Gravity flower hardener

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Weedhound, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Weedhound

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    Is anyone familiar with this stuff? It was recommended to me but I have no idea what it is or what it does. "Flower hardener" sounds kind of scary to me. What does that mean exactly? Worth using? Thanks for any words of wisdom. :)
  2. wheels322003

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    would like to know my self

    I my self would like some info on this? has anyone used it?
  3. Weedhound

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    Come on guys! Made by Humboldt County's Own. Must be SOMEBODY from Humboldt county on these forums! The ingrediants are: 0.75% ascophyllum nodusum (huh?) which is sea kelp apparently and 0.01% B1 (thiamine hydrochloride). Flower hardener--not going to mummify my buds is it? Or would that be a good thing?

    PS Did use Humboldt County's own Bushmaster to slow the height on some of my plants and it worked well which is why I'm interested in this stuff.
  4. MyNameIsNobody

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    Only one way to find out

    I just bought some of this but it will be about 6 weeks till I know if it's any good.
    I'm a little confused on the directions but I'm asuming that you use this for about 1 week 3 weeks from the end and go back to reg' chemicals.
    we shall see.
    I would like to hear from someone that has used it first.....
  5. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    MN, did they tell you what it would do or is supposed to do? The directions confuse me somewhat too.
  6. MyNameIsNobody

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    It's supposed to thicken up your "flowers" ya know make them heavier.
    as far as the directions go I'm going to try a little less for 7 days with maybe 1/3 of the regular chemicals and go back to regular chem mix after then i usually finish with 3 days of straight water.
    the guy at the store did tell me not to use it if your plants are under any kind of stress like from bugs or whatever.
    It's still about 3 weeks till I try it but I'll keep ya posted.
  7. stinkyattic

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    Mmmm. I'm going to avoid it as Thiamine I think is a root stimulator that can slow flower development- same main ingredient in SuperThrive and any transplanting solution you can get. But the kelp is awesome. You can get plain ol' kelp extract pretty cheap and it's good for flowering.
  8. MadHatter79

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    I'm about to throw some in a final cycle at 30 days flowering an indica. I'm shooting for around 2 weeks with a 1 week flush or so... I'll post back here when I think about it and it's harvested.
  9. LiquidMagik

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    It hardens your flowers. If you go overboard, they can definitely become too dense, and you'll possibly find yourself encountering mold problems where there weren't any before (if you use too much). Bushmaster, if you use too much of this, multiple reports of hermies are out there. I try and stay away from things where you have to so precise (the difference between nanners and no nanners with bushmaster is 1 mL/ga), or you risk fucking up your whole crop. I'm sticking with Advanced for my flowering supplements (no Bud Blood though).
  10. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    Well I don't worry about hermies....I use DM feminiser so hermies are a thing of the past for me......the bushmaster I used to slow the height of the growth branches and it worked great...I don't use it anymore because I want longer branches to lst with....was still in veg when I used it so don't know if that makes any difference. I guess what I'm wondering is what the stuff is supposed to "harden" your flowers with....more bud? more trichomes? Or just excess moisture etc that really doesn't improve the bud itself?
  11. BlueBear

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    Be careful using it, like most of HF's products it is very strong. It will thicken up bud mass, but you need to think about this as well, sometimes you can have the buds so thick that an ounce can look like a half because the buds are so dense and if you let your sacks go then some people sometimes think you have skimpy sacks, but at the same time it may add to your over all yield. I would almost completely drop your mane nutes when first using. HF has great products, but they have also probably destroyed more crops than alot of other products so tread softly.
  12. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    Yes, LM pretty much said the same thing there about being very careful and Stinky frowned..I saw you view of the replies above I believe I shall skip this tidbit...especially after my molasses disaster....thanks you guys for the head's up.
  13. MadHatter79

    MadHatter79 Registered+

    Well, I am harvesting tonight and I can tell you that Gravity definitely did three things:
    1. Hardened and thickened the buds
    2. Made a large amount of sun leaves fall off
    3. Caused the bud burn on my largest cola.

    I don't know how heavy the buds woulld have been because I didn't have a control plant, but I am convinced that the buds got heavy because I had to put support nails in various places so it's branches didn't break off. If you squeeze the buds, they are solid inside with only a slight softness coming from the new growth. I also did not move the light away as suggested because I am limited to a fixed light setup currently. I agree that my bags might be small but heavy, but anyone that is unhappy with my pot can simply smoke someone elses. =) I am expecting a HEAVY yield, so I think I can safely say that Gravity helped. The bad news is that wanted to take flower cuttings and hardly any of the sun leaves are intact. If you wanted to reveg after using gravity, I would not suggest using it as it stresses the hell out of the plant at the end of it's life.
  14. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    Did you use it in the third or fourth third week as directed on the bottle and how many days did you run it through for? Did you use any nutes in the solution? Would you say your buds are about the same size but denser or smaller and denser? I wouldn't be revegging so no problem there. Sorry to jump you with all the questions but I've been saving up. :)
  15. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    And one last one if I haven't already scared you away: How many weeks did you flower for after using total?

  16. MadHatter79

    MadHatter79 Registered+

    Let's see... I believe I used it three weeks before harvest. I added it for 3-4 days, but did not flush until 6-7. If I could do it over...and I'm going too. =) I would use it 2 weeks before harvest, and just let it flush out as part pf the normal pre-harvest flush. You should also make sure that your plant is doing good by then or it'll probably kill it... The buds for sure got super dense inside. This gave them a more solid core early. When the bud would have been getting more solid, it already was, so it just started getting big fast. At the end of my grow I was spraying a superthrive mix and it was lovin' it. I think this was because of how stressed the plant was from the gravity feedings. The B1 in the superthrive helps stressed plants grow better. I dunno if that helps but it's what I got. I recommend the gravity if you are a plant tweaker and are always thinking of ways to make the buds bigger. (that's me)
  17. MadHatter79

    MadHatter79 Registered+

    Oh, check out my grow log and you can see what happened after the gravity feeding and how big the buds ended up getting.
  18. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    Hatter, thanks for answering all that. I will check out your grow log. I'm so on the fence about the stuff....Now if you put it in two weeks before the end you would just add it with ph'd water? You talked about you use Flora Kleen or just flush with water? Tweaking is the kind of thing I'm talking about....getting more yield per plant vs growing more often but I really tend to screw things up when they get complicated (more than 2 things at once)

    Thanks :D

    Oh AND, no problems toward the end with mold etc due to the denser buds and the spraying you were giving them?
  19. MadHatter79

    MadHatter79 Registered+

    so far no mold or problems.
  20. captzap

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    Ok So where do I find your grow log?

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