Grape Ape closet grow.

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by TLD420, Jan 6, 2017.

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    How far away are the lights? You should have no issues being within 3" with cfl.
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    They're actually not as far off as the angle of the pic makes it look. The domes are about 8 inches up and the Ys are about 4-5 inches up. They've been doing great at about this same distance, so I'm not gonna mess with it much more until I upgrade to LED.
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    Day 31 : Veg. day 24
    Quick update tonight...
    Everything is still moving right along. The plants are happy and growing rapidly since the transplant. #1 is showing 2 little preflowers on the opposite sides of the same node and they're starting to look female. Still a little early to say for sure but I took the best pics I could and I'll post them up for you to judge. Maybe somebody more experienced than I can see something definitive, but I'm not sure there's enough going on yet.

    Preflowers...Any opinions, male or female?
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    Day 38 : Veg. Day 31
    Quick update today.
    My plants are still healthy and happy and growing noticeably every day. Both have a distinct split in the stem from topping them and as soon as those shoots hit four nodes I'll be topping again. They are probably a foot tall or so and as wide as their five gallon pots and have thick, woody stalks from all the time in front of the fan.
    I ordered a 2x4 tent, carbon filter/fan and an LED grow light which will all be here tomorrow and I'm quite excited to see how the plants like the new light. The light I chose, based on specs and reviews, is the Viparspectra reflector 450. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower
    Actual power draw is about 200 watts, and along with a few CFLs, I will have more than enough light for my plans. Any insight from anyone that has ever used that light would be appreciated. I kind of went out on a limb purchasing it, but I think it will work well, and I'm excited to try my hand at growing with LEDs.
    Otherwise there is still not much to report. Plant #1 is being stubborn and the preflowers haven't developed enough for me to say 100% that it's a girl. Plant #2 has shown no preflowers yet and considering how much slower it has grown in general, I'm not surprised that it's taking longer to mature.
    I have two very different phenos going here and I would be juiced if both of these plants are females. I would love to take clones of each and grow these two out and see which I like better.

    I'll add some pics later on. Right now they are an hour from lights off and starting to droop and get ready to sleep and they tend to be more photogenic when they're reaching for the lights.

    Thanks for following along!

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    Photos as promised. I will post a couple photos I tried to take of the preflowers on #1. Hopefully somebody with better eyes than mine can spot something.

    My usual perspective shot. They are easily filling the 5 gallon pots and will probably be transplanted up to 10 gallon before flower.


    Preflowers. I adjusted the contrast of these photos in hopes of showing a little better detail. What's everyone think? Male or Female?



    This one looks the most female to me.
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    Those must be some tall 5gal pots, not very wide eh.
  7. TLD420

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    I've never measured the pots, but they are probably 12 inches across at the top, and about 12-14 inches deep.
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    I just see stipules there, bro, no pistils or balls yet.
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    Thanks Gene.
    I realize now that I wasn't quite looking at the right spot. I used to always just pop a bunch of feminized seeds and not have to worry about it. This will be my first grow from regular seeds. I was just scanning a few pre flower pics and realized they will be tucked down closer to the stipules. Beginner mistake I suppose.
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    My plants got a new home today! And some better light.
    Just before I left for work, the postman showed up (apparently the post office delivers on Sundays now... who knew?) with my 2x4 tent and the filter/fan setup. Then this evening when I got home, my new LED light was waiting for me on the porch. I started setting everything up after dinner and thankfully a buddy of mine stopped by and ended up helping me get this all set up and the plants moved in record time. The amount of blue light from this grow light with only the veg switch on makes everything else look yellow when you look away. I'm definitely going to want some sunglasses when I check my plants.
    Now I will have to keep an eye on my temps and adjust accordingly. So far I'm at 75 and I'm OK with that, but for right now, in veg, I'd rather get temps up closer to 80.
    I also watered again today. In the past I probably would have already given them water a day or two ago, but I'm trying to let them dry out just a bit more to give the roots a chance to stretch and search for water.

    In their new home. Under a Viparspectra reflector 450, and 2 40 watt, 6500k CFLs. I need to buy an adjustable hanging kit for the light, but for now it's right around 2 feet above the canopy, and I'll let the plants grow up into the light just a bit before I raise it.
    Cameo by their buddy the "Money Tree" (Pachira Aquatica), that my wife almost killed by leaving it right under the heater vent. And then the dogs trampled it just as it started getting healthy and broke part of the stem. But it's starting to show some life again, and may just make it out to the yard this spring after all. 20170130_011608_HDR.jpg

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    Day 44 : Veg Day 37
    About six weeks in, and everything is going just as planned. The plants are loving the new lights and getting super bushy. I've messed around with ventilation and gotten the temps to hold at about 82 degrees and humidity in the mid 50s; which I will want lower a bit once I flip to flower.
    I will probably be topping for the second, and last time tomorrow or the next day, and that will be the last real activity until I flip to flower, although I may want to transplant one more time before the flip. At this point, I'm debating whether I want to amend my soil on the final transplant, or find some good bloom nutes to add to my water. I have used and had good success with the standard line of Fox Farms nutes, and have considered trying their water solubles this go 'round. I've also looked into the Earth Juice and Advanced Nutrition lines that seem to be pretty popular. I don't want to do too much, just basic bloom nutes, molasses or brown sugar, and purified water.
    Speaking of water, it's been 5 days and the plants had used up most of the water in their 5 gallon pots, so I watered them again today. Each got about 3/4 gallon of purified water, and now just a couple hours later, are already looking happier.
    Here's a couple pics to show how bushy they're getting...

    #1. This plant is finally showing some very early preflowers and could be flipped right now and produce a nice plant if I could say for sure it's a female.

    #2. This one is such a bushy, stocky indica pheno. The leaves are fat and have a much rounder profile. The stalk on this plant is also very sturdy and this is a plant that could support some nice weight.

    Thanks for following along! :jointsmiley:
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    Day 47 : Veg day 40
    The plants got topped again earlier tonight. I topped them after the fourth node on the two stems from the first topping and this will be the last topping they get. I will let them rest for a couple days and then it's time for the final transplant. They'll be going into 10 gallon pots and getting their first nutes other than what's in the soil. I think I'm gonna go with Fox Farms for the nutes. I'll use Big Bloom consistently, and limited feedings of Tiger Bloom for some heavy doses of phosphorus.
    In about 2 weeks, showing sex or not, I will be flipping the lights to 12/12. These plants are getting too big and I can't let them get much taller before the flip, so hopefully topping them tonight slowed down the vertical growth. I have already flipped on the bloom switch on my led to add some red spectrum, and cut the light cycle back to 16/8. I have some 2700k CFLs arriving tomorrow, so I have them on hand when it's time to flip, so the only thing holding me back is giving them time to recover from being topped and still needing to transplant.
    I also had to water again today. They're using up their water pretty quick at this point and I'm watering to saturation every time.
    Other than that, there's nothing else to report. I will update again after I transplant...until then, thanks for following along!


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    I wanna see the plants not only where you topped it. Hehe
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    Looking good:thumbsup:
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  15. TLD420

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    They're doing quite well. I just took that pic, and they're only about an hour from lights off, so they may be starting to sag a little too. These plants have been super resilient and not shown any songs of stress from topping or transplanting.

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    Nice bushes..
    I'll be watching for your results :D
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    Day 51 : Veg Day 44
    The plants are looking great and have really filled out since they got topped on Monday. The canopies are really evening out and every day when I'm checking on them I make sure to move larger fan leaves away from the smaller tops to give them room to grow.
    Temps are staying at about 80 - 82 and right now, with all this rain we're getting out here in California, humidity is staying in the high 50s to about 60%. If the rain doesn't slow down as I go into flowering, I may have to consider a dehumidifier, but for now they continue to be very happy and I feel no need to change anything.



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    Very healthy looking.
    What's the max height you're expecting?
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    I have a max of about 4 feet to play with. I'm already pushing it size wise, but topping them the second time when I did means I have to wait to flip, and I'm probably going to have to to do a lot of tying out to make this work. Because of the amount of light I have, I will probably only be flowering one of these plants, which will also give me a better ability to spread the branches.
    All in all, I want to maximize what I can do with this set up and grow one chunky plant. I will be flipping to 12/12 in about 10 days, we'll see what happens then. I may even have to do some creative super cropping if they have too much of a stretch.
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    They both look pretty nice. One, as you said, has more rounded leaves, compared to her neighbor. Which will you choose? :cool::D

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