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Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by Anonymouse, May 1, 2010.

  1. Anonymouse

    Anonymouse Registered+

    Had my first dealings with a dispensary, I am pretty pleased with it. Ordering was easy and it was delivered.

    Hands down, it's the best Marijuana I have ever used. A cross between something called Tora/Bora and Northern Lights.

    Since I've been a medicinal user/cancer patient, Marijuana doesn't really give me the 'munchies', Schwag downright kills my appetite but when I use this stuff, it feels like I have a hole in my stomach.

    New Mexico has just been awesome, so glad to have moved here.
  2. medical420mama

    medical420mama Registered+

    How is it that you can order product and get through to people when i have had my card since feb and cant get anything form anyone.....oh now im pissed :mad:
  3. coolslayer

    coolslayer Banned


    There is another Producer that has Product currently also,and another that is getting Product on May 14.
  4. Sandia

    Sandia Registered+

    I am happy for you Anonymouse!!!!! I hope that your treatments are going well and that you are functioning as best as you can....I understand that it is really tough to go through. Best wishes and I hope you continue to get stronger and fight off the disease!

    Medical420Mama....I am sorry to hear of your issue. I tried to check out one of the producers in question and their site was down for maintenance. I am not sure if you are having the same problem on your end. Hang in there!!!!

    CS.....thanks for the information. Hopefully things will get better with the producers and more will be approved soon. I know that JM is extremely active in doing what he can to help this process along!
  5. Anonymouse

    Anonymouse Registered+

    MM: Very strange, they're pretty close to Rio Rancho and all I've done is call them on the phone and place the order, was very simple. They don't always pick up but keep trying and they do.
  6. medical420mama

    medical420mama Registered+

    I call them once a week and all i get is a voicemail i leave my info and no call back i just sent them another email message yesterday so we will see what happens come monday.

    Cool i did get a email last nite about the product on the 14th so i am super excited that i finally get to buy some quality medicine and also some seeds :D i needed good seeds.
  7. Anonymouse

    Anonymouse Registered+

    I did get two seeds from the Grape Krush I purchased the week before, it was a bit dry but it was pretty good meds.

    Those seeds have sprouted and they're going to get a lot of TLC :)
  8. Totah Sam

    Totah Sam Registered+

    I don't bother with them anymore. ::shrug::

    I've had the same results you have.
  9. firestartersydd

    firestartersydd Registered+

    Im in the same boat. I just gave up on em as well.
  10. coolslayer

    coolslayer Banned


    Another email just came from a different Producer about product available on May 5th.
  11. chance942

    chance942 Banned

    Mouse I am really pleased to see that you are getting some relief. Stay strong
  12. medical420mama

    medical420mama Registered+

    I havent been notified of any new medication ...... i got a unsettling email from grass roots so i will never buy from them. If they are anything like they are in the email they sent then i will not have anything to do with them....Good luck to anyone that deals with them. I personally think they are all inconsiderate uneducated people. My own opinion please dont fight with me about it i am not having a good day and just needed to vent a little bit.
  13. Sandia

    Sandia Registered+

    Hang in there Mama! Their website just opened for me and I happened to JUST register with them. I took a trip up to Santa Fe and visited with JM....he took me over to NewMexicann to drop off my application.

    They were very nice but VERY busy. I spoke with a gentleman there that had a lot in common with my issues and we discussed different strains that may help my issues.
  14. medical420mama

    medical420mama Registered+

    I am not healthy enough to drive to santa fe nor do i have the money to even thnk about driving that far. Everytime i go to the website it says that there is some error or something, but who cares i am done bitching i have ordered some from another producer and will get it saturday. soo yay for me and a big BOO for grassroots rx
  15. Totah Sam

    Totah Sam Registered+

    They got kind of testy with me as well. That was when I decided not to patronize their business.
  16. Bongojaz

    Bongojaz Registered+

    why can't these places keep anything in stock? where do they get it from? are they all growing their own or buying from??? i don't get it....
  17. Sandia

    Sandia Registered+


    I know positively that two of the producers grow their own harvest. I am pretty sure they all do but cannot confirm that.

    Things happen when growing plants....disease, pests, plants that are males/hermies sometimes things don't work out quite according to plan.

    Additionally, sometimes plants are just not "ready" for harvest at the exact same time so the dates that medicine "Should" be available are not always what actually happen.

    Also keep in mind, all the producers NEED to remain under the 95 plant limit so that also restricts the amt of medicine produced at any one time.

    Hope that helps!
  18. Bongojaz

    Bongojaz Registered+

    thanks sandia..
  19. medical420mama

    medical420mama Registered+

    I think that if we are able to have 12 seedlings and 4 mature that the producers should be able to make at the least 4 plants per paitient. I dont understand the 95 plant limit because like you said anything can happen and make the amount of meds less So if they were to grow 4 plants per person then i believe that would solve the shortage problem . Am i right or am i just talking out of my ass?
  20. JohnMonad

    JohnMonad Registered+

    Bongojaz Totah and medical420mama

    First of all the approved NM Producer\Dispensers MUST grow their medicine themselves and are not allowed to get medicine from any other source. They grow and sell it.

    As far as the 95 plant number is concerned it is a number set by the DOH being under 100 because of the ambiguous DEA who under the Bush admin was busting people who had over 100 plants. Hopefully that will change.

    Medical420mama and Totah I would like to hear your stories about Grassroots.
    If you would like to speak to me by phone my number is listed on my website under the "contact us" at the top right o f the main page.

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