gravity bongs are crazy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by tokesdaily, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. JaMakin07

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    eating cupcakes in excess will ravage your life... but my friend said that "takin one hit from a gb is like takin a whole dime to the face", the amount of smoke you get is insane for a homemade piece
  2. imitator

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    This is just my opinion, have no science to back it up, but I think that it allows you to get more smoke from the weed due to the evenness of the burn when you light and pull. All I know is I get fucked up on about half the weed it normall takes, but you gotta be careful. Gotten the smoke in the bottle so dense before it started turning yellow, and omfg was that some thick heavy smoke. Hurt the lungs...
  3. 4twentE

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    So how do ya hit a waterfall bong? I understand letting the water out the bottom pulls air and smoke in through the top. So once full, do you just unscrew the top and hit it like a non-water pipe?
  4. imitator

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    Yep yep. You just take the top off, and suck the smoke.

    I like to put my finger on the carb and build up some suction power so it shotguns in...
  5. 4twentE

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    < LOL Awesome! As if these folks weren't already saying grav bong and waterfall bongs didn't hit hard enough. think I'll go pick up a bottle of Sobe soon as I can find $1.75.
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  6. orangeman

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    The waterfall g-bong is the greatest thing I ever built haha.
  7. Reefer Rogue

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    I need to try one.
  8. dean0000

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    My waterfall is like what you call a Sobe. Its a 1L glass absolute vodka bottle. I noticed it had the little notches at the bottom and it broke through nicely. So basically any glass bottles with those little notches on the bottom are good for a glass waterfall. Much better for you than using a plastic bottle.
  9. LegalizeTheGreen

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    what it really amazing is getting a glass bong slide, so the only "impure" material is the cap, all the rest is glass. Tastes SO good, and the best thing is you can take the worlds biggest hits. these hits are so big, my little sister had to practice for like a week before she could handle a full bottle hit. It can really tear up your lungs, so be carefull, but man it is worth it. also, try pulling the slide out and hitting through the slide hole (instead of unscrewing the cap). the smaller diameter hole increased the velocity of the smoke, in effect cooling it (ie blowing on soup effect as opposed to blowing on hands to warm them. fast air is colder.) and making it easier to hit.
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    I made a nice one here's a pic. It's super portable and nearly spill proof. That tulip bowl NEVER gets hot at the point of contact with plastic.

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