digs. I definitely waited a little longer than I would have liked, but I don't think they have any issues, and the roots look healthy. I took a few pictures, so I'll post those and let them do most of the talking...

    New 1 gallon pots filled with Ocean Forest. I used Solo cups to make the right size hole, and filled them with soil to top dress after watering the first time.


    Definitely ready for bigger homes. #1 (left) was quite a bit wider than the Solo cup and beginning to droop.


    Never used mycorrhizae when I grew in the past. Giving Mykos a try this go 'round, seems to be a solid move.


    #1's roots. This was the droopy plant.


    #2's roots. This baby looked fine before transplant, but as you can clearly see...Was well past due.


    And...Happy under the lights. They will be getting more light within a week and I'm sure will be ready for another transplant before I am...:jointsmiley:

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  6. TLD420

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    Day 20 update : Veg. Day 13
    Today is day 20 since I planted my seeds (day 13 since I switched light cycles) and everything is going great. Since the transplant 4 days ago, these babies have easily doubled in size and they're clearly enjoying the ability to stretch out with the new leg room. I'm sure another transplant is gonna have to happen pretty quick and I think I'll pop them in to 3 gallon pots next time. In the past, I would have gone straight to 5 gallon pots from the 1 gallon pots they're in now, but I have been reading about the benefits of gradually up-potting and allowing the roots to properly develop before moving to the next size, and I expect to have happier plants because of it.
    I have 2 40 watt CFLs and a corded light socket coming in tomorrow and once those get here, I will be adjusting the light setup a bit. I'll replace the 23 watt bulbs in the domes with the new 40 watt bulbs, have 2 23 watt bulbs on a Y splitter hanging down just below and in between the domes, and the 2 23 watt bulbs in the lamp will be staying there for now. Then...I'll be building a fixture that will hold 8 23 watt bulbs and 4 higher wattage (60 - 85 watts) bulbs and will give me ample light for this closet.
    Other than that...Not much to report, so here's a few pictures...

    #1 is happy and healthy and really enjoying the bigger pot and the nutes in the Ocean Forest.


    #2 isn't quite as big yet. There's some yellowing on the ends of the first leaves that has been there since the beginning. I had the lights really close at first and although there's not much heat on these CFLs, I think that's what caused it.


    And of course the perspective shot. Scroll back up and compare the transplant day photos to this one, really shows how quick they've grown in 4 days.

  7. Wagonweed

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    Why go all in on cfl?
    Also why did your trip them early? Tight for space?

    I would of vegged them through all the transplanting, flower time they should be in their permanent home.
    You could probably top once and that's it.
  8. TLD420

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    I like the cfl idea because the closet is quite small and I imagine heat will be an issue with mh/hps. I've had pretty good luck in the past with CFLs as well, so not much learning curve.
    They are still vegging. When I said I switched light cycles, I was just going from 24/0 to 18/6. I always count the day I start giving them a dark cycle as day 1 of veg. I'll have plenty of space in this closet since I only plan to grow 2 plants to maturity, so I think I'll top twice and tie branches out and try to end up with some bushy plants.
    Overall, I'm happy with the progress, and I'll keep adjusting my plans as I go...No telling if CFLs will win the light battle, but for now my plan is to stick with them.
    Thanks for the input! :jointsmiley:
  9. Wagonweed

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    Ah okay lol that makes sense to me now.
    Ya the plants are looking good.
    Led is low heat for the watts and if your in the states they are pretty damn cheap to grab a panel.
    If Weez sees this he's gonna say build an array haha. Weez give us a tutorial.
  10. TLD420

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    I've considered Led and found some pretty promising options for a decent amount. I'm still toying with the idea.
  11. TLD420

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    I'm always down to learn! Wouldn't be bad to see what goes into building an array. I can more than hold my own with a soldering iron. I'd love to see a diagram if one is available.
  12. TLD420

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    The babies got a little more light today; I swapped the 23 watt CFLs under the domes with 40 watts and suspended the 23 watts in between the domes. I also still have 2 23 watts in the lamp as well. I am now running at 172 watts and producing about 12,000 total lumens (based on advertised specs). One thing I did notice is that one of the domes (on the left in the pic) is shaped differently and has very little clearance for the base of the bulb. I don't want to cause any excess heat or burn up a bulb so I promptly ordered another clamp light to match the one with proper clearance.
    I also watered today, neither pot was 100% dry but they were getting very close. Each took about 2 1/2 cups of plain distilled water before run off, and they seemed to stretch a little after watering. I watered around the edge with the first cup, watered the middle with the second cup, and then finished off my watering around the edges until the very first bit of run off.

    All in all, I'm very happy with the progress day to day, and if they continue growing this fast, I expect to be topping them within the week. From here, I will be holding my breath and waiting for these plants to mature. I'm crossing my fingers for a girl so I can cut some clones and start over with veg. and I hope this strain is quick to show sex. I'm still weighing my options as far as lighting goes, but with the current set up I believe I have enough light to buy me some time before I really have to pull the trigger.

    Current setup. The addition of the 40 watt bulbs made a huge difference (almost doubled total lumens) and the babies are loving the extra light.


    Thanks to anyone following along! Feel free to add any input.

  13. TLD420

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    Veg. Day 17
    Quick update today.
    The ladies are continuing to grow quickly; I'm seeing noticeable growth every day. They are also starting to use up the water in their 1 gallon pots pretty well. I last watered on Wednesday, and then tonight (Saturday) they were once again almost completely dry and ready for a drink. So I watered again, still using only plain distilled water, until I saw runoff. While I was watering I noticed that I am starting to see root tips peeking out through the drainage holes on the pots. So...On Wednesday, which is my next day off, I plan to transplant again. I'm not sure if I'll go to 3 or 5 gallon pots from here so any input would be welcomed and appreciated.
    On another subject...I'm noticing that I have two fairly distinct phenos going here. Plant #1 is a bit taller, with slightly narrower leaves and more spread out growth. Plant #2 is shorter and bushier, with fat, overlapping leaves, and every node is right on top of the last.



    Temps and humidity have been damn near perfect with this setup.

    As always, thanks for following along!
  14. Wagonweed

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    Looking good!
    Ya moving quick now, must be that extra light you added.
  15. TLD420

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    Indeed. They were definitely happy about the extra light. Problem of the 40 watt bulbs I just put in there, burned out last night. I still have enough light for now and I have a new bulb on the way, but I think in a couple weeks or less I'm gonna go ahead and order an LED light and see how that works out. I think in the back of my mind I've always known that was the best option, and once this bulb quit working, it made the decision pretty easy.
  16. TLD420

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    Veg. Day 20
    The ladies are moving along quickly. They are filling out the one gallon pots and getting very bushy. I was planning to transplant this week but I think they will happy for one more week and then I will transplant to five gallon pots.
    Today I saw the first preflower. Plant #1 is showing what looks like a female preflower in two different spots, and I don't want to jump the gun but I'm pretty excited to have a little lady in the mix. Plant #1 has been the vigorous grower and I really hope I'm correct on the sex so I can cut some clones.
    Also today, I topped the plants. They were both working on their sixth node and I felt that this was a good time for topping them. Otherwise, nothing has changed from my last update. I'm waiting on my tax return and then I will be buying a 2 x 4 tent and LED light. The closet is OK, but I think I'll have better luck controlling temps in a grow tent.

    Thanks for following along! :jointsmiley:

    Tops...And the possible preflower on #1. (Dead center of bottom pic)
  17. Wagonweed

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    Ya better light is a must if you can afford it. Your plants will really kick into high gear then.

    Your temps and rh are good right, I'd go with a tent if you need to control smell in the future. Just another added cost the tent would be. Maybe get led first and then see how it goes.
  18. TLD420

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    Yeah, so far temps and humidity are great. However, the closet I'm growing in is in an upstairs bedroom and on the exterior wall. This being an old house, the insulation is not the greatest, and once the cold weather passes, which in California can be pretty early in the year, I know the temps are going to shoot up. So, a tent against and interior wall, with a good filter and fan set up will be smart so I can avoid problems that are bound to arise. And like you said Wagonweed, a tent will make odor control much easier. So that's the plan for my taxes, an LED grow light, a 2x4 tent and a 4" carbon filter/high velocity. fan. For now they're happy in the closet.
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    So...I was checking on the plants today and noticed that they were both almost completely dry already. I watered them on Tuesday evening, and since they were almost dry early this afternoon I decided to go ahead and transplant them. Topping them didn't seem to stress them, so I wasn't worried about the transplant. I put them in 5 gallon pots of Ocean Forest with fresh Mykos sprinkled on the roots and watered to saturation with luke warm purified water. I put them back under the lights and they were immediately happy reaching for the light.
    These plants continue to move very quickly and the next couple weeks will mostly involve another topping or two, some training and tying out, new setup, and hopefully determining the sex of the babies so I can decide how to proceed with this grow.
    As always, thanks for following along! I welcome any advice, criticism or input.
  20. TLD420

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    Happy roots. This is plant #1. She's been growing like a weed and needs for nothing but light and water.

    And back under the lights. They've been through a lot the last 24 hours, but these plants are quite resilient and seem to be taking all the attention quite well. #1 (right) is a beautiful plant and will be my mother if in fact it's a girl.

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