Green Dragon 2.0 ode to Master Wu

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by oldmac, Feb 19, 2018.

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    There seems to be quite a few older postings dealing with Master Wu's alcohol tincture. Years ago I got interested in this also and thru the years I have change my methods and alcohol source. I thought I might
    share with others were I am with this...great start for a "Master Wu martini".

    I start by placing 1-2 oz of my dried green mj. (this is whole buds, freshly cut and placed in a home freezer
    (frost free type). Buds are NOT cured or dried going into freezer, they dry out when stored in a less then air tight container. I use this "fresh freeze" method for mj to make my oil.
    Place 1-2 oz in a pre-heated glass carafe as used in a "french press" coffee maker. Hey, don't get ahead of me.
    Decarb it in an oven pre-heated to 250F for 25 minutes. Allow to cool to room temp, then place back in freezer for a few hours. Mix 8-10 fluid oz of 200 proof ethyl alcohol that has been in the freezer to mj, stir well and let sit in freezer for an hour. (quick wash but frozen so slower)
    Place screen plunger in carafe and squeeze and pour out tincture.
    If it has any crap in it, then filter thru a 22micron vacuum filter. This removes everything including single cell bad things.
    NOTE: this is NOT SAFE to drink at this point, it must be tempered with distilled or RO water,
    at ratio of 1:1. Or put another way for every fluid oz of tincture you need a fluid oz of water.
    This gives you 100 proof tincture, quite potent for a martini, either dry or dirty.

    As always questions are welcome, on or off topic.
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  2. Plumber07

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    I've seen the 200 proof alcohol for sale on Amazon for $25+ shipping for 16ozs. Being in so cal I can only purchase Everclear 151 locally which I've used and enjoy and no need to cut it. Haven't tried it in a martini YET (you're a bad influance). I plan on ordering the 200 but they may not be able to ship it to me. :(
  3. Plumber07

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    Now I've gotta run to the store for gin. Nothing like a good extra dry semi dirty martini with extra olives, except maybe one with a quarter shot of some tincture. :doublethumbs:
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  4. oldmac

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    Plumber, the stuff is Extractohol and they will ship to any "open" state, google them check the web site.
    Hey they even ship to Cali, but not Al or Hi...hazmat shipping. Price is only $80/gallon plus ship.
    Prior to this I used to use moonshine for extraction but I can only get 130-140 proof, this stuff is much more effective.

    "Now I've gotta run to the store for gin."
    Figures for an Irishmen. Just be careful tho good gins, like Beefeaters, is a product of England!
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  5. Weezard

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    I found a company in Arizona that will ship to Hawaii.
    ~$300 for 5 gallons. And that is with shipping.
    It's more than I need, but I have choke friends. :)
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  6. Plumber07

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    Got a qt of 200 Proof on Amazon for $50. Would have ordered the gallon ($100+40 shipping) but my wife would have hurt me. I can get away with $50 every few months. I like to live by that old addage, happy wife horsechit.

    Made some Sativa tincture last week and just put 2 gm's of Blueberry in today.

    ALSO, I'm just finishing off a bottle of gin I bought last week. And of course it has a few squirts of tincture.

    Gin is the UK's only saving grace.

    Bad influence! ;)
  7. Plumber07

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    Just put a shot glass worth of cut blueberries in a jar with a shot of alcohol to make some flavorings for my tinctures. Gonna give strawberry, peach and Meyers lemon, both meat and peel a try.

    I've been using the 200 proof straight. A little (A LOT?) hot under the tongue. May have to cut with water if I don't get use to it. Never know, being Irish it could happen. Might just make a vodka martini with this toe curling elixir since the gin bottle is dry. Irish, it could happen. Now Irish I had a beer. OH, LOOK!

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