Great Spidermite control/eradication for $7

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by VapedG13, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. VapedG13

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    So a friend of mine got some spidermites...I told him about Avid I have always used that for years.

    We heard from another friend that you can get ...Hot Shot...No pest stripes hang 1 or 2 up in your grow area (depending on size) you are done!! Make sure you have a fan circulating the air.

    1 week later the new growth is green and lush ...alls we see now are dead mites

    This will kill all the adult spidermites....and as the eggs hatch they die:thumbsup::D

    If you have a problem with mites try this will be glad you did...these actualy last about 2-3 months

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  2. Divestoned

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    Yep.That's great stuff,I also use a home and garden perimeter spray to discourage bug's.When i need to kill mite's an thrip's on my plant's ...I use floramite.I only need to do this on plant's my friend's send over...becouse i use pest strip's and the perimeter spray,so I never have bug's of my own.

  3. mendokid

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    Natural bug killer better than strips.

    I got rid of my multi year deep infestation mite problem with three applications of NEEM oil.

    If you have spider mites and want them to be gone without using nasty chemicals, try NEEM.

    This stuff is magic and will even give scale a run for its money. Be careful as I have almost killed one of my succulents with it, but the MJ does just fine.
  4. cannakeeper

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    I always wondered about the strips and how they could possibly kill mites. Is this the type that is just sticky or does it emit a fume to kill them? The hyd store guys preached for a few years about strips and claimed the mites would leave the cozy plant for the strip, then suddenly they are no good. Now they sweat some shit called Azatrol. I used it and it didn't do shit but shock the hell out of my biggest haze and my wallet, 3 days later the infest was soo bad I had to chuck her.
    I think roaches and mites would live through a global catastrophe.
  5. grey1223

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    The no pest strips are great unless you use a sealed room with carbon scrubbers.
  6. haole007

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    there is a GREAT, extensive discussion on spider mites on this forum. if i was better at computer, i would link it. i am not, so i will paraphrase a brief synopsis...

    opie says get no pest strip and be done with it!!

    others added input regarding Neem, azatrol, don't bug me (pyrethrums) (sp), etc.

    opie repeats his pest strips.

    lotsa discussion on how many, when, exhaust, filters, etc.

    one scientific type added a link to Diclorvus ( active ingredient in strips) and it's safety.

    NOW...that forum thread went on forever (almost), and there were MANY thoughts and techniques shared.

    over the course of time, people began to return to thread, and extoll the virtues of NO PEST strips. (i was one of them).

    SO... here is MY update.

    i have ALWAYS battled the sneaky spider mite with organic, and near organic methods, and i have used some chit i can't pronounce.

    manual removal, safety soap sprays, neem oil (Einstein Oil), Don't Bug Me (pyrethreums) (sp), and azatrol.

    DO these things work???... yes, but... i do not want to manage my SM, i want eradicate them!!!

    after reading aforementioned forum thread, i found the no pest strip for about 8 bucks (USA). i placed two of them in my grow space where i had small, but consistent SM population (they build up tolerances to all methods except manual removal).

    i am not kidding... within 5 days, i noticed an EXTREME difference.

    it has been about a week or so since the introduction of No pest strip (i place it on floor, as it resembles a "tower" versus a strip), and i CANNOT find a single live SM.

    under a magnifier i had a difficult time finding ANY sm evidence. a very few, sporadically placed eggs, that have remained stagnant for over 5 days, and a couple or more sm carcasses (joy).

    i HAVE noticed an increase in plant vigor, over-all health.

    i am confident that the younger plants will NOT get the enevitable spots on their leaves like their older sisters.

    OK...there was, and will be discussion on safety, whether to use in flowering or not, and what it might do to your unborn.

    these are important concerns, and i have done much searching for information on dichlovus. in additon to alot of scientific talk, i found out that the diclorvus is/was used in flea collars.

    in the meantime, i am soliciting contributions to erect a monument to the GREAT OPIE, who seems to have made my life MUCH easier, with PLENTY of free time on my hands i used to reserve for DAILY seach and destroy missions.

    (genuflect towards OPIE)
  7. tinytoon

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    doesnt the package say something about not to be used in an area where people are going to occupy for more than 4 hours a day or some crap? I ask because the ones I saw in Lowes had this statement on them and since my grow room is right off of my dining room I didnt see this as a very healthy thing. Can someone varify the health hazard or not?
  8. haole007

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    i read that, too.

    plenty discussions about the 4 hour thing.

    i suggested that if someone was REALLY paranoid about the dangers, they might want to place strips in a zip lock, while they were in their space.

    as for using in a room JUST off of people spaces???

    careful and wise... i would use an organic like Einstein Oil, or an organic soap spray.

    a bit bold... i would use them in area, but seal it off better from dining area.

    really ambitious... i would relocate either the dining area, or my grow.

    past child-bearing age and don't care... i remember these gizmos back in the 70's. my family had them in MANY places we hung out as humans. that and when i die, i doubt dichlorvus will over-ride all the other toxins i have ingested in my life, whether on purpose, or by accident.

    one thing i know for sure... i have yet to see a live spider mite since about 5 days after i started using these strips. i do detect a VERY slight smell, but NOWHERE as near as strong, or offensive as neem, or those organic soap sprays.

    NOTE... i still, and will continue to use neem bath when girls move from 4" veggie pots to their 3 gallon resting place. old habits die hard.
  9. mendokid

    mendokid Registered+

    Do what works for you

    NEEM did eradicate my SM problem NOT just manage it.

    Hey, if it doesn't work for you then strip it baby!

    I just like that idea of a permanent solution that is non toxic and the bugs can't build up resistance to.

    ALSO (taken from web site)
    "Neem oil does not hurt beneficial insects. Only chewing and sucking insects are affected. It is certainly fascinating."

    "Neem enters the system and blocks the real hormones from working properly. Insects "forget" to eat, to mate, or they stop laying eggs. Some forget that they can fly. If eggs are produced they don't hatch, or the larvae don't moult."


    Neem Insecticide - Neem Oil Insecticide - Does It Work?
  10. haole007

    haole007 Registered+


    may i ask ...

    -how many teaspoons per quart? (i used 2teaspoon/quart and ivory liquid soap drop as wetting agent.
    -spray intervals? (every 3 day for 9, etc)


    i have used neem oil (einstein cold pressed), and it manages them, but i was never able to totally eradicate those nasty sm. i have yet to see a web, but probably because i was constantly inspecting, and either manually removing, or spraying something on infected areas. a real p.i.t.a. for 40+ girls.

    maybe i didn't use strong enough mix?
    maybe i didn't apply at correct interval?
    perhaps my mites have built tolerance to neem?

    even though i can't stand the smell of neem, i WOULD prefer to use it versus dichlorvus in strips.

    and although the strips have worked, i wouldn't mind taking them out of there (now that there is NO evidence of any live mites), and then employ your neem oil advice/techniques.

    i still can't smell the strip in grow space, and have noticed a HUGE improvement in the girls. but if i can, also, permanently rid myself of sm forever with neem, i would RATHER do that.

    it must be me but i really hate the smell of neem. but having used it, and other stuffs, i am good at holding my breath.

    thanks for your input.
  11. mendokid

    mendokid Registered+

    Neem and SM

    Neem does have a strong smell so I don't use it the last 6 weeks, and since I only flower for 7-9 it rarely gets used in the 12/12 room. Besides I do not want my buds covered in neem. YUCK! Better than poison I guess.. I digress..

    1 tsp 100% NEEM oil (2 seems a bit strong)
    2 drops of dawn dish washing liquid
    1 QT warm water
    Industrial sprayer (If regular sprayer, warm water helps prevent clogging)

    After one heavy application
    every other day for two days
    Once a week till all living bug signs are gone.

    #1 Shake vigorously between sprays. Even well emulsified oil will coagulate.

    #2 Drench your plants with the spray the first time.

    #3 Clean out your sprayer after each use. Neem losses effectiveness after being mixed with water and needs to be replaced. Besides if you think neem is bad fresh, just wait till you smell it rotten.

    It is important that you get one good application. make sure you get the stems too. After that, a light spray should do it. Not a terrible idea to use a light fertilizer solution as well. Why waste a chance for a good foliage feeding?

    BE CAREFUL a neem/water drenched leaf is heavy and slightly sticky making them easy to tear. I have lost a lot of nice feeder leaves and new clones to rough handling while spraying, but DO COAT THEM WELL.

    I use mothers started in 1991 and a few modern breeds too. It was very difficult to control any infestation because there was always something for them to eat. For this reason I focused on the mother plant and the new clones when implementing my final wipe out program.

    Honestly, I just used the instructions on the dyna-gro pure neem oil, container. My infestation was at least 7 years old and came with the plant given to me in 1991. Poison, lady bugs, predator mites and safe soaps only controlled them for me. Maybe I am lucky, but for me neem worked, and consequently the last thing I used when I did have bugs.
  12. xcrispi

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    Run a CO2 system and you wont have any of the creepy crawlies to begin with . They all die from CO2 toxcicity . :D
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  13. haole007

    haole007 Registered+

    great info

    roger that. thanks.

    quite possible that i did not use correct intervals, didnt drench enough, etc.

    awesome website!
  14. mendokid

    mendokid Registered+

    Co2 and SM


    When I was running co2 I did notice a slowing of SM growth, but gone completely, no. Cold nights and a co2 rich day are especially hard on them.

    Are you running way over 1600 ppm?

    My instinct tells me that if you can get rid of a SM infestation with gas then your levels are way too high. Wouldn't want to be in that room during the fill cycle. lol

    Then again you only suggested that it would help prevent an infestation and that I can see.

    If strips have them whipped them into submission, just use a light regimen of Neem for preventing a re infestation. Likely the strips won't kill all the eggs and mites so use both treatments. They will work independent of each other and the combo should be all she wrote for the little critters.

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