Greed, and why people are scum because of it

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    I want to discuss greed, because it has been wholly responsible for the economic situation we're in. When did it become standard to pay people exorbitant amounts of money for a stock broker, or a lawyer, or some such nonsense? Why do we pay people shit for doing the work that literally MUST BE DONE or the country will collapse? Since when do people need hundreds of thousands of dollars saved up to feel safe to retire? Why does ANYONE on this earth feel that they need millions of dollars? The truly rich are those who never asked for money, who have little money, and turn down money that is given to them. I ask you this in the hope that not everyone in this world is insane. MONEY MEANS NOTHING, and yet people don't understand that. I admit, money is what makes this world go around, but it DOESN'T have to be that way.

    Some, but likely few, of you know that I want to play music for a living. I DON'T want to be rich and famous. I'm more than happy to live in an apartment with my band, working a day job and really not giving a shit about much, smoking ganja, and getting to play awesome music for those who will listen. This is where my skill lies, in playing music, and by all rights I should be dreaming of the big time. But what I've listed is all that I deserve, as my skills hardly (if at all) benefit anyone other than myself. Yet, people who do the same thing, much, much, MUCH more poorly will make enough money in 6 months to take care of them and plenty of others for the rest of their lives. Yet most of that money will never see the light of day because it'll sit in a bank, collecting interest, waiting to be spent on lavish self-destruction. I use this as an example of how we reward greed and spit on true wealth.

    So I ask you: Why do we advocate greed so happily and so readily?

    On a completely unrelated note, I've discovered the reason most Americans won't tell you who they're voting for; they either A. Don't know, B. Don't care but don't want you to hate on them because of it, or C. Could not defend themselves in the slightest because they really don't know anything, and are voting for the sake of voting. My bet is on C.
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    What's with everyone getting one upped? i would have said THAT if you hadnt already!


    okay i'll break the cycle with a couple pennies:

    Money sucks, it's a worse addiction than alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, crack, and heroin combined.

    It also contributes to more deaths than any drug mankind has ever known.

    We need to do what we need to do in order to survive. throwing money into the mix is only holding us back from our true potentials as both a species, and as a civilization.
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    I completely agree with what your saying... what a wonderful country we all live in when we pay professional athletes a shitload of money every year to what? Play a sport that they love? Entertain us? meanwhile how many families live at or below the poverty line? How much is being spent on war? What about hospitals and schools and helping children and taking care of your country?

    It really makes me wonder..
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    No offence, none what so ever, is intended in this, but what the hell are you still doing focusing on the idea of payments, money, poverty, and affordability?

    the earth is free, we only have to pay because if we dont, someone somewhere who supports the idea of payments will kill us if we dont pay them!

    money is used to gain power, power to control people, and money.

    it's ceaseless cycle of self abuse and paying other people to help abuse ourselves!

    Farm not for the government, nor for the money you think you need, but for the sake of feeding starving people.

    if we let them control our food, we have no control over our own survival!

    Stop letting the bullies win eh? they will pay to have us assassinated if we resist, but if we give into the fear of death, we are PAYING THEM TO WIN!
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    Hmm thats an interesting way to look at it, def. a point I havnt really thought about. Although I do stand by/agree with what i said,I think its a neat observation.. but that just me and we all have our own opinion. I think you bring up a very intriguing and important point. You've definatly givin me something to think about. :thumbsup:
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    um not to make things nastier than they are in the current situation, but you may be able to take capitalism out of greed, however u can never take greed out of capitalism.

    Greed goes along with self-interest and self-interest is the basis of our system. whether politically or economically.

    Greed caused us 600,000 lives in civil war, why u say? Cuz the slave owners were greedy, they could not divorce their free labor.

    Greed has led to many scandals and many people's lives gettin ruined. Enron, Worldcom, and many officials and agents of the government sitting in hot water are just bold examples of it. People kill for money sometimes, aint that greed?

    Materialism will not exist without greed, not at least in the way it exists today.

    Greed is cherished in every aspect of our society in a rather hidden and implied way and only when people hit the bottom rock head face first, they start to think about it and question it!
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    speaking of greed, i had this dude that decided he wanted to rob me for 400$. well after he did this he has forgot he left every peice of clothig he owned at my buddy shouse? so yea hes retarded
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    Its called profit motive
    Its called deregulated capitalism
    Its called wrong
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    Its sad isn't it. When you think what this country had the potential to become and then peoples greed just destroyed it all. Maybe sometime in the future after the economy has finally collapsed maybe people will go back to things that are more compassionate and nonmaterialistic.

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