Green Dragon Vs QWISO Hash?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by rigger, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. rigger

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    I've made QWISO hash several times with my ABV weed. Now, I just looked at a tutorial for green dragon, but my question is why do you need to heat up the alcohol?

    To make qwiso hash, cover your material with isopropyl alcohol, shake violently for 30 seconds, and strain on to a plate and let it evaporate. But for green dragon you need to cook it in the alcohol. My question is why?

    Couldn't I buy some everclear or a very strong grain alcohol and follow the QWISO method to make the green dragon? Why do you need heat for green dragon when QWISO hash doesn't require heat?
  2. SmokeNRun

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    I have never made Green Dragon but I have made ISO hash. I believe the heating up would be to speed up the process. Because when making Green Dragon it takes a few months.
  3. E Man

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    If you keep the everclear/weed mash just below boiling in a double boiler (alcohol boils at approx. 173F) for 20 minutes you'll get results similar to 30 days of room temp. extraction. At 165F the molecules in the mash are as excited as they can be without boiling and vaporizing away any potency. After 20 min just remove whatever heat source you use and let it get cool enough to touch. Then you can strain out all the plant material and in the space of an afternoon, you've got G.D. that would've taken a month without heat.:stoned:

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