Green Dragon

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by jupiter, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. jupiter

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    A recipe i found a long time ago, and none of my friends knew it when i did it... some where affraid :D... but it was really cool.

    ! ! ! quite strong stuff anyway ! ! !

    Take a bottle of vodka, 1 liter is cool, 2 liter is better :)
    Take lots of small branches (those of the buds with many crystals :D (they have to be very dry))
    Take sugar, or better: vanilla sugar

    drink a little vodka when you begin... can't hurt :D
    put all the branches in the vodka, the bottle should at least be half full with branches... (i'll post a pic when my friend brings the bottle back)
    and put 1/2 inch of sugar in the bottle...
    shake it like hell till the sugar has solved... it it solves too easily, but some back... the vodka has to be almost saturated with sugar. shake ... shake...
    now put the bottle in some dark place and let it there for a month... you cab shake it from time to time :D (NOT OPEN IT)
    after a month, open the bottle and add vanilla sugar... or vanilla and sugar... gives a nice taste (not much vanilla since vanilla has MUCH taste).
    when that's done... shke it, and put the bottle back for another month in the dark...

    the vodka should turn yellow, then green , then brown... the process dosnt stop... the vodka gets darker with time...
    after 2 months of total it is a very good (and powerfull) drink... (i tested)
    i'm letting a bottle for 4 months for the moment... you'll have some news...

    a friend of mine tried the same with a dry white rhum... according to him it's even better :D (i did'nt tasted though :'()

    have phun and don't forget to drink that moderatly as it's quite effective :)
  2. Dingo

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    ah yes great stuff..... the alcohol dissolves all the thc glands off the plants ... but i wouldn't recomend leaving your weed in there to long though as the longer ya leave more rubbish is extracted.. .like clorophyll.
  3. jupiter

    jupiter Registered

    not smoked

    most of toxic stuff that would solve into the alcohol will just evaporate when served in glasses.
    for what biological substances dissolved (chlorophile you mentioned), they aren't toxic to eat... it's just like in a letuce :D
    I brought back my bottle, it's now mixed since 7 weeks, i'll try to post a picture soon
  4. Day Dreamin Faze

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    has anyone tried this with just buds and not steams? if so post how it went i really want to try this but odnt have steams.,.,.and does anyone have pics?
  5. Day Dreamin Faze

    Day Dreamin Faze Registered+

  6. Chrondondo

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    But what is the best method of preparing green dragon, is this it, or is boiling better? i have heard of both
  7. rnf232s

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    I would say with alcohol because THC is soluble in alcohol and not in water so boiling wouldnt do nearly as much. Also by doing this method you can let it sit for weeks and weeks and therefore let the alcohol extract the THC in high amounts.
  8. DrGonzo

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    if you want to go really hardcore, heat the alcohol in, put your pot in your booze, then seal (seal, not close...make sure its airtight!) the bottle, and put it somewhere warm. next to a water heater, under a radiator, inside your car engine (which seems like an awful, awful idea, you probably shouldn't do that) but you get the idea. just make sure to use a glass bottle, since it doesn't melt like plastic. unless you're keeping it in the oven, which is also a pretty bad idea...

    plus, if you keep it warmer, it won't take nearly as long to osmose the THC, you could probably drink it in about two weeks...
  9. rnf232s

    rnf232s Registered+

    How much of this do you usually take in order to fuck you up. I do this a lot with other herbs and I know usually 5 drops is equivalent to a full cup of tea, but I dont know how that would relate to bud.
  10. Brainhaze

    Brainhaze Registered

    Hey Jupiter, It was Feb-28-2004 since your last post. Man,I've been waiting for the pic of the stuff for a long time, any chance you can still post it :)
    THNX for the recioy anyways. BTW - can you do same with roaches mixed w/ stems?
  11. geoffrowley19

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    im dumb man i dont get this... does it mean that all u do is drop some weed into some beer in like a glass jar or osemthing, wait like 2 weeks and then drink it, and ull get high?
  12. rnf232s

    rnf232s Registered+

    You would have to use some sort of liquor with higher amounts of alcohol. Beer doesnt have enough alcohol in it to do much good at all. The higher the alcohol content the better to get out more THC.
  13. apsinthion

    apsinthion Registered+

    How about absinthe? loads of alcohol and the finished product would probebly still end up green.
  14. Rahein

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    Can you make Green Dragon out of Schwagg? I got .35 oz of it left that I need to use before getting some better weed. How much do I use?

    It might work good in absinthe, but absinthe tastes like shit without weed in it. I bet it would be undrinkable with it.
  15. LonerStoner

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    Everclear works great, take that schwagg and stuff it into a fifth, or pint even, of everclear. Stash it behind your dryer or somewhere comparably warm, and forget about it for a month or so. Makes a great sipping drink, shots'll kill ya, but mixing it with Sprite or 7Up is by far the way to go.
  16. Not Enough Herb

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    sounds good guys

    im saving up stems

  17. Nosehit

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  18. NineInchNails

    NineInchNails Registered

    Bummer ... none of the links work. Sounds like excellent info too.

    Can you guys update you links?
  19. grumio

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    check out this thread in the Concentrates forum here
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  20. NineInchNails

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    Thanks for the link.

    I went ahead and made a large batch using vodka.

    1. I went with 34g of very nice bud. This equates to 1g of bud per shot of vodka.
    2. I cut it up into pieces, baked it at 225°F temp for 30 min
    3. Ground it to a powder using a coffee grinder.
    4. I placed the ground bud into 1500ml of vodka (2 bottles placed in a 1/2 gal jar). I didn't bother to heat or warm the vodka at all though.
    5. I then placed the glass jar on top of my furnace with is nice and warm then covered it with a box (to keep out of sun light).

    I hope it turns out alright after a few months.

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