grape ape?

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by CloneMaster510, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. CloneMaster510

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    Can anyone help ? how does Grape Ape looks like, or smells ? I think I got miss label clones from sf Cmc club !!! i'm real upset this stuff does not smell like purple , or turns purple I have some real GDP and it does not look or smell anything like it.:mad::mad:
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  2. hatenme

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    grape ape is an indica, its smells sweet and it is light in purple!!!!!
    Dense in weight but very good great body high.

    I get grape from the castro valley club!!!! :Rasta:
  3. shmokin420

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    It should be very similar to the GDP. Ape is relatively a faster grower than gdp and urkle.
  4. anbesol

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    How does the color purple smell? @<;-) lol
  5. shmokin420

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    HAHAHAHA, You'll know it when you smell it. I've described the smell as purple before too. It's really the only way to describe it.
  6. noxqqq

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    grape ape

    afoaf took this pic for me grape ape. ;)

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  7. Revanche21

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    I've had grape ape from diferent places and to be honest, every place I buy it from, it looks completely different, smells different, tastes different. I kind of am starting to get skeptical about 'strains'. I mean I understand there are strains but to the degree in accuracy of clubs, I am skeptical.
  8. bayareapurps

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    well it all depends on the grower... some people dont kno ow to dry... n thats the most inportant thing.... n u can have a purple thats not purple.... to get your buds purple you have to over mature your purple strian.... your tops will turn purple but your undergrowth will need to go longer after u cut your topps offf... but it should smell like best way to explaion it.... but the CmC is the best club to get clones so i wouldnt trip its gonna be sum bomb n e ways

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