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Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by ShamanicHippy, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. ShamanicHippy

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    I have been wanting to make green dragon for a long time and today I finally threw down the money and did it. I had read a lot of recipes and many of them quoted different amounts of weed per unit of alcohol and many of them also disagreed on the best way of preparation. I decided to use 1 ounce of bud in one 200ml bottle of everclear. most recipes call for a half ounce, but I wanted to make sure i was getting some strong stuff. I first ground up the pot and then put in a cup which was itself in a pan of boiling water to heat the weed (but not burn it) so as to convert much of the THCA to THC which dissolves better in alcohol and gets you more fucked up. I then poured out some of the everclear to make room for the pot. I poured the pot in and started shaking. I am planning on putting it in hot water in the sink and shaking it daily to help speed up the maturation. I am hoping that it will be ready to strain and consume on labor day.
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  2. ShamanicHippy

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    Ok after one day, the drink is dark dark green. It is completely opaque except for at the neck of the bottle. I found a crock pot in my friends apartment and we set it to about 150 degrees and then put the bottle in it. We were worried about the pressure in the bottle building up so we put duct tape around the cap so that it wouldnt go flying in case of a blowout. The bottle did not blow up and I think the heat really sped up the process. If we get it done every day, I think that it could be ready by late next week
  3. JaMakin07

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    wow an ounce of bud, you only really need half of that worth of stems and some vodka, but everclear and an ounce of bud, this stuff is going to obliterate you
  4. svt93style

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    Dude, you are gong to be so blazed...I can't believe you used that much and such a small bottle!

    I did 3 grams w/ a double broiler and everclear, maybe 5 oz of it and put it in orange juice...I was toast!.
  5. Publicgunmen

    Publicgunmen Registered+

    god help you
  6. jonlem88

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    your bottle is 7 shots man, that means each shot of ever clear has the THC amount equivalent to 1/7 an ounces of weed. Holy shit man Holy shit!
  7. slightlystoopid27

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    be sure to tell us how it goes
  8. Acouwaila

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    well...I got alcohol poisoning from everclear once...half a fifth be careful
  9. Lankan Lion

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    LOL this is the most insane thing ive ever insane it might just work??...well either that or make you the first thc overdose ever

    haha keep us posted
  10. jaGerbom

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    lol make sure paramedics are standing by.
  11. Mandelbrot

    Mandelbrot Registered+

    6 days without reply, maybe he's really in space by now!
  12. Veratyr Star

    Veratyr Star Banned

    Oh man I'm excited for you. Please let us know how fucked up you get!
  13. dankman

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    if it kills you can i get your t.v.? hahaha but damn dude your nuts i want to try that but im only 17 and dont really have connections for alcohol but damn what is the high/drunk like ?
  14. zach5993

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    holy hell...... I think he died. haha that would be the most potent shit ever known to man. I bet one militer wold be enough to get blasted/
  15. Snorbel

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    That is very dangerous to put a covered bottle on a heat source. The whole thing could explode if the pressure gets high enough and you seal the cap on so tight.

    If some alcohol evaporates it won't steal your THC, it will just make the rest more potent.
  16. Coelho

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    And no response from him until today... Does anyone heard in the news something like "The first reported case of OD with weed"?
  17. rocktheganj

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    so much weed...... such a strong drink.... you're gonna redefine the term "wasted".
  18. snowblind

    snowblind Registered+

    man hes gonna be fucked, unless his bottle blew up
  19. Kai as a kite

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    May he rest in peace.....

    Nah, but seriously... you gotta come back at some point and let everyone know how it works out.
  20. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Damn man... ive searched and the last post from him was indeed the one in this thread...

    May he rest in peace.

    Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis, Domine,
    Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis.

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