Grape Ape closet grow.

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    It's hard to pick at this point.
    I like the looks of #2 with the fat leaves, and the size it's putting on. But #1 has been solid as a rock since the seed sprouted and is staying a bit shorter overall, which will be nice for my small tent. So as long as I can finally see some definitive signs of sex in time, I'll probably only transplant #1.
    When the time comes, it'll be difficult to have to chop either of these plants, but I'd rather grow one good plant than two mediocre plants.

    On a side note, while I'm here.
    I watered again tonight, and while I had my head in the tent I noticed some yellow leaf tips on #2. There's nothing major going on but seeing how green and leafy that plant is, it's looking like it needs a bit of nitrogen. I don't want to give too much, so I ordered up some Fox Farms big bloom to give a nice even feeding across the nutrient range. The nutes will be here Tuesday, and next time I water, they will both be getting their first watering with anything beyond plain purified or distilled water.

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    Your light is working nice!
    It should be 200 watts when on both veg and bloom. That's enough for two.
    I'd have that thing of max power already

    Does anyone think the quality is going to be increased with just one plant in there?
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    The light is doing pretty well, but not much light spread. I'm already having to rotate the plants so each side can get some benefit from the led each day. I am already running it with both switches on, and that did make a big difference, but still doesn't seem like quite enough. I am running a couple CFLs as well, so I might be able to be creative and keep enough light on em.

    I'm certainly interested in some opinions on this as well. Anybody have any more input?
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    I agree with Wagonweed, your tent and light can accommodate both plants. Having two phenos can be interesting and I doubt that having a single plant in that space, rather than two, would increase quality to a meaningful degree. I always do two plants in a 2X4X5 under a screen.:)
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    You two may have me convinced. I think with a few more CFLs and the led getting raised, which needs to happen soon, I'll be able to make it work. I really will have a hard time getting rid of either of these plants when the time comes. And considering that they still haven't shown their sex, this thought process may be a moot point anyway. Thanks as always for the input and advice, it's always greatly appreciated!

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    Tonight I raised the led. It was probably less than a foot away from the tallest spots on plant #2 and starting to cause some minor burn spots on some fan leaves. I adjusted it to about 20 or so inches above the canopy and next time I adjust it, it will be pretty much at the top of the tent.
    Also, I'm running a total of 126 watts of CFLs. The bulbs in there now are 2x 40 watt, 6,500k and 2x 23 watt, 6,500k. I already have 2,700k replacements ready for the 40 watt bulbs, and I'll probably replace the 2 23 watt bulbs with one more 40 watt when I flip to flower.
    It's also definitely time for a transplant; I watered Saturday night, and tonight, as of a couple hours ago, they are already feeling pretty dry. Tomorrow when I get home from work, my bottle of big bloom should be here and I'll give a light feeding and watering, and then on Thursday when I'm off work, I'll need to transplant. At that point I'll give them a full watering and full strength feeding of big bloom.

    My debate now is pot size. They're currently in 5 gallon pots and I'm not sure if I should go to 7 or 10 gallon pots. Or something in between. Any opinions on this one?

    The tent is starting to get crowded. Both of the plants are bushy and healthy.

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  7. Wagonweed

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    5gal indoors should be plenty. My 5 seem huge, and I can't fit them in the tent so going down to 3.

    Go to 10 since 7 isn't that much bigger if your keen on transplanting.

    When are you gonna go into flower?
  8. TLD420

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    If fives are big enough, I'd rather not have to transplant again, just thinking they may get a little too big. I'll be flipping to flower in about a week. I'll give them their dark cycle Monday into Tuesday and then Tuesday night at lights on, they'll be on 12/12.
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    You'll probably do very well in the five gallon, but you do have headroom to consider. So, if you do decide to go larger, go wider rather than taller. I had some Tangerine Dream in 5 gal. Lowes buckets that got right up to the lights, so for my next grow I used 5 gal recycling bins that gave me the same volume of soil in a lower but wider profile. I just bought some 10 gal smart pots that I'll try when my sprouts grow up and I think the height on those will be 10 or 11 inches, the buckets were 14" and the rectangular bins were 8".
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    Day 59 : Veg Day 52
    Last day of veg cycle.
    Aaaaand...We're off!

    Tonight is the last day of veg cycle for my plants. Tomorrow morning, after lights out in the tent, I will be turning the timer off, and Monday night at lights on, they'll be on 12/12. I'm stoked to flip these babies and get off to the races. These are two of the best looking plants I've had in veg and I'm excited to see what they do.

    Tonight after work, I replaced my previous cfl setup with 4 40 watt 2700k cfls. That's all the lighting I plan to use for flowering, so hopefully that ends up being enough. I'm still considering adding another led if I can afford it at some point. With two of these lights, I know I would have more than adequate light for my tent.
    Also, I watered again tonight. Each plant got about a gallon of purified, ph'd water with 1/4 cup big bloom, and a teaspoon of cal mag mixed in.

    #1 right, #2 left.

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    Day 67 : Flower Day 5
    Well...Looks like I've got a male in the tent. #1 definitely has some clusters going on, but since I jumped the gun before, I figure I'll post up a picture and see what you guys say...

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    Well...#1 is for sure male. I will be going up and chopping him down as soon as I finish this post. It's gonna suck, cause that plant was rock solid all the way, but I need to get him out of the tent asap.
    Better news though...I just spotted the first pistil on #2. This is the unique, very indica looking plant, and I'm stoked to see how she grows out.
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    So...The male is gone.
    I chopped him down a little while ago, and re adjusted #2 into the middle of the tent. During all that moving around and being so close to the plant, I noticed several more pistils on different branches. With my terrible eyesight (especially under the LEDs) I'm surprised I can see them at
    With just the single plant in the tent, I'm no longer gonna have to worry about space, or having enough light. And now I'm gonna start tying some branches out and really trying to utilize the space I have.
    Today is one week into flower and this is the first day I noticed any pistils, so I'm expecting that in about 8 weeks I'll be clipping this girl and hanging her to dry. Later this week I'm going to add Tiger Bloom to the nutrient mix and then I'll hit them with some molasses at the end of flower.
    All in all I'm happy with how this grow is going. I would have loved to have both these plants be female, but as I said at the beginning of this log, I'm more than happy to get a female from only 2 regular seeds.

    The first little pistil I noticed.

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  14. There she is! nice bro! Im happy you got a female to bud out>>> are you going to take clones? she might be something special? ya never know>

    sorry about your other plant. I find it funny that for growers we always cull our males....
    for breeding you pop many seeds and line up all your males and cull the females
    because when you find that treasure... thats your keeper male! (the secret ingredient, the special sauce if you will)

    stay high
    stay free
    release the medicine
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    No cloning this time. I don't have any history on the specific genetics of this grape ape, so I'm just gonna grow out this plant and then I plan to start working on some cloning and breeding in future grows.
  16. kool! Im just excited to see how your lady preforms!:leafbanner:

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    Finally found a workaround to post, by replying to a previous reply...

    Day 18 of flower and things are moving right along. The tops are all stacking nicely and already putting on lots of trichomes and she smells of ripe fruit and is a bit skunky.

    A couple days ago, she got her first feeding of Fox Farms tiger bloom and a small dose of molasses and she has been really happy since. I may have to water tonight and if I do, I'll give another dose of tiger bloom and then next watering or two will be plain water.

    In other news, I mailed off an order for some seeds today, and should be seeing them within the next few weeks. The seeds I ordered are what I plan to use for my next grow and my first breeding. I ordered some Joey Weed blueberry (Joey Weed is back and I'm stoked) and Jordan of the Islands god og kush (god bud x og). Hopefully my new seeds come in before this grow is done and I can get started in the closet again before I even have the tent emptied out. I'll try to post some pics up once the forums go back to normal...
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