great way to get high off resin with your piece

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by DaWeedKing, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. DaWeedKing

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    i always heard that you can take resin hits and i would but only get alittle bit of smoke but my friend recentally got busted and let me borrow his huge bowl till he gerts off probate and it is caked with fucking resin! i was desperate for a high so i started hitting it through the carb and i did so for like a couple mineutes then it started to glow so i hit it slower to get it hotter and you have to hold it with a sock or somthing cuz it gets so hot then i flipped it around real quick and hit it through the top and it put out clouds of fucking smoke everytime i got high as hell try it do nt give up make sure you keep it hot
    anyother ideas? :D
  2. Lit Up

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    tell me something i dont know, carbs hits are mad crazy
  3. Juggalotus

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    resin hits are the best i dont care what any yall say, man all u gotta do is try to clean it out with a paper clip or somthing, just straighten it out then make a hook at the end like a pipe cleaner, get the resin out...roll the resin into a ball...and put it in the bowl, you gotta keep the lighter on it for like 20 secs
    then when u see a bubble appear...just take a slow long ass hit and u'll get a great buzz off just 1 hit and keep smoking until its grey ashes. but yeah if you tilt it right you can light through the carb if its too deep in the chamber to get to...just hold the lighter up to the chamber itself and then hit it...if its a glass or metal peice
  4. Lit Up

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    i just hit it straight out my chamber my pipe is so black, after a big bowl a nice resin hit will put me in my place

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